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22 Sep 2019 24 Nov 2020
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Overview: Minecraft is one of my favorite games of all time, and its the most selling video game of all time as well. There is no other game on the planet that passes time faster than Minecraft. You can start playing at 7 o'clock at night, and before you know it, it will be 3 in the morning! If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, or even played it, you must be living under a rock. I enjoyed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition so much, that I bought my original Xbox One just to play it! Now, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition isn't updated anymore. This is because of the launch of the game I am currently reviewing, Minecraft. Minecraft is probably one of the best games I have ever played, as its so different from a lot of things on the market. Minecraft more replay value then any other game that exists as well!

There are endless possibilities to explore in Minecraft, from building giant cities that have skyscrapers that reach light limit, to fighting “the final boss,” the Ender Dragon. Each Minecraft world could be played differently. There is a pretty large speedrun community for Minecraft, usually to beat the Ender Dragon the fastest. However, people also speedrun other stuff in Minecraft that isn't so common. Speedrunning isn't the only way to play, though. Most people have never actually fought the Ender Dragon, but just because you haven't done that, doesn't mean you can't have fun. A large portion of Minecraft players love to build, and prefer not even to try to fight the Ender Dragon, but instead just try to have fun in their way. But, in my opinion, the most exciting part of Minecraft is exploring. While exploring you can find so much cool stuff, from villages to Woodland Mansions. Villages are little pre-built towns that can be found around the map. Inside of the Villages are villagers. Villagers are non-hostile mobs that a player can trade with. One of the key parts of trading with villagers is Emeralds, a very rare ore that can be obtained through trades, or mined in mountain regions. Just the excitement of thinking what can be out their in your Minecraft world is just so fun too think about.

Creative Mode: For those of you who want to play casually, and without the risk of fighting and dying, then Creative mode is great for you. You can freely access anything you want from Survival mode and build your dream Minecraft. (Achievements can not be earned in creative mode. As soon as a world is changed to creative, it therefore voids any achievements.) People can make absolutely crazy stuff in Minecraft, like Mansions, Parkour Maps, Giant Roller Coaster, etc. I find creative pretty fun to do, but I would prefer survival if I had to choose one or the other.

Replay Value: This game has great replay value with a friend, or even by yourself. Even after completing all achievements, its honestly hard to not keep playing this game. It is constantly updated, adding many new things upon each update. However, there is some down sides to constant updates. First, and pretty much the only problem, is that once a world is started, a new item can only be found in an unexplored part of your world, making it often difficult to keep one survival world for very long.

Servers: Another great thing about Minecraft is that they have "servers." Servers are online multiplayer game modes that always are a good time. Basically, in server, you can play all sorts of mini games, from Hunger Games, Murder Mystery and Deathruns, to Block Hunt, a Minecraft version of Prop Hunt. Most Servers have party systems, making it easy to play with friends, and very enjoyable. New Servers are added all the time, bringing new mini games to enjoy!

Achievements: Most people reading this will probably want to know about achievements. If you are playing survival mode for fun, a good amount of the achievements will unlock. If there are achievements that you are struggling on, there is a really helpful achievement world @Itzz Sh0wt1m3 that you can unlock any achievement on. However, some achievements are grindy, such as "Master Trader" (Trade for 1,000 Emeralds). Even if using the achievement world, this achievement will certainly be a grind. *This achievement is also not required for a completion, as it is in a DLC by itself called 1.11.1: Village & Pillage

Achievements Continued: There are also some achievements that require multiple players (2 achievement). Some other achievements are actually surprising difficult to do if your not using the Achievement World. However, some of these difficult achievements are featured in the DLC's, as there is currently 9 DLC packs. The base game contains 79 achievements, and the hardest achievement in it is probably the "Super Sonic" achievement!

Marketplace: Oh boy, where do I even begin with the Marketplace. Let me first start off by saying that a very large majority of items in the Marketplace must be bought with Minecraft's ingame currency, called Minecoin. In the marketplace, you can by skin packs, which are the a pack of skins that you can where in your Minecraft World. Some skinpacks are inspired by real movies, such as Star Wars and Toy Story! Also in the marketplace, you can buy texture packs, which basically reskins most blocks in the game to look differently. You can also buy worlds, which can range from Adventure Maps to Mini Games to Survival Worlds! In my opionion, buying just a single item from the marketplace will most certainly make your experience playing Minecraft even better!

I really hope I convinced you to get Minecraft, if you already didn't have it! toast
MrKoolxDoodJust saw the summary and had to correct you on one thing. Tetris is the highest selling video game of all time, not Minecraft. smile
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 02 May 20 at 03:57
DigiMatmonMinecraft is truly a fun and addictive game. My fiance and I have a realm where we spent to much time that I care to admit.

I love the guide that is provided for this game where you just enter the world designed solely for getting achievements.
Posted by DigiMatmon on 03 Sep 20 at 14:27
zero cool 4406According to wikipedia, Minecraft is the highest selling game of all time. Tetris, whilst in the hands of more people, has been made free to many of those, so they don't count, and it has come in dozens of different types and formats whereby they cannot classify them as being the same game. So only the original Tetris and it's actual sales are counted.
Posted by zero cool 4406 on 20 Sep 20 at 07:41
Bunny BreakfastThank you for the clarification @zero cool 4406
Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 26 Oct 20 at 14:55