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Trashing Around

Reach Player Rank 25.

Trashing Around-0.1
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27 Aug 2019 27 Aug 2019 27 Aug 2019
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Here is my Custom Event:

Track: Fairfield County

Car: used the main car with only performance upgrade

Deathmatch 2-20 MINS (see below), 23 opponents, AI Vehicle Sofa Car, Damage Realistic

HARD difficulty, Automatic, ABS off, TCS off, Stability off, difficulty Expert.

With 2 mins you can easy wreck 8-10+ cars and get 18-20K EXP points and 2.640 CR (FYI with 10 mins setup got 50 wreck and got 41k and same 2.640CR).

For LEVEL 25 you need 390k EXP points.
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killswitchmad Once you get an upgraded Ripper V8 and a little experience you can easily smash out 70+ sofa cars in 10 mins
Posted by killswitchmad on 02 Sep 19 at 07:08