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As a team, collect Power from all 4 Power Taps within one wave of Horde

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07 Sep 2019 08 Nov 2020
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Playing horde round about the wave 40 mark you should get all 4 power taps available to spawn, spawn each of them like you would in King of the hill, by standing in the circles. To do this faster do this on beginner, just so you won't die so quick. And AFTER the wave has started get 4 players in your team to stand by them then press and hold X until you claim the fabricator power, should pop a minute after. EASY!
Quick edit. You cannot do this without 4 people in your team. One power tap per player. It won’t work if one person collects power from multiple power taps.
This can now be done with all players (including Jack)
Can also be done on Horde Frenzy a lot earlier as there are only 12 waves
Yurgi WinduI think after you spawn it you need to wait a round for the power to fill up. But I may be wrong. When we did it I think it was wave 42 anyway.
Posted by Yurgi Windu on 07 Sep 19 at 01:23
Alex SobeckiSo you need to have 4 individual players claim power? I guess that's what I've been doing wrong. My buddy and I got two each and it would never unlock
Posted by Alex Sobecki on 07 Sep 19 at 16:18
b00mt1ngYes 4 individual players getting the power from each of te power taps
Posted by b00mt1ng on 07 Sep 19 at 20:21
Law ViolationThanks for confirming, we tried with 3 players and it didn't work.
Posted by Law Violation on 08 Sep 19 at 09:04
b00mt1ngYou’re welcome. We also tried to do this before the wave started and it didn’t pop. So you must do this after the wave starts.
Posted by b00mt1ng on 08 Sep 19 at 12:34
PRmykey327side note for all: this will not work if you are playing jack!!.. it happened to me while everyone else got it. Might be because jack has short little hands idk
Posted by PRmykey327 on 08 Sep 19 at 20:59
SkinstakovicBouncing off what Boomting said, only the last one has to be done after the wave starts. We just did this tonight, 3 of us activated during the wave change and the last guy did it after wave start
Posted by Skinstakovic on 14 Sep 19 at 01:20
Ham Man 89Got this today playing as Jack. We planned to do 2 runs just to have a Jack shield the 4th power tap guy, but didn't have to since all 5 of us got it.
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 21 Sep 19 at 21:58
b00mt1ngRead my last comment GDMF I said that you would get it if playing as jack, but only in a 5 player team, if there is just 4 of you and one of you is jack then you can't get it, it's called common sense.
Posted by b00mt1ng on 28 Sep 19 at 02:23
SkorpzTNAnybody wana do this add me and send me message... skorpzTN
Posted by SkorpzTN on 07 Oct 19 at 16:35
RedDoog888So sorry all four players have to 1 get they ring blue. Then all collect at the same time in a single wave?

Thanks for the guide
Posted by RedDoog888 on 12 Oct 19 at 18:23
oWxlkerAnybody want to team up and get this then add me, cant seem to get a team through public matches that are interested in collecting from power taps facepalm
Posted by oWxlker on 13 Oct 19 at 18:51
Solario32We got three of them during the 30 seconds before wave started. Once wave started, the 4th person did his. Easy ach.
Posted by Solario32 on 02 Nov 19 at 12:25
Phinman1If anyone would like to help me with this achievement that would be awesome!
Posted by Phinman1 on 21 Mar 20 at 14:08
AlECKS96R0DRiThis is my Gamertag if anyone is interested:

Posted by AlECKS96R0DRi on 16 Apr 20 at 20:55
JoE C00l 16Jack now can collect power as any other character. 😉
Posted by JoE C00l 16 on 19 Apr 20 at 21:19
DeathDealingCatThis can be earned in Horde Frenzy, which only has 12 waves, making it much easier and quicker to have all four Power Taps available.
Posted by DeathDealingCat on 17 Jul 20 at 04:19
ONE CEL JUGGALOAnyone trying to do this plus many other team achievements hmu..
Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 25 Oct 20 at 04:51