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Good Against Remotes Is One Thing

Get a perfect score at the Firing Range on any difficulty.

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13 Sep 2019 15 Sep 2019
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Difficulty: Normal
Weapon: Pistol

Can be easily done with a coop partner. Who ever starts the firing range (by pressing the button) will unlock the achievement so make sure you switch turns. You’ll need 15 targets in 20 seconds.

Available after you reach Sanctuary and right after you help Marcus put out the fires in his store.

I’ve noticed sometimes that some targets show up at the last second making it impossible to complete so keep trying!! Focus on splitting the firing range in half and focus on your section. You’ll know your group did it cause you’ll see confetti and unlock a challenge too.
XxpsychedyuxXThanks for the tip 👍🏻 If anyone would like to help get this achievement message me on Xbox XxpsychedyuxX
Posted by XxpsychedyuxX on 13 Sep 19 at 23:45
Carmona25No problem! Good luck!!
Posted by Carmona25 on 14 Sep 19 at 01:21
XxpsychedyuxXThanks for the tip 👍🏻 If anyone would like to help get this achievement message me on Xbox XxpsychedyuxX
Posted by XxpsychedyuxX on 14 Sep 19 at 02:25
x1001x Puppys+1 for co-op partner tip, thanks Spanish. Even with 4 people there were instances where one would pop out of the ground for 0.1 seconds or we'd run out of time even though we hit all targets immediately. Achievement/trophy is very luck based.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 14 Sep 19 at 05:43
STOUTASSASSIN67didnt work on coop for me
Posted by STOUTASSASSIN67 on 14 Sep 19 at 08:03
Carmona25Stoutassassin67 did you get all 15 targets in 20 seconds? You should see confetti and unlock a challenge when you do it. Remember that only the person who presses the button to start the shooting range gets the achievement.
Posted by Carmona25 on 14 Sep 19 at 14:11
Carmona25Appreciate all the feedback! I’m updating the solution with some of your feedback! Glad you unlocked it puppys!!
Posted by Carmona25 on 14 Sep 19 at 14:19
Vandel BusterMight I suggest adding in when/where in the story you access the shooting range. That kind of information is beneficial for people who like to plan out the order of achievements and what not.
Posted by Vandel Buster on 15 Sep 19 at 05:48
Carmona25The shooting range is available the first time you arrive in the sanctuary which is early on. After that it’s available anytime in the game and it’s hard to miss.
Posted by Carmona25 on 15 Sep 19 at 06:22
TexicanoDid this in a friends game, he got the achievement I didn't wow
Posted by Texicano on 17 Sep 19 at 01:38
Carmona25Only the person who initiates the shooting range gets the achievement. You gotta do it again and make sure you press the button!
Posted by Carmona25 on 17 Sep 19 at 01:59
DabimaIf anyone would like to do this on Xbox, add me, Dabima :)
Posted by Dabima on 17 Sep 19 at 13:20
ElDylto1612I created an account here just so I can try to get some help on this, really hard to do it by myself

My GT is ElDylto1612

*edit* Just got it
Posted by ElDylto1612 on 18 Sep 19 at 12:56
NoHeroes94Got it now, thank you to Thankz4TheCarry Anyone willing to help me get the firing range achievement in Borderlands 3? Will give you a 350+ rated gun in return
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 21 Sep 19 at 14:20
Carmona25Not sure why I got the 2 down votes but thanks for that.
Posted by Carmona25 on 21 Sep 19 at 16:58
Vantexi got the infinity pistol on an alt gamertag, got this very easy as no reload or anything needed. great guide!
Posted by Vantex on 22 Sep 19 at 06:56
Carmona25Nice Vantex, been looking for that pistol.
Posted by Carmona25 on 22 Sep 19 at 13:42
AradorPretty sure this is impossible solo
Posted by Arador on 24 Sep 19 at 09:21
Carmona25Yeah it’s pretty tough solo.
Posted by Carmona25 on 24 Sep 19 at 20:51
AradorMost I got was 7
Posted by Arador on 24 Sep 19 at 21:53
STOUTNDRUNKAnybody willing to help me. Most I can get is 12. Gamer tag is stoutndrunk. Let me know thanks.
Posted by STOUTNDRUNK on 26 Sep 19 at 14:09
Inspector AdamDid it solo, definitely tricky to hit all 15. The hardest thing about it is spotting the targets!
Posted by Inspector Adam on 27 Sep 19 at 13:44
xxx0DINSONxxxAnyone willing to help me with this
Posted by xxx0DINSONxxx on 29 Sep 19 at 21:43
AradorWhat weapon did you use Inspector?
Posted by Arador on 01 Oct 19 at 04:43
NusentinsainoAnyone want to help me, i'm available today 6PM EST
Posted by Nusentinsaino on 01 Oct 19 at 13:28
WereWolves PackFeel free to add me, best ive got is 8, sometimes 12, i can try to help someone get this too IGN WereWolves Pack
Posted by WereWolves Pack on 02 Oct 19 at 05:25
Carmona257 negative votes and zero feedback from those people. That’s what makes this system so useless
Posted by Carmona25 on 02 Oct 19 at 11:05
CIBLEUR38Add me if you want to do in coop plz
Posted by CIBLEUR38 on 05 Oct 19 at 13:04
Parkman RulesMe and my buddy used the infinity legendary pistol. No need to reload, just pull the trigger and spray bullets at your targets.
Posted by Parkman Rules on 05 Oct 19 at 15:25
Ringmaztirif someone can help me get this that would be a great help its one of the last achievements i need for the game and the best iv done is 12
Posted by Ringmaztir on 05 Oct 19 at 17:46
CIBLEUR38Ringmaztir same for me add me
Posted by CIBLEUR38 on 05 Oct 19 at 20:30
Ringmaztirgot it but i can help someone if they still need it
Posted by Ringmaztir on 05 Oct 19 at 21:21
andre171Looking for someone to help boost this one, gamertag andre171 :)
Posted by andre171 on 07 Oct 19 at 08:26
CriminalOrca988If anyone is interested, I still need to get this one. I’ve hit 14 before, but I’m not fast enough to get more
Posted by CriminalOrca988 on 09 Oct 19 at 14:10
bemioscan anyone help me get this? thanks
Posted by bemios on 10 Oct 19 at 18:51
Grumpy GamerNeed help please
Posted by Grumpy Gamer on 11 Oct 19 at 22:09
drainedvitalityI'm absolutely useless at this. May need the help of 2 people! :D
Posted by drainedvitality on 16 Oct 19 at 14:47
YogiBlue49still need help. would really like to get this out of the way. plz message on xbox if u can
Posted by YogiBlue49 on 23 Oct 19 at 03:31
Frags4BreakfastDid this solo with the Shocking 9 Volt, dropped by Killavolt. Took a few tries but did it! If you have a class mod that boosts reload speed, you'll be fine. Spray from the hip.Keep at it!
Posted by Frags4Breakfast on 24 Oct 19 at 08:07
Tulukaruq907I would suggest using a class other than the Beastmaster. I did this with a friend but it took longer than it should because our stupid dogs stood in the firing range and sometimes we didn’t see a target because it was behind the pet.
Posted by Tulukaruq907 on 29 Oct 19 at 17:32
Burburnator88Does this depend on where you stand? I was shooing outside of the game and my friend went in the shooting range and shot from there. I was in his game and got the achievement but he didn't. He was the host also.
Posted by Burburnator88 on 30 Oct 19 at 06:35
Carmona25Agreed on not using Fl4k. They pets can get annoying lol

From what I can tell it’s who ever presses the button. So if you press the button and run away your friend could do the shooting range and only you would get the achievement
Posted by Carmona25 on 31 Oct 19 at 15:53
Petro PetroleumNeed help please
Posted by Petro Petroleum on 05 Nov 19 at 18:05
DeadFallout98Anyone up to do this?
Posted by DeadFallout98 on 17 Nov 19 at 03:07
xxxscottyxxxDeadFallout98 - I will be online in about 2.5hrs, I also need help getting this. My GT is xxxscottyxxx please feel free to join me!
Posted by xxxscottyxxx on 17 Nov 19 at 11:47
Slurm QueenIf anyone could help me with this I'm online now, can also do other co-op achievements!
Gt: Plum Noodles
Posted by Slurm Queen on 22 Nov 19 at 16:44
monkeybiscitzsend me a message if anyone would be willing to help/needs help GT: monkeybiscitz. I will be on tonight starting at 18:00 (6pm CST)
Posted by monkeybiscitz on 25 Nov 19 at 21:37
Reaper08RSo, just a note that I was able to get this solo using Moze's Iron Bear, with the minigun equipped on both arms (as you switch guns when shooting if one side is about to overheat). Basically this increases the odds of 'accidentally' hitting targets you don't notice. Note that this will still take a few attempts solo, but at least it gives you a fighting chance ; )
Posted by Reaper08R on 30 Dec 19 at 07:34
XSniperNinjaXHi i need help doing this i suck lol :) MY GT--- XSniperNinjaX PLEASE send me message thank u :)

P.S im in UK and got Mic
Posted by XSniperNinjaX on 30 Dec 19 at 18:02
Hobotheclown92Anyone able to give me a quick hand with this one? Best I have done solo is 14 usually get 11-12.
Posted by Hobotheclown92 on 01 Jan at 06:31
Hobotheclown92Anyone able to give me a quick hand with this one? Best I have done solo is 14 usually get 11-12.
Posted by Hobotheclown92 on 01 Jan at 06:52
Mean Joe CStill need this. Shoot me a message on Live and let’s see if we can know this out!
Posted by Mean Joe C on 03 Jan at 17:12
ELEMENT5 x261xAnyone up for knocking this out right now?
Posted by ELEMENT5 x261x on 08 Jan at 03:58
xx sublimese xxxx sublimese xx

This is the only one I need. If anyone wants to join up and knock it out, let me know!
Posted by xx sublimese xx on 08 Jan at 04:51
Lucha BearAlso looking for help!
Posted by Lucha Bear on 03 Mar at 14:17
SayWhatTrishaaaI completed this multiple times on different characters and it's still not unlocking. has anyone have the same issue and found a solution?
Posted by SayWhatTrishaaa on 06 Mar at 11:00
SwAAAz DuDeHey, could use a hand for this one if anyone is free! Thanks
Posted by SwAAAz DuDe on 23 Mar at 16:37
justargylemanLooking to grab this with a partner. Justargyleman
Posted by justargyleman on 08 Apr at 23:55
nath92977need a hand with this, msg me nath92977
Posted by nath92977 on 10 Apr at 12:23
Deadly Silent74I am Deadly Silent74. I need this one please
Posted by Deadly Silent74 on 12 Apr at 06:23
JaKeC xDNeed a partner for this And the revive another player achievement, message me on Xbox and we can do this
Posted by JaKeC xD on 14 Apr at 13:32
Medrano FamoI am definitely down to help. I have been looking for help on this too. Game tag: Medrano Famo
Posted by Medrano Famo on 23 Apr at 22:05
DeadOnArrival19I need the dual and firing range achievements still
Posted by DeadOnArrival19 on 27 Apr at 13:48
gammons89This is the last one I need - if anyone wants to help I will in turn help with any other achievements you may need.
Posted by gammons89 on 28 Apr at 17:03
Aly WebHi! I badly need this achievement if anyone wants to help! :-)
Posted by Aly Web on 02 May at 10:18
FreddoMcGeeHi, need this achievement, message me to join and complete it together
Posted by FreddoMcGee on 07 May at 21:02
AdayinIt took me a couple of hours to farm a Rapid Infinity from the Anointed Alpha in Anvil on Eden 6, and then I got this solo in 5 tries.
Posted by Adayin on 09 May at 09:45
m0nk3y spankerAnyone who can help out on this please message
GT m0nk3y spanker
Posted by m0nk3y spanker on 12 May at 22:06
Restless FenrirCompleted this after about 5 tries using Moze's Iron Bear with two miniguns.
Posted by Restless Fenrir on 23 May at 04:05
KingOfBeasts713Still need this dog shit. If anyone wants to do co op, contact me
Posted by KingOfBeasts713 on 25 May at 02:08