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Explore all areas of a single map

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19 Aug 2019 19 Aug 2019
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Load up a Single player, Custom game, with the following settings:
Map type: Inland
Map size: Tiny
Reveal map: Normal

All the other settings don't really matter. Then once the match starts, press ENTER, type " bigdaddy " and press ENTER again to spawn a race car. Simply move this car around the map to reveal all of it, which will take less than a minute. This will unlock the achievement for you.
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Anima Pura I can't get this to unlock for me, any ideas?
Posted by Anima Pura on 06 Oct 19 at 12:14
Idan345 same, wont unlock.
Posted by Idan345 on 27 Oct 19 at 14:28
rocking23nf same here.
Posted by rocking23nf on 27 Oct 19 at 15:57
rocking23nf i reset all settings to default, and only played with

Map type: Inland
Map size: Tiny
Reveal map: Normal

some other setting was causing it to not unlock
Posted by rocking23nf on 29 Oct 19 at 04:24
Void Astra It unlocked first try for me, I used the bigdaddy cheat so cheats don't prevent Achievements from unlocking. EDIT : Obviously because you can unlock 50% of this game's Achievements using cheats.
Posted by Void Astra on 24 Feb at 11:19
ItsLiiGHTz Worked without any problems.
Posted by ItsLiiGHTz on 06 Mar at 14:39