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Pennies from Heaven

Scavenge supplies from all fallen Condors in Act 2 and Act 3

Pennies from Heaven0
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Little 3vilLittle 3vil645,625
08 Sep 2019 14 Sep 2019
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14/09/2019: This achievement is gllitchy at the moment due to server issues or bugs in the game.

There are four fallen Condor sites total. One is unmissable because you'll pass through it during a required mission, The others will show up as question marks when you get close to them.

Two can be found in Act 2 - chapter 4; one way up north and the other around the center of the map.
There is another crashed Condor with a safe in the North communication tower mission.
The fourth can be found in Act 3 - chapter 2 and 3 in the South East corner of the map, it's in the storm on the way to the Turntable station. Keep as much to the right as possible on the way and you'll run into it automatically. You can also go back after you finished chapter 2.

There is a good amount of enemies found at these locations and after you've killed all of them you have to open the save with Jack and loot the content to complete that location.

A tip from Sashamorning: wait until it says the objective is completed before leaving

Tip from TheLightMaster: The story related Condor in the Cosmonaut facility mission (main mission) is not required for this achievement. I can confirm because I got the achievement before I did this mission. The one on the way to the North comm tower is probably not needed either but you need the components so it can't hurt either.

Here is a great video explaining it all in detail by Maka91, make sure to give it a like on his channel!

I2xINCHxTONGUEYou couldn't be arsed to put even a brief description of what to do to get this achievement and This isn't even your video! Wow! laugh
Posted by I2xINCHxTONGUE on 09 Sep 19 at 01:08
Little 3vilWhat is wrong with you people? There was no guide for this achievement on TA, I found a solid one on YouTube and shared it here! It was all explained in detail in the video so I didn't really bother with an explanation. (fixed that)

Nobody else took the effort to post a guide but you took the effort to downvote it? What a sad bunch...

Where does it say I need to have the achievement or that the video has to be mine? I completed the 3 locations in act 2 at the moment I put this guide up and I credited the maker of the video. Also, the video link is directly to his YouTube channel. facepalm
Posted by Little 3vil on 09 Sep 19 at 04:02
Slugger MaxmanSadly, this achievement didn't pop for me. It may be bugged too.
Posted by Slugger Maxman on 09 Sep 19 at 13:50
MCmichaelDMaka has a large presence on this site and he'll inevitable post a text guide for HIS video.
Posted by MCmichaelD on 10 Sep 19 at 01:31
SashamorningDon't hate. At least it's a guide. If Maka wants a guide, he'll post one. In the meantime, he's getting YouTube hits, which I'm sure means a lot more to him than posting a free guide on TA where he gets no monetization.
Posted by Sashamorning on 10 Sep 19 at 03:45
Biathlon1992Not popped for me
Posted by Biathlon1992 on 10 Sep 19 at 04:51
Little 3vilThanks Sashamorning, that was exactly my thought.

By the way, I got the go ahead from Maka so you can put that to bed.
Posted by Little 3vil on 10 Sep 19 at 14:45
SashamorningPopped for me after the last Condor. I made sure that the mission said complete before I moved on.
Posted by Sashamorning on 10 Sep 19 at 18:19
TheLightMasterAs Maka said in his video, there is no tracking on this achievement.
Posted by TheLightMaster on 11 Sep 19 at 02:15
frenchmau5Didn't pop for me either.
Posted by frenchmau5 on 11 Sep 19 at 07:23
Little 3vilAchievements not popping might have something to do with the server issues. Also make sure that the message appears that the objective is completed. I popped mine earlier today
Posted by Little 3vil on 11 Sep 19 at 20:26
TheLightMasterCan confirm tracking does not work. This did however pop for me today after completing the last one, so it seems to be up and running again.
Posted by TheLightMaster on 12 Sep 19 at 07:04
Hirogen DAlso not popped for me :( Reload Chapters several times, no success. cry
Posted by Hirogen D on 13 Sep 19 at 05:32
Biathlon1992Tried to get this one on the second run, still not popped. Glitched as insane cheevo. So tired of this game
Posted by Biathlon1992 on 13 Sep 19 at 11:36
TheLightMasterAs an FYI, The story related Condor in the Cosmonaut facility mission (main mission) is not required for this achievement.
Posted by TheLightMaster on 14 Sep 19 at 00:52
FoRty9I've managed to unlock the majority of the campaign achievements since the two recent 300mb updates but I still can't get this one to unlock.
Posted by FoRty9 on 14 Sep 19 at 12:50
frenchmau5Just done this for a second time and still locked.
Posted by frenchmau5 on 14 Sep 19 at 13:10
Little 3vilGame is still buggy/glitchy because I keep losing collectables and a day later they show up again and suddenly they are gone again. Yesterday I picked up the last collectable and the achievement didn't pop. When I went to check them one was missing again that I picked up for sure and I got a checkpoint after.

This guide is correct, it's a game or server issue.
Posted by Little 3vil on 14 Sep 19 at 14:08
Star1ord89As of the time of this writing. 9/15/19 the achievement did not unlock with our initial play through nor did it unlock with chapter select
Posted by Star1ord89 on 15 Sep 19 at 23:36
VGM 007My achievement popped this morning when I loaded the game up, but I have no idea when it should have popped. I finished act 3 last night, but had got the last condor for the achievement either Sunday afternoon or on Saturday. Either way, quite a delay for it to pop.
Posted by VGM 007 on 16 Sep 19 at 14:34
MiZ Dove OGThis achievement didnt pop for me even though i have completed it several times, doing ALL the condor sites just in case, making sure the location completed before i left it. I also have the Ally's achievement for making a new ally which did not pop. Thanks, Gears. Some of the achievements are ridiculous enough without having completable ones not popping! ARGH
Posted by MiZ Dove OG on 21 Sep 19 at 12:18
Ivan610Yep, another gears 5 achievement that didn’t pop for me when it should have.
Posted by Ivan610 on 23 Sep 19 at 16:53
Mike99BuckleI got this to pop for me on my second play on insane. I never loaded any previously completed chapters, where as on my first play through I did, just kept selecting continue which leads me to believe that it has to be done in one single play through.
Posted by Mike99Buckle on 24 Sep 19 at 09:02
The SCHWARTZ 00Yep, same as the guy above me. Second solo playthrough on Insane, looted all three condors, achievement popped just now.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 27 Sep 19 at 18:40
Viva VizionzI hope they can fix this as it would be a pain to just play through almost the entire campaign again just for a bugged achievement.
Posted by Viva Vizionz on 14 Oct 19 at 11:18
PinkEyeWiseGuyThis one just popped for me, haven't played campaign for 2 weeks or so, guess TC genuinely are working on fixed in the background!
Posted by PinkEyeWiseGuy on 05 Nov 19 at 01:02
Hirogen HunterOnly unlocked after playing Act 2 - chapter 4 through Act 3 - chapter 2.

Chapter reload did not work.
Posted by Hirogen Hunter on 05 Nov 19 at 01:13
DMpmp13My buddy and I decided to go for this last night for our insane playthrough. We both got disconnected in the loading screen from act 2-3. We figured that voided it and wouldn't work. We tried the last site anyways, and we both got the achievement still. Either we got really lucky or they fixed it. The most recent update was the day before.
Posted by DMpmp13 on 08 Nov 19 at 12:29
SchizoPsycho74Can you use chapter select or do you have to do this in 1 sitting?
Posted by SchizoPsycho74 on 11 Jul 20 at 13:34
SpinalSynopsisYou can use chapter select. Just make sure the game saves before you head back tot he main menu.
Posted by SpinalSynopsis on 07 Aug 20 at 19:19
Chris is C00LThis achievement no longer pops using chapter select or playing in one sitting.
Posted by Chris is C00L on 03 Sep 20 at 18:43
xTcSmokeYeah, I just tried chapter select and didn't work, so came here to check. Wish I checked
Posted by xTcSmoke on 07 Sep 20 at 01:21
RiodeJaneiroRJI decided to try to go straight to the chapters by selecting from the main menu. I skipped from Act 2, Chapter 4 straight to Act 3, Chapter 3, and the achievement unlocked normally. I don't know if it influenced the fact that I started a new game +. The achievement only unlocks after I face the enemies that appear right after opening the safe in act 3. I think that could be added to the guide.
Posted by RiodeJaneiroRJ on 10 Nov 20 at 21:41
YanbbroxUnlocks via chapter select 28/12/20
Posted by Yanbbrox on 28 Dec 20 at 17:25
FinalSnake EyeCan also confirm it works via chapter selected. I picked up the two from Act 2 Ch 4, went to Act 3 Ch 3, picked up the supplies, and was good after killing the enemies in the area.
Posted by FinalSnake Eye on 02 Jan at 20:55