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Camp Counselor

Play 500 multiplayer matches as a counselor.

Camp Counselor-0.5
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03 Aug 2019 12 Aug 2019
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OK so here's the run down on what I think is the best way to get these achievements:

Map: Crystal Lake Small- Has the shortest intro
Counselor: Vanessa/ Buggzy- Loudest/Fastest counselors
Jason: Part V Jason- Has the shortest outro, quickest weapon kill , and can run
Optional: Preparedness perk- Start with a map
Strategy: The counselor will spawn at one of six locations:
1. Lower Right
2. Upper Right/Car
3. Bathrooms
4. Archery Range
5. Boathouse
6. Garage

The counselor will tell Jason where they have spawned in at so he quickly teleport and kill you. It's best to memorize these locations so you always know where you spawn in at. But if you don't want to you still can pretty easily tell where you are via the icons on your mini map and your soundings or the map provided below.

Jason's job is relatively simple he is told where to teleport to and kills the counselor. Here are the quickest ways to kill a counselor:
Weapon (Shears): Last Breath
Grab: Choke
Environmental: Window Throw

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