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Pepperoni Pizza

Collected 50,000 food

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19 Aug 2019 19 Aug 2019
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---- Custom Map----
I've uploaded a Custom Map on Age of Empires which will net you the following achievements:
Woodstock, Coin Age, Quarry, Pepperoni Pizza, Archimedes, Pegasus, Perseus & Assassin with as little effort as possible.

1) Go to the Campaign Menu -> Get More Campaigns
2) a webpage will now open on the AoE website, using the search bar enter Sky
go to:
3) Download map titled Title Update 10 Achievements
4) Unzip folder (only contains map save file)
5) on AoE go to Main Menu -> Options -> Open Game Folders
6) A folder will now have opened go to Game Content -> Campaigns
7) copy the downloaded map file to this folder
8) on AoE - Campaigns -> Custom Campaign
9) Load up the new campaign and enter cheat code Steroids
- you will have to command the villagers to gather each resource.
- in the ingame menu click settings and change game speed to Very Fast
Dizzy ShayMy % tracker on the food achievement is stuck on 54% anyone know why?
Posted by Dizzy Shay on 15 May at 19:54