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Relics of the Past

Kill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign

Relics of the Past-0.3
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07 Sep 2019
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In order to unlock this achievement you need to Kill an enemy with 17 Relic Weapons in the Campaign of Gears 5.

Video with all the Relic Weapons:

► Timestamps:
Act II - Chapter 2
2 Relic Weapons

[0:00] Enforcer Relic
[0:27] Longshot Relic

Act II - Chapter 4
5 Relic Weapons

[0:49] Boltok Relic
[1:45] Boomshot Relic
[2:27] Dropshot Relic
[3:04] Torque Bow Relic
[3:44] Retro Lancer Relic

Act III - Chapter 3
10 Relic Weapons

[4:14] Talon Relic
[4:44] Gnasher Relic
[5:19] Claw Relic
[5:51] Lancer GL Relic
[6:27] Hammerburst Relic
[7:05] Markza Relic
[7:34] Snub Relic
[8:08] Overkill Relic
[8:46] Lancer Relic
[9:21] Embar Relic
TheLightMasterThanks for the video. This was very helpful. Shame yours hasn't popped yet.
Posted by TheLightMaster on 12 Sep 19 at 06:56
KAW 24I haven't got this yet (just started Act III) but I think it's worth pointing out the game will discard your equipped weapons before you can get any kills in Act II Ch 5. I didn't know this and had the relic dropshot on me. I didn't have any kills with it at that point but I expected to get some kills during the chapter, which didn't happen - oops.
Posted by KAW 24 on 15 Sep 19 at 03:23
prokophow in the world do i get a kill with this damn dropshot???? it just freezes the enemies.

figured it out on my own. grab the dropshot relic. go to the mine or whatever where you fight a few waves of guys on ice. shoot the ice with a lancer or hammerburst when an enemy is on the ice. then hit em with the dropshot. took a few times for it to register but it worked
Posted by prokop on 16 Sep 19 at 23:36