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Fighting Back

Treat a disease.

Fighting Back0
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01 Aug 2019
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This will probably be the first achievement you get. "Treat Disease" is one of your primary actions on each turn. Simply move to a city with a disease cube on it, and use the "Treat Disease" action.
JtmatysekI played a full game of this yesterday and treated diseases on every turn, and yet the achievement did not pop for me. Gonna try again tonight, but has anyone else had any issues with this?
Posted by Jtmatysek on 05 Aug 19 at 12:40
Netechmaas of 4/20/20 this one popped for me no problems
Posted by Netechma on 20 Apr 20 at 08:28
GTownSharks1991Is this supposed to pop in training? Just finished all four training sessions and this didn’t pop.
Posted by GTownSharks1991 on 18 Sep 20 at 15:45