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Safely get away with airdrop

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05 Aug 2019
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The main objective of a match the air drop.tje gets dropped about 6/7 minutes in the game. When you start the map, you will notice a green circle, that's the air drop radius area. You (or any other player can change the location of the air drop if you get to the radio, marked blue on the map. If you decide to change the drop zone, there's gonna be a total of 4/5 pre-set locations around the map. If you just interact with radio but don't change the location of the drop, You will be able to see the exact drop spot of the package. The drop releases 2 item crates that can only be unlocked in your shelter. Killing an enemy that has already grabbed the crates works just fine, even tho it's way harder.
Note: There's 2 different radios on the map, the detector is not the one you're looking for to change location of air drop but if you're close to it. Activate to spot location of other survivors for a short time while the package is landing
Note 2 : once you grab the package/s, everybody will be see you on the map at all times, be fast to locate an exit and run.
Note 3: if you play as a team. You can both split the air drop by simply grabbing one crate each.
Krispy SheetsThis seemed as if it would be pretty hard but I found that most people are cowards when it comes to picking up the air drop. I was in a game where the radiation came and the drop was still unclaimed.
Posted by Krispy Sheets on 21 Jun at 17:07