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Crossing Souls

Provoke the meeting between Redento and Cleofás.

Crossing Souls-1.8
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20 Sep 2019 21 Sep 2019
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*NOTE* You cannot get this achievement and the REBIRTH achievement in the same run.

In order to get this achievement you need to get Redento (The Barefooted Pilgrim) to his position in the Patio of Silent Steps while simultaneously progressing Cleofas' quest to get him to move to Archcathedral Rooftops.

To do this you can leave Redento alone until you have acquired all 3 "Mark of the Refuge" items. You get these items by progressing through the game to get the 3 masks needed to unlock the elevator in Archcathedral Rooftops.

Offer the 3 Marks of the Refuge to the NPC next to Cleofas in Mother of Mothers and he will move to Archcathedral Rooftops, just west of the first Prie Dieus checkpoint in the area.

Now progress Redento's quest until he is in the Patio of Silent steps and without speaking to him return to Cleofas. Speak to him once then leave and come back. He should jump from the rooftop with his body landing in front of Redento.

Return to the Patio of Silent Steps (you can jump off the roof if you have the Relic) and speak to Redento. After his dialogue the achievement should unlock.
ShadowLordXZI just found out that I locked myself from getting this achievement. If you talk to the guy in the church in Albero after meeting Cleofas he’ll give you the “Cord of the True Burying” which is needed for the Rebirth achievement. But if you have it in your inventory you the game forces you to give it to Cleofas.

So if you want this achievement than whatever you do DON’T TALK TO THE CHURCH GUY AFTER MEETING CLEOFAS!
Posted by ShadowLordXZ on 13 Jan at 07:39
ShadowLordXZI should also mention that you shouldn’t end the Lady’s suffering when prompt to try and get this achievement faster.
You have to give her the 3 refugee marks to get Cleofas on the roof top. If you just kill her he’ll end up in a jail cell and will kill himself in there if you don’t have the Cord item.
Posted by ShadowLordXZ on 13 Jan at 20:32