Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos Review by SSG Monty

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22 Feb 2009
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Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

The "plot" of this game casts the player as an international law enforcement agent that is attempting to track down Dr. Vladmir Chaosky (or just Dr. Chaos) and his three henchmen: Mr. Smith, the Artiste, and the Hammer.

Fortunately, the story is irrelevant to the gameplay. There have been many comparisons of this game to the Carmen San Diego games, but they in fact have very little in common.

This is a hidden object game, similar to the I Spy and those old Hilight magazines. You are given a static scene and a list of objects to find. Interpol fills a niche that has not been seen much on a console. In fact the only hidden object games that I'm aware of are on the PC and the Nintendo DS.

As this interpol agent, you will travel to different cities across the globe. In each city you will search a scene at a location and be given a list of 8 to 24 objects to find. These objects change each time you play the same location. In addition to the list at the top of the screen there are also bonus objects to discover based on the criminal you are currently pursuing.

Mr. Smith = Joker cards
The Artiste = Color pallettes
The Hammer = Iron fists
Dr. Chaos = Gold statues

These bonuses give the player extra time, bonus points, or a bonus hint. The game also sports a form of multiplayer in which up to four players can search for the items at the same time.

This game will not appeal to everyone. In fact, if you're a hardcore gamer and are so "1337" then don't even bother. However, if you're looking for a different kind of game to chill with, you could do much worse than Interpol. The game is great for children and is a fun family game.

If you're still interested, then let me give you a couple of warnings. Some items in the game are tricky and/or inconsistent. A hamburger can be a hamburger or a picture of a hamburger on a wall. Keys can be ones you open up doors with or keys on a keyboard. This is not such a bad thing, but sometimes it'll ask for things that you can find yet they don't count. In one instance you may be asked to find fans in China. Even though you click on the oscillating fan, the game wants you to find paper fans.

My biggest complaint on the game is the sub-par graphics. The game was not made for HDTVs. This is painfully obvious. To further aggravate things, the zoom function when looking for smaller items causes the bad to look even worse. If this problem didn't exist I'd probably rate this a 4-star children's game.


Lots of locations
Hidden items change each playthrough
Local multiplayer

Subpar graphics
Zoom feature hurts graphics even more

Good children's party game. Try the demo, and make your decisions from there.

PS. I'm nearly 30 and found enjoyment in it. Albeit mostly when I play with my niece.
ERIKDOTCOMNice review. And there's nothing wrong with enjoying semi-children games at the age of 30. :)
Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 19 Dec 09 at 03:26
CASS190684Great review and has given me an idea of what this game is about. I'm thinking Where's Wally? Is it somewhat similar to that or am I way off? Lol.
Posted by CASS190684 on 15 Dec 11 at 02:11
Cool Kebabgood review .lol im older than you and im interested in the game. the wife like`s the i-spy books so i was looking at this game
Posted by Cool Kebab on 14 Feb 12 at 10:00
DaOverUnderTrying the demo can glitch the full game so it's unplayable. Just an FYI.
Posted by DaOverUnder on 11 Sep 15 at 00:09