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Use Jack's Cloak ability to cloak and execute 3 enemies before de-cloaking in Campaign

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07 Sep 2019 07 Sep 2019
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Obviously this needs the Cloak ability to be upgraded. Once upgraded this is easily achievable in two areas in Act III.

One in Chapter 2 at Train Turntable.

The other in Chapter 3 when securing the beacon
TheLightMasterManaged to do this at the first spot suggested thanks. I only had Agility, Extend and Faster Recharge upgrades activated (not Slayer).
Posted by TheLightMaster on 12 Sep 19 at 05:51
Robster80Got this at the outside of the Rocket Hanger in the beginning of ACt 3 Chapter 2; had to be swift to get it and took me two tries because I accidentally alerted the Swarm to my presence the first time.
Posted by Robster80 on 06 Feb 20 at 16:19
SchizoPsycho74I'm glad I watched this. I thought Jack had to do it.
Posted by SchizoPsycho74 on 22 Apr 20 at 23:14
nimr0d1985I did this in Act 1 chapter 4 (near the beginning) when you enter the kitchen, (with new game+ all jack upgrades

you can combine it with
A Good Plan, Violently Executed
Execute 100 Rejects (any mode)
Posted by nimr0d1985 on 28 Jan at 14:31