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The Pit Boss

Gain Rank 5 in any affiliation

The Pit Boss-1.2
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12 Aug 2019
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This solution is for Cronus Max users to idle xp while in a ring game. I can copy the other solutions explanation of levels and xp gains etc but this way you don't even have to be present.

You need a cronus max for the winner and the loser but you can get away with a turbo controller and a cronus max.

Script for Loser
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Set up the game and when the first hand is dealt, press start and go down and hover over rebuy. Exit out and then press LS to activate script. Now this user will fold and rebuy in without issue.

Script for winner
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

You can use a Turbo controller that is set to press A on slow and theEW Left stick is rubberbanded uo and to the right to raise every hand

This script lets you raise every hand so you can force the dummy to fold even though they are in the big blind. Calling will cause a flop which slows this down and messes up the rebuy feature.

Every two hours, the game changes the table boost. If you are around, It is nice to change them and get the 20%xp boost to double it to forty. When I left for work or sleep, I just left it at a 5% boost with the hand hound over 1500. Makes it easy boost while you are not there and will double up once every 6 hours