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Cleared the game with no damage

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01 Sep 2019
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Hi guys !

This achevement isn't so hard but it can be really frustrating.Here's some tips to do it:

- Use your favorite character,the one your master the most.Or like me,if you want to be safe,Uzume.She can only attack at distance with her bow and she's the most powerful of the 3 characters in the game.So very safe for this achievement.

- Use the "gates" to save a lot ! You can go back to them whenever you want,so you can have infinite saves !

- If you get hit,simply quit to the main menu and reload your save.The game only save when you purify the "gates" or going back to them and pressing cn_A or when you are facing the boss.Take this to your advantage.

- The game is short and quite easy but take your time.Never rush,it's very not recomended as some enemies can spawn on yourself.Very frustrating yeah...

- Keep this achievement for the last.In this case you'll know the game perfectly and it'll be a lot easier to do this.

It's not very hard so relax,take your time and enjoy this game.Happy hunting ! wink
SuperAwesomezLast boss pain in the hole but very doable with Uzume. The phases in the final form of the last boss are random so you can get lucky and get ones that are easy to dodge, getting to that is a bit of a pain I found it worked best if you ended up on one side of the room and the three wee guys on the other and you still have plenty of room to move and not get chased by them.
Posted by SuperAwesomez on 06 Nov 20 at 13:01