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Collect all the collectable items

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Mr WhiteshirtMr Whiteshirt1,002,597
17 Sep 2019
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Here is a collectible video guide for all 5 chapters of the game. Chapter select exists and allows you to replay chapters if happen to miss an item along your way.

Catatonic NaliFew points to add to this that may help folks out.

Firstly if pick up a collectable then die and reload to an earlier checkpoint you won't need to pick it up again, they register and stay in your inventory for good after finding them.

The second Preta Insight in chapter 3 (#22/50) doesn't seem to be an actual collectable because it doesn't disappear from the world or appear in your inventory. I thought maybe it was a glitch and was a bit concerned for the rest of the game that I wouldn't get the achievements but can confirm that they popped no problem. Best to read it just in case but don't worry that you don't take it into your inventory.

And finally in chapter 5 you can do things a bit out of order. If you go to the 4th floor to grab the keycard instead of creating one on the 2nd floor then you will find yourself in the rooms where collectables #44 and #45 are. From my experience you can't get #44 at this point because the locker won't open but you can get #45 no problem. Don't sweat it if you watched the guide ahead, managed to find this room earlier than expected and can't get the locker to open. You'll be back for it later.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 18 Nov 20 at 09:55
Ueki420So right after I get the letter out of the locker and go through the hole...magically the collectable isn't there. #45 - Photo: Just is NOT there. Any thoughts or anyone else have this problem? What a horrible trash pile of a game.
Posted by Ueki420 on 14 Apr at 00:59