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Play PvZ theme on piano (G# A G# A F D)

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05 Sep 2019 27 Sep 2019
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In the Dave Manor (plant) side of Neighborville, there is a room that contains a set of large wooden piano keys on the floor. I think it covers one octave. This room can be found opposite the area where you can promote a character.
When you spawn on the plant side, facing away from the main manor (where you can find Rux), this area is to your left then up the stairs.

You need to walk/jump onto the correct keys in order to play the PvZ theme, which you hear throughout the game. As the achievement itself says, the theme notes are G# A G# A F D.

Start on the second black key from the right (G#), walk diagonally down to the right onto the wooden key (A), back to the same black key (G#), back to that same wooden key (A), then jump down two wooden keys to the left (F) and then another 2 wooden keys to the left (D).

EDIT: If you're struggling with jumping, you can also walk off the piano keys after hitting the second A, then move down two keys and step back on to hit F, then repeat to hit D. Thanks to ManuxBakaTeam for highlighting this.

The noise made should sound like the PvZ theme (strange that), and a few seconds later, the achievement will pop.

Use the piano keys in the link below to help you:
Labelled Piano Keys

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ManuxBakaTeamThanks , it helps me a lot.

I would add : You don't need to jump from key to key.

position your player on G# jump on it then , walk on A , walk back on on G# then again on A

You can walk out of the "keyboard" and just walk on the F key , leave the keyboard and walk to D

Basically if you can't jump correctly just walk :)
Posted by ManuxBakaTeam on 06 Sep 19 at 07:09
ManicMetalheadThank you! I'll update the solution :)
Posted by ManicMetalhead on 06 Sep 19 at 07:37
Dibbs93If you are having issues with lag or other players getting in the way you can go to the globe near the entrance to the theme park and change the game to private
Posted by Dibbs93 on 06 Sep 19 at 20:34
mcnichojAnother note, another player in the lobby can play it for you. Me and another person were taking turns trying to do it and they eventually hit the keys correctly and it popped for both of us.
Posted by mcnichoj on 04 Oct 19 at 11:39
bendude86Excellent guide, thanks for your help!
Posted by bendude86 on 16 Feb at 13:49
E vee dubUPDATE: I've done this over 2 dozen times now, and nothing.
This will not unlock and I've tried every suggestion here.
Maybe I should restart the game.
Posted by E vee dub on 07 Mar at 12:06