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An Enemy Among Us

Get a kill with a Hijacked Pouncer, Warden, Stump and Elite Hunter in Campaign

An Enemy Among Us-0.1
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08 Sep 2019 26 Sep 2019
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All 4 of these enemies are conveniently available in Act IV Chapter 1. I recommend playing on Beginner difficulty if you just want to get this out of the way.

EDIT: Video courtesy of Ham Man 89

In the following order:

1) You will encounter the Warden in the room where you have to deploy the beacon to kill the Swarmak. Be sure to leave some Swarm alive around here so the Warden has something to kill. You'll have to shoot of his helmet before you can ask Jack to hijack him.

2) The Stump is in an open area you have to clear of enemies before making your way to Paduk. Just hijack immediately when you see it, and there should be enough enemies around for it to kill.

3) The Pouncer is pretty hard to miss, you'll find it right in the area where Paduk is. Just look over the edge where it jumps down and hijack it. These things are pretty aggressive at finding a target and will usually kill an enemy in one hit.

4) The Elite Hunter are those annoying things that cloak and fire Torque Bows. Once you get to Paduk, there'll be a brief pause and you will defend the area from these guys. They might take a little while to get a kill since they have to charge up their weapon while flinching from getting shot at, but it should happen eventually. If it doesn't, just reload the checkpoint so you don't have to wait for the ability to recharge.

There is achievement tracking for these, and it should go up by 25% for each. There was an issue with tracking due to server issues, but I booted up the game today and it popped on the main menu.
FiveWizzFor some reason I was able to get to 50% from two kills from two separate Elite Hunters. Hijacked a second one just to make sure I was getting the kills and when I checked the tracker I was up to 50%.

Then proceeded to soon after get a pouncer and a warden and the achievement popped.
Didn't hijack a Stump at any point.
Posted by FiveWizz on 12 Sep 19 at 11:59
Delta748That’s interesting, I was trying to get this when the tracking was buggy so I couldn’t tell for sure which one of my Hijack kills were counting. Definitely something to take note of.
Posted by Delta748 on 12 Sep 19 at 12:32
CoreScanNo need to find a Stump enemy. The first enemy you need to hijack at the beginning of 3-1 in order to progress the story is a Stump, and it counts toward this achievement. At least it did for me.
Posted by CoreScan on 13 Sep 19 at 11:43
KAW 24Similar to @FiveWizz, my progress is 75% but I've had kills with 2 different pouncers and 1 kill with a warden. It may not be how the achievement is supposed to work but I wonder if you could just replay a checkpoint and get repeat kills with the same enemy? Unlike @CoreScan, I didn't see any progress for the stump in Baird's training area.
Posted by KAW 24 on 17 Sep 19 at 18:28
Delta748I honestly wouldn't be surprised, tracking for Gears 5 achievements can be all over the place, and some even unlock way before you hit the requirement (see "On the Razor's Edge").

Unfortunately, I have no way of verifying either methods, because I had exceeded the requirements without the achievement unlocking, and it randomly popped for me when I booted up the game one day. For now, I suppose this can serve as a general guide for where you can find these enemies, if this achievement was to work as intended.
Posted by Delta748 on 17 Sep 19 at 19:12
KAW 24It could've just been glitchy or it could've been that I did get progress for the stump in Baird's training area but it didn't register initially. Maybe the extra progress I saw later in the game was due to the stats backlog processing and I just mistakenly associated the extra progress with a second pouncer. I also didn't see any progress for the stump during the section with Baird's airplane, which further suggests I already had credit for it. The achievement unlocked for me when I hijacked a hunter in the city ruins.
Posted by KAW 24 on 18 Sep 19 at 03:45
Ham Man 89@mongrominet - That video doesn't follow this guide...

@Delta748 - Thanks for the guide. Definitely the best way to get this. Here's a quick video following your guide if anyone needs it =
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 25 Sep 19 at 18:59
Delta748Great video! I'll add it to the guide.
Posted by Delta748 on 26 Sep 19 at 06:13
Apostle92627Got the achievement. I thought I just needed the Stump but it was the Pouncer, which I thought I already did.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 03 Oct 19 at 17:25
The KrimmReaperStump from hijack tutorial works still.
Posted by The KrimmReaper on 07 Oct 19 at 18:02
DrSchlepensteinThis achievement is still glitchy and hasn't unlocked for me yet, but I will keep trying.

So far, the stump you hijack at the beginning still counts, as my achievement tracker went up by 25%, then I got an Elite Hunter in the area of Act 3 when you are building the rockets nose cone, so my tracker went up to 50%. But then when I went to the Turnable in Act 3, and encountered the Warden, I hijacked it and it killed 3 of Juvies, my tracker didn't move at all. Then when I got to the Bridge controls and encountered a Pouncer, I hijacked that and it killed 5 different Imagos, my tracker still didn't move and is still stuck at 50%.
Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 03 Dec 19 at 01:39
jacoozaI finished the campaign, without unlocking the achievement.
Then I tried to load the act but the bot was without abilities, without components...
I thought that was possible to re-play any mission with the bot without losing all the upgrades, i made a mistake?

Thanks for the answers...
Posted by jacooza on 10 Feb 20 at 08:06
Delta748That doesn't seem right, Hijack is a base ability that you can't miss getting in Act 3. You don't need to upgrade it to be able to get this achievement.

If you're saying that no abilities are available to you at all, that sounds like a weird bug.
Posted by Delta748 on 10 Feb 20 at 14:36
rocking23nfgreat guide, worked easy first try.
Posted by rocking23nf on 07 Mar at 22:56