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Shuffle and solve cube puzzle

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10 Aug 2019 20 Aug 2019
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It’s not that I don’t find the thrilling process of solving a Rubik cube extremely exciting but I used this page to solve it in a faster way
Just shuffle the cube and copy the pattern to the page. Then select the solve button and follow the instructions (I found the 2D version easier to follow)
* User killswitchmad used this page which uses a 3D model of a cube (looks good too)

- Now since the game it’s still on preview you might find glitches like I did and some of the colors of the rubik cube will turn black but that shouldn’t be a problem if you remember the patterns.
- Also you don’t need to do it on one sitting, I did it between matches.
- The cube is on the 1st floor of your shelter to the right of the stairs that lead to the basement (after you enter your shelter through the main entrance go to your left or to the right of the 1st floor workbench).
ZeeBasWhere to find the cube in game? I looked everywhere. Thanks
Posted by ZeeBas on 11 Aug 19 at 07:19
VSlavenUpdated the guide with the location of the rubik cube as some people couldn’t find it. Hope that helps.
Fun fact: the achievement art show the cube on a table on the 2nd floor instead of the 1st floor
Posted by VSlaven on 11 Aug 19 at 16:47
Agent0fSlythrynThanks for the solution!! It was super easy and helpful!!
Posted by Agent0fSlythryn on 11 Aug 19 at 23:38
ZeeBasThanks you! Fiund it and it worked.
Posted by ZeeBas on 12 Aug 19 at 05:33
FourthLionAnybody else struggling with the controls? They just don't make sense to my brain. I can solve a rubiks cube fine in reality, but the way the game makes you manipulate the cube gives me a headache....
Posted by FourthLion on 13 Aug 19 at 13:37
killswitchmadAnother helpful website...

This one offers a 3D model with animated instructions which can help when aligning the cure in-game.
Posted by killswitchmad on 20 Aug 19 at 00:13
VSlavenThanks I’ll update the solution with that page as well.
PS: yeah the controls for the cube feel really weird get used to them before solving it
Posted by VSlaven on 20 Aug 19 at 02:58
DadliestGamerThanks for the guide! Even with fumbling with the controls I got it done in under 20 minutes.
Posted by DadliestGamer on 26 Aug 19 at 20:42
Poopdog M60RiotHmm, you did it!
Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 27 Aug 19 at 23:38
Patto VIThis was very daunting at first but using the link I had it done in 5 mins smile
Posted by Patto VI on 02 Sep 19 at 10:13
RYSE Up Eagleit's bugged out real bad for me for some reason a few of them have disappeared and others have turned black
Posted by RYSE Up Eagle on 03 Sep 19 at 14:03
VSlavenWhen some of the squares turned black what I did was quit the game and then reshuffle the cube and that fixed it. You’ll lose your progress, do it if you can’t remember the patterns to solve it.
Posted by VSlaven on 03 Sep 19 at 23:00
Thumb Plungertoggle auto focus and you wont have to rotate the cube as a whole... made it manageable for me.
Posted by Thumb Plunger on 17 Sep 19 at 14:34
GraymawrI stuggled with this even with the Rubik's Cube solver website. Especially when I was actually trying to rotate the cube in the game to get the highlighted (focused) row that I wanted. Then, I saw that you can use the D-Pad to focus on any row I needed without rotating the cube with the thumbsticks! Use that and my advice is to never go through with rotating the middle row as it always tripped me up.

Also, whenever you get any black cubes, keep re-shuffling until you get all the colors. Then use the website to enter your colors on each side given in the game, and take it one step at a time.
Posted by Graymawr on 18 Nov 19 at 15:59
The JoelstrAnybody else having trouble picking it up to try and solve it?
Posted by The Joelstr on 19 Jan at 05:58
SiguardiusIt seems not pickable since the last update or so.
Posted by Siguardius on 20 Jan at 01:32
The JoelstrProbably will have to wait for the next update
Posted by The Joelstr on 20 Jan at 02:10
The JoelstrThey patched it so I was finally able to pick it up. Used killswitchmad’s website. Worked perfectly
Posted by The Joelstr on 06 Feb at 07:37
VSlavenNice! I’m glad they fixed it
Posted by VSlaven on 06 Feb at 16:56
Imm DrewwThanks for the website recommendation, worked for me!
Posted by Imm Dreww on 29 May at 18:33
floverseauMerci pour la recommandation du site Web, a fonctionné pour moi!
Posted by floverseau on 29 May at 18:42
bibi56360Got it with your guide, thanks very much! :-)
Posted by bibi56360 on 24 Jun at 11:16