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Maniac Driver

Wreck 50 Opponents With School Bus.

Maniac Driver-0.4
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28 Aug 2019 29 Jan 2021
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Career Challengers Championship 1st event is a race with a bus. If you finish the challenge (wreck 8 car) you get that car. You can keep trying this race. After start wait around 30 secs, so the opponents start coming in front of you. Higher speed, higher hit damage. Hit as many as you can keep going forward, at the end, at the corner maybe you can hit some more. Turn back, wait again a bit (and go), so they will come again in front of the road. Do this until the end of the race. Hope this help.

Or if you have the bus make a custom event:

Track: Fairfield County

Car: BUS

Deathmatch 2 MINS (see below), 23 opponents, AI Vehicle Sofa Car, Damage Realistic

HARD difficulty, Automatic, ABS off, TCS off, Stability off, difficulty Expert.

With 2 mins you can easy wreck 8-10+ cars and get 18-20K EXP points and 2.640 CR (FYI with 10 mins setup got 50 wreck and got 41k and same 2.640CR).

UPDATE 2021.01.21: As Nord1cB3ar mentioned maybe The Supervan is a better choice right now. Maybe because an update or maybe else.
I don't have the game now, so I can't check. When I wrote the solution the Sofa car was the best option, because the "one hit kill".
BenjiBurnhow do you choose sofa car? I haven't this choice
Posted by BenjiBurn on 30 Jul 20 at 08:18
this doesn't work anymore. You can't choose specific cars anymore when setting up a custom event.
Posted by OpossumToast786 on 13 Aug 20 at 17:30
DirtyI30Not sure what Opossum is on about, I was able to pick both the School Bus for myself and the Sofa Car for the 23 AI.
Posted by DirtyI30 on 20 Oct 20 at 16:01
Nord1cB3arEvery setting you said is good, except the better choice would be the Supervan. I did the Sofa Car and wasn't doing much damage unless you slam it against a wall. The Supervan is definitely a better choice in which I got 43 wrecks in a 10 min deathmatch
Posted by Nord1cB3ar on 12 Jan at 20:27
Armstrong x360a+1 for Nord1cB3ar's addition, should be added to the solution.
Posted by Armstrong x360a on 21 Jan at 03:01
SuperRobZillaThis works really well still. I am getting 8 kills every 2 minutes, 19k xp and 2640 credits. +1
Posted by SuperRobZilla on 29 Jan at 01:34
WcG iFredy29This is what I did, use the above settings but have lawnmowers as the AI instead. Drive diagonal from where you start smashing through them, when you get to the corner slam the brakes before hitting the wall and press Y and to respawn, just rinse and repeat.
Posted by WcG iFredy29 on 02 Mar at 20:03
Ex6I can confirm, Supervan was much better than the Sofa car. I got 2-3x wrecks per match with Supervans compared to the Sofa cars. Unlocked this and "Hating Them Tin Cans" in a same race. :)
WreckfestHating Them Tin CansThe Hating Them Tin Cans achievement in Wreckfest worth 67 pointsWreck 100 Opponents.
Posted by Ex6 on 05 Mar at 00:45
BILB0 FR4GGINSDouble confirm super van strat. If you just drive straight thru them, respawn with Y, drive thru, respawn with Y and repeat you can get up to 12 destroys pretty easy.
Posted by BILB0 FR4GGINS on 14 Mar at 02:06