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Jack of All Trades

Acquire all of Jack's Ultimate upgrades in Campaign

Jack of All Trades-0.1
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08 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2019
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There are a total of 7 abilities which have ultimate upgrades in the Assault and Passive slots for Jack. Grab all 7 in order to unlock this achievement. It does not have to be in the same playthrough and can be done through chapter select. The achievement has tracking which allows you to check on your progress. They are earned as follows:

[0:03] - Flash (Flash Freeze) - Act 2
[0:57] - Shock Trap (Seeker) - Act 2
[2:10] - Hijack (Detonator Implant) - Act 3
[2:46] - Pulse (Marked for Death) - Act 2
[3:38] - Stim (Brawler) - Act 2
[4:42] - Cloak (Slayer) - Act 3
[5:29] - Barrier (Deadly Overload) - Act 4
ATCSThis shit won't unlock for me. Hope they fix these problems soon.
Posted by ATCS on 08 Sep 19 at 20:15
Gilded FrogThanks for the guide, just missed the last one. Shame nothing is unlocking for me at the moment.
Posted by Gilded Frog on 08 Sep 19 at 22:39
Ron Jeremy R6I am in the same boat.
All ultimate upgrades collected, no achievement.

What a glitchy launch..
Posted by Ron Jeremy R6 on 09 Sep 19 at 08:15
PaztoGlitched for me as well... facepalm
Posted by Pazto on 09 Sep 19 at 08:34
Slugger MaxmanI am in the same boat too, friends. No cheevo for me.
Posted by Slugger Maxman on 09 Sep 19 at 13:52
The Jobbymaster+1 for the glitched my co-op partner got it though shock
Posted by The Jobbymaster on 09 Sep 19 at 17:51
Zam0070One of my waterworks side missions glitched out so couldn’t get the cloak upgrade. Only one I’m missing. Then again, still might not even get the achievement based on other comments.
Posted by Zam0070 on 09 Sep 19 at 22:23
Smudgenat0rI’ve unlocked all upgrades. Got the achievement for fully upgrading jack but not this one.
Posted by Smudgenat0r on 09 Sep 19 at 22:40
GrmRpr69Ok so i see some people saying it needs to be done in one run and chapter select does not work. You state it can be done in more than one run, etc. Did you get your achievement in one run or did you use chapter select?
Posted by GrmRpr69 on 10 Sep 19 at 18:30
Maka91@GrmRpr69, you can watch the video and literally see me unlock the achievement during Act 2. It doesn't have to be done in one run. With that being said, stat tracking in the game could still be broken and prevent you from chapter skipping to grab what you're missing, but that should be fixed now or soon.
Posted by Maka91 on 10 Sep 19 at 18:40
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzI have all but 1 in my first playthrough, haven’t jumped around. My tracker says 14%. Am I to assume this won’t be unlocking for me?
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 10 Sep 19 at 22:36
Maka91@zDrunkenMonkeyz, yeah, you should be at like 84% at least. Probably a stat issue with the game. :(
Posted by Maka91 on 11 Sep 19 at 03:49
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz@Maka91 Appreciate the response, that’s unfortunate. Was really hoping something would trigger a retroactive pull on stats since TC said it’s been “fixed.”
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 11 Sep 19 at 04:26
UrchyBoldI'm seeing people saying it has to be done in one play through and others saying you can chapter select? Which is is proven and does this apply to the components as well?
Posted by UrchyBold on 11 Sep 19 at 14:36
Zasta 360GameTVFor me chapter select was not working. I miss the Act 4 upgrade, use chapter select and nothing. No achievement. The funny point is, it got the achievement today as I pick -up on a different save a upgrade from Act 2 which I definitely got on the other save and at the point of unlocking, I still have not all upgrades...

I think it is safe to say, collect please all upgrades in one run to avoid any issues.
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 11 Sep 19 at 17:12
Maka91@Zasta 360GameTV, stat tracking is just currently broken in the game. Once it works as expected, chapter select will work just fine. Until then, things will behave incorrectly.
Posted by Maka91 on 11 Sep 19 at 19:14
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz@Maka91 so I finished it last night and got the last one and it obviously didn’t pop. Is there any way to see what ones the game didn’t record me getting? Would you suggest for all these tracking cheevos, collectibles etc to wait for an update?
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 11 Sep 19 at 20:25
Zasta 360GameTV@Maka tracking is not the problem. As I say, I miss in Act 4 the upgrade, notice this in 4-2. Use chapter select aka new campaign save slot, go to 4-1, pick up the upgrade and nothing happens. No achievement and the game says on this save slot "yes you have this upgrade".

When I reload the old save with 4-2, the upgrade is missing. So I don't think it works save-cross like collectibles but I can be wrong too. Are only my personal experiences, maybe the users have others but for that we are here. To find out what is right ;)
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 11 Sep 19 at 21:28
Maka91The problem is stat tracking. I've already confirmed directly with Xbox and have tested this achievement on multiple accounts before release. You can chapter select (New Save Slot) and pick up the ones you are missing. Each one you pick up adds about 14% to the tracking when you pick it up, regardless of whether it's in the same playthrough or not. For this achievement, it does not unlock when you get all 7, but rather updates each time a new one is picked up. It stat tracks for all seven, and doesn't do a one time conditional check to see if all 7 are there. I'm 100% certain that the problem people are encountering has to do with servers and the stat tracking ability of the game. This solution will be true unless there is an update to the game that changes how it works.
Posted by Maka91 on 11 Sep 19 at 23:55
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzAppreciate the continued feedback! Is there anyway to see what ones the game has “counted?”
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 12 Sep 19 at 00:36
Maka91@zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz, no. Same with relic weapons and components. Can only see your collectible progress.
Posted by Maka91 on 12 Sep 19 at 00:59
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzOuch, ok thanks! Looks like I may hold off on these for a bit in hopes they get it squared away. Luckily BL3 is here for the time being 😁
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 12 Sep 19 at 01:05
FiveWizzRemember the cool achievement stat tracking that Judgement had? In-game. Mind blowing stuff.

how can we be donkeys years later and have worse achievement mechanics.

Not being a hater by the way I do love this game.
Posted by FiveWizz on 12 Sep 19 at 12:50
TheLightMasterCan confirm that this is working again after the update
Posted by TheLightMaster on 14 Sep 19 at 06:49
Andre AlexandrLucky you. I've done every side quest and collect all Jack's ultimate perks in my first run, but this achievement won't unlock. Same with the one for complete all acts and scavenge the condors. Hope they fix this soon...
Posted by Andre Alexandr on 15 Sep 19 at 03:03
PaztoStuff like this didnt happen back then when the cheevos could be unlocked offline... Anyway I just gived up about this and the "complete all act of the campaign" achievement. Maybe one day I'm gonna replay the campaign and get em, but heh, we will see.
No way a patch can give us this cheevos, so yeah, w/e.
Posted by Pazto on 15 Sep 19 at 08:33
xTheDris1nxNow that progression issues were fixed, how do know which ones got picked up towards the achievement after completing the campaign? It doesn't look like it's possible to view from your stats page.
Posted by xTheDris1nx on 16 Sep 19 at 12:22
Maka91@tf Legolas, it seems like you would just have to try all of them again, or go off memory in which ones you missed.
Posted by Maka91 on 16 Sep 19 at 16:18
illdizzogMine didn’t pop originally. The ones the game didn’t seemed to track were the two Crashed Condor sites in act 2 chapter 4. After picking these up again the achievement popped.

Just as a side note, I also had to redo most of Act 2 for the campaign completion achievement so before the post release patches the game really didn’t like Act 2. My point is: start there if your missing stuff.
Posted by illdizzog on 19 Sep 19 at 07:50
USS PrometheusThink I was around 84-6% or something, went to pick up my last upgrade in act 4 and my achievement progress is reset to 28% somehow.....go figure. I can see all the upgrades in game as well.

edit: The act 4 one is the one that is bugged for me. Achievement progress not
Posted by USS Prometheus on 25 Sep 19 at 10:03
Broon43I've done all the waterworks missions on the same playthrough. The NPC puts down the upgrade for Jack by the drill, but it won't let me collect it! Quite frustrating.
Posted by Broon43 on 29 Sep 19 at 22:51
USS PrometheusConfirmed to still be bugged. This is after they claimed to have completed the rollout for stuck progression and after TU1.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 02 Oct 19 at 13:44
UP JohnnyHad 85% progress on the achievement before collecting the last one in act 4 - still stuck at 85% after picking it up. The jacked-up one still unlocked. Completely broken even after TU1.
Posted by UP Johnny on 07 Oct 19 at 23:44
Smudgenat0rHas anyone tried to get this in someone else's game? Mine is glitched because of Act 3 even on a new play through thinks I've already got them. Tempted to use another account to get to Act 3 and then collect them again in their play through. Don't know if that will work though.
Posted by Smudgenat0r on 16 Oct 19 at 11:18
HOEAIKLI cant get the Slayer of waterpark mission today, I repair the drill and the module was on the table but cant pick up same as last playthrough. This is my same bug from the ealier play, I use new save also cant help.
Posted by HOEAIKL on 17 Oct 19 at 08:00
Fl0ydPinkert0nMine seems to be bugged too. I got them all in my first playthrough, but it says I'm at 85%. I've even tried loading up Act 4 - Chapter 1 in a new slot to get the last one again, but the achievement still won't unlock.

When I get some more time, I'm going to chapter select for all the other ones to see if for some reason it didn't count one of them. I think that's probably what happened; just like how the game didn't track that I completed Act 1 - Chapter 4, Act 2 - Chapter 1, 2, and 3 in my first playthrough. I had to replay those to get the achievement for competing the campaign.

Edit - I got it now. I started in Act 2 - Chapter 4, and was working my way through grabbing all the upgrades again. Turns out the one I was apparently missing was the Stim Ultimate upgrade (even though it unlocked on my first playthrough).
Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n on 21 Oct 19 at 06:52
USS PrometheusStill broken even now. Have replayed the game and this and the other jack achievement will not unlock nor will the game completion one.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 24 Oct 19 at 12:23
Raptor DEM0NCloak upgrade is bugged for me on the table in act 3. Can't press X because it's not appearing. Any idea?
Posted by Raptor DEM0N on 08 Dec 19 at 17:31
Skill4hSame problem in Act 3 with Cloak upgrade. Someone have solution please?
Posted by Skill4h on 11 Dec 19 at 18:10
Epic Fail TrollGot'em all
Achievement still not unlocked.
Fuck this piece of shit game.
This is my run number fucking THREE
Posted by Epic Fail Troll on 18 Dec 19 at 03:17
USS PrometheusStill broke even now at TU4 day, for me at least.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 21 Jan 20 at 18:52
Raptor DEM0NStill bugged.. pathetic.
Posted by Raptor DEM0N on 14 Feb 20 at 21:58
Robster80Glitched at 85%. -_- Thanks, Coalition. NOT!
Posted by Robster80 on 17 Feb 20 at 12:20
Legacy I Tom IStill stuck at 42% since launch, doubt this is ever getting fixed at this point
Posted by Legacy I Tom I on 22 Feb 20 at 21:32
USS PrometheusStill bugged for me as well as is the other Jack achievement.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 25 Feb 20 at 19:35
Robster80Started a new campaign from the start, fresh file. Popped after I got the ultimate upgrade for the Cloak.

Had similar problem with one achievement in Fallout Shelter, fixed it the same way by starting fresh in a separate save file. Those still having issues with this and the other Jack-related achievements, try starting over in a new save file. Tedious, yes - but it should work.
Posted by Robster80 on 01 Apr 20 at 14:00
USS PrometheusRe: comment above, I'd already tried that once and it didn't work.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 04 Apr 20 at 16:52
Raptor DEM0NUpdates are coming and gamers unlocking this cheevo. Wonder if we ever getting fix whose achievement is glitched.
Posted by Raptor DEM0N on 17 Apr 20 at 06:20
GamezGuru 360I collected all upgrades on a single playthrough, and could have sworn an achievement popped when I picked up the barrier one, but checking my achievements it shows 85% complete! Definitely still buggy...
Posted by GamezGuru 360 on 07 May 20 at 15:27
USS PrometheusJust tried this again and still not unlocking. I'm guessing they don't have the dev time or the want to fix this for people. Kinda sad.

edit: after today's update 12/10/20 I thought I'd give it a go - it's now unlocked straight away after my save load. Took them far, far too long to fix it, but credit for doing so at least.
Posted by USS Prometheus on 08 Oct 20 at 09:46