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Relics of the Past

Kill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign

Relics of the Past-0.2
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You must get a kill with each of the 17 Relic Weapons in the campaign that are hidden in only 3 chapters, they are: A2C2 (2), A2C4 (5) & A3C3 (10)

- As of right now this seems to be HOST ONLY! Let me know if this changes pls

- Does NOT need to be done in 1 continuous play-through

Locations in video below along with timestamps and specific locations of each one :)


-- ACT 2 CH 2 "Into The Wild" (2) --
(00:17) ENFORCER - Northern Passage
(00:54) LONGSHOT* - b/w Northern Passage & New Hope
*Can also get in ACT 2 CH 4

-- ACT 2 CH 4 "The Source Of It All" (5) --
(01:32) RETRO LANCER - NE of Old COG Wall
(02:01) BOLTOK - E of Condor Crash Site #1
(02:44) BOOMSHOT - North Tower Substation
(03:52) DROPSHOT - E of Old Derrick Site (East)
(04:34) TORQUE BOW - Abandoned Mine

-- ACT 3 CH 3 "Some Assembly Required" (10) --
(05:22) EMBAR - Condor Crash Site #3
(06:07) LANCER - E of Train Bridge
(06:36) OVERKILL - N of Bridge Control House
(07:08) SNUB - SE of Rocket Hangar
(07:42) MARKZA - W of Rocket Hangar
(08:15) HAMMERBURST - E of City Ruins
(09:00) TALON - Abandoned Airport
(09:34) GNASHER - N of Water Tower
(10:10) CLAW - NE of Cosmonaut Training Facility
(10:53) LANCER GL - W of Cosmonaut Training Facility

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THE WIZE MONKEYI missed the enforcer, went back for it on a new save and it didnt unlock :(
Posted by THE WIZE MONKEY on 27 Dec 19 at 12:18
BradLeafsFan9@THE WIZE MONKEY if you were not the host, they will not combine. ex. you played with a homie and they were the ones to host, then you go to your own set of save file and try to get the last one, it will not work. Either get your friend to invite you to a game to get the last Relic, or get all of them on your own save file. Hope that helps, thats the only reason why it would not work
Posted by BradLeafsFan9 on 27 Dec 19 at 21:57
THE WIZE MONKEYI was host for the entire game, didn't do the enforcer, went back by myself for the enforcer.

Surely I don't need someone in my lobby?
Posted by THE WIZE MONKEY on 20 Apr 20 at 01:41