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Visit all points of interest in one map

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05 Aug 2019
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There is a total of 6 maps, Every map has 15 to 20 interest points, they are marked as triangles facing down if you open the map pressing cn_up.
When you also open the map, if you look at the top right corner, it'll tell you how many interest points you have discovered for the specific map.
This might or might not come naturally if you play the game for very very long and like to go loot interest points for better supplies.
Quickest way to do this, get into a game without equipping any guns or supplies and Run! Keep marking your next undiscovered interest point with cn_A as you're running around and get to them. It might require you more than one match on the same map, and sometime you play the same map twice.
Important note : if you try to select matchmaking in selected maps, it'll never find a game, I mean you can be in a waiting lobby as long as many many minutes and still nothing. Just click random match and wait for the right maps to pop up, some of them are more frequent than others but the game is pretty good at shuffling them up a little.
Chunkeh MunkehI've been trying to get this done on Fiske Fabrikk and I have 1 left. I've been all around it and right on top of the undiscovered marker and it's just on a top of a rock. It's the one north from the Endless Lookout. Do you by any chance remember where this was?

EDIT: It was inside the tunnel facepalm
Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 09 Aug 19 at 12:24
AaronJamesx38Wheres the tunnel ? shock
Posted by AaronJamesx38 on 09 Aug 19 at 13:17
TheDomSalThere's a couple of them spots like that, try to get onto lower grounds and check for caves or small camps lol
Posted by TheDomSal on 11 Aug 19 at 12:29
Chunkeh Munkeh@AaronJamesx38 if you look at the map and follow the dotted lines you will see like a " ( " shape. That marks the entrance of the tunnel.
Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 11 Aug 19 at 12:49
AaronJamesx38Thank you @Chunkeh Munkeh
Posted by AaronJamesx38 on 11 Aug 19 at 13:14
SiguardiusSo... It has to be done during multiple sessions? We need to get all locations overall or just those marked?
Posted by Siguardius on 13 Jan at 00:23
xxHANCHOxxSince the Battlepass update the game does not save the points of interest anymore, therefore effectively making these two achievements a lot harder as you have no idea which ones you have visited unless you manually track them. Unless on this achievement you manage to visit all POI's in one game.
Hint- the POI's are the upside down triangles on the map, once visited will fill in.
Posted by xxHANCHOxx on 27 Jan at 14:03