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A New Challenger

Completed the game with a secret character.

A New Challenger-8.8
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rayyy Imaorayyy Imao2,971,256
06 Sep 2019
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After you finish the game you unlock 2 secret characters. (I won't spoil who)

Instead of playing through the whole game again with one of them you can use a little trick to get this much much quicker. (this requires two controllers)

I loaded up my save, picked the "Loiter" option, and made sure to choose one of the secret characters. Now run all the way back to the final boss and use your second controller to select the character you beat the game with. (For me that was Kyoko)

Now the secret character is gonna be a much lower level than the character you beat the game with. (For example the secret character was level 5 & my Kyoko was level 23) So you just take the secret character and kind of put him in a corner (doesn't matter if he dies) and with player 2 controlling your beefed up character you beat the final boss and achievement unlocked!
ChucklestyleAlso pops the co-op achievement if you don't already have it. Worked great (but bring some healing items just in case you're bad like I am lol)
Posted by Chucklestyle on 23 May 20 at 22:52
MXR5150You can also run your main character as player one and have 2nd controller join with the secret character on the last hit of the boss.
Posted by MXR5150 on 21 Aug 20 at 11:59
Nit0rinworked like a charm
Posted by Nit0rin on 09 Jan at 01:35
TheOnlyMattoconfirmed what MXR said.
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 12 Jan at 10:39
NegativeCreep08Just don't accidentally selected New Game +, or the Loiter option will vanish and you'll need to complete the game again.
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 14 Jan at 13:35
Tommy Gun CRGMXR’s tip is great. You can also bring the 2nd character in right before the first character dies to revive them, then save and quit on the second player to remove them again. Just bring them back in right before you kill the boss and the achievement pops after the credits.
Posted by Tommy Gun CRG on 31 Jan at 11:16
lccfSelected the secret character as 2P, they died during the fight and I still got the achievement.
Posted by lccf on 04 Jul at 15:54
danbuYeah, I can confirm what Iccf said. I had an unlocked charackter selected as player 2 for the co-op achievment and got this one as well.
Posted by danbu on 06 Nov at 05:02