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Complete all activities in a single Festival Playlist Series.

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DF I PhoenixDF I Phoenix365,827
26 Sep 2019 30 Oct 2019
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VERSION 2.0 of the guide. Version 1 can be found in this spoiler (was used to follow precisely everything for Serie 14).

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Encore is a French word that means again. And you know what ? This describes the feeling you'll have when trying to complete this achievement.

First of all, we're gonna define what the achievement exactly wants you to do :
"Complete all activities in a single Festival Playlist Series."

I will present this guide as a gaming class would be. Spoilers are here only to make the guide clearer.


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Now that you know what is expected, and that you are warned about what to and what not to do, let's get deep into the guide.


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Starting with the Monthly events :
- Ranked Matchamking : In order to complete this goal, you'll need to be ranked, meaning that if you did not have earn the Ranked Solo/Team achievement, you'll have to go and complete 10 ranked games. The way ranked works is the following : There are 10 ranked games for any ranked mode required to complete in order to get a rank. Here, you only need to get ranked in one mode, so only 10 games maximum will be expected. If you got ranked in a previous season, you'll not have to replay those 10 games, but instead you'll have to complete another game of ranked to "refresh" your rank. You don't need to win, if you just want to AFK those games, you totally can (if you do, try to go in Solo Ranked).
- Monthly Rival : The easiest part of this achievement. You simply need to complete the rival event, this means that you simply have to complete a lap without any fault. You can drive at 15 kmh/mph, it doesn't matter. You just need to do a clean lap. What does this mean ? Do not hit walls, do not get out of the circuit, do not rewind. It's that simple. The Rival event usually takes around 2 minutes to be completed.
- Horizon Story : You need to get every star from the Story (e.g. 10 missions = 30 stars). Be aware of the goals you need to beat to get the 3 stars while selecting the mission.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Now, let's go deep into the seasonal events :
- Weekly Challenge : This event consists of 4 steps. The 1st step is always to drive the requested car, so you'll need to own it and drive it outside. The following steps will require you to do certain tasks. Those tasks are usually similar to the daily challenges, so for specific steps, just find it below on the daily challenges tips. The only important part here, is that you have to complete those steps while using the weekly car. To see the exact progression for those steps (example : Win 3 Street events), you can go into the Forzathon menu by clicking on the weekly challenge button. This way you can see the progress for your current challenge, and also the 3 active daily challenges.
- Daily Challenges : 72 hours. 3 days. Be sure to always come to complete them everytime you log into your console/PC. This is what can fail this achievement the most easily. Forgetting one, and it's over until next serie. For any of those challenge, you can find a tip in the list at the bottom of this guide.
- The Trial : PvE event, with online players. You have to team up with random teammates against AIs in UNBEATABLE difficulty. This is totally doable. In this guide comment section, you can share/find builds recommended by other players for this challenge. Sometimes you'll fail with randoms, sometimes you'll win. As long as you do your best, it will work.
- The Playground (Arena) : PvP event. Certainly the worst part here. At least, you have the whole week to get this. As it's PvP, you'll have to face other players, that might be teamplaying (that's the goal honestly), and that might be better than you. Your best hope is to get on this kind of player team. Even if you were the best driver in the world, if your teammates are trash, you're gonna lose.
- PR Stunts : Usually, Drift zones don't happen as seasonal PR Stunts, but it can happen, so you'll most likely have to face Danger signs, Speed Traps and Speed Zones. I made builds available for everyone for any circumstance, but you'll also require skill. Do not forget that rewinding can help you a lot here. In my opinion, it's not a difficult part, because it's short to complete, but you need the right car, and some stunts might be awful to beat. Winter season will crush your dreams so don't give up, as the snow will drastically affect the way you'll behave on those stunts. A simple Speed Trap/Danger sign can be way harder is the asphalt gets covered in snow, but this does not mean that you require offroad tires. I have higher Speed trap records with my best cars that don't have offroad tires than with slower cars that have offroad tires. In any case, try everything you can. X999 builds are the key (except for drift zones, never)
- Seasonal Championships : 2 restrictions applied on each championships. Usually a PI restriction, that forces you to drive a car from a certain class, and usually a championship restriction, that forces you to play a certain type of car, but this second restriction can change, and can be country related, manufacturer related, or even tune related. Also, same applies for Trial and Playground event, but in those championships, you're alone. And this is why I would recommend you try to find someone to play with you. Because it's a lot easier to complete those championships as a team, than as a single player, due to the way the score works.
- Showcase Remix : Not something really hard, it's usually fun to play. Developpers tend to put that with the idea of bringing something funny/new to these events. One that I remember that was creative, was the Harry Potter showcase, where you drive the Ford Anglia (Harry Potter 2 car from the Weasleys) against the Train. This was creative.


And here we go for every single daily challenge strategy :
- Pass, Double Pass, Triple Pass skills : Best done while starting a race. Race code "".
- Drive for X distance/Reach X speed : Go to the Astmoor Highway, and drive back and forth until you complete it.
- Earn X stars in X PR Stunt : You don't need to do it in one go. Easiest Speed Trap is the Festival Drag Strip Speed Trap. Easiest Speed Zone is .... Easiest Drift Zone is .... Easiest Danger Sign is ....
- Drift or E-Drift skills : Drive a bit fast, then steer while pressing A. Should not be a problem at any point. For longer drifts, just get a higher speed/distance
- Drafting skills : Best to do it while starting a race. Race code "". Simply follow a car, don't go too fast to avoid crashing, and keep following it until you get it

El LuigiThank you
Posted by El Luigi on 26 Sep 19 at 04:21
oscarolim"In fact, people that 100% a serie between 7 to 12 earned the achievement, but people fully completing the serie 13 don't have the achievement unlocked (as a proof, this is currently my case), so there is no way to say if the achievement will work in the future unless the developpers actually know the issue. I'll update in time."

I don't think that's completely accurate. I completed several seasons between 7 and 12 (until they changed from 100% to 80%, then I stopped bothering) and I didn't get the achievement to unlock for me.
Posted by oscarolim on 26 Sep 19 at 08:05
Taras BuriaI wonder will it unlock once I hit 100% on Series 14. Fingers crossed.
Posted by Taras Buria on 26 Sep 19 at 08:32
ZetengeAny tips for "When can I do all the related stuff" - what I mean is:

- Can I do all the stuff on the last day of a season?
- How long are the different activities available?
- When do Dailys expire?
Posted by Zetenge on 26 Sep 19 at 08:52
Taras Buria@Zetenge, Festival Playlist shows remaining time for every challenge, so you won't have any problems checking how much time is left. Just be sure not to miss them since challenges do not become available altogether. As to other activities, you can do them any time during the season. Again, be sure to complete them before the next season, otherwise you won't get the achievement (there is no way to complete missed activities from the previous season). But I recommend you doing multiplayer activities right at the beginning of the season. You will get a higher chance to complete them since more people are playing. As to single-player activities, you are free to compete them whenever you want during a season.
Posted by Taras Buria on 26 Sep 19 at 10:13
Achiev3ments360we need reach 100% in all stations or just reach 80% and we can got it the achievement?
Posted by Achiev3ments360 on 26 Sep 19 at 10:21
pukem0nnthank you for this detailed solution.

i hope Playground figures it out in the 4 weeks the season is running and patches it up so we get the achievement at the end of season 14.
Posted by pukem0nn on 26 Sep 19 at 12:07
DF I Phoenix@El Luigi You're welcome :)
@oscarolim As people already have the achievement, that's my best guess considering the current facts. Also, the 100% requirement dropped to 80% during serie 7 (when the Festival playlist came up), during Winter (3rd out of 4 season). I also did them to 100% at this point, but dropped it to 80% once I could because daily challenges were a real pain.
@Zetenge Updated the solution to add those details :)
@Achiev3ments360 We need 100% in all seasons, I just listed the rewards you get with their percentage too. I edited the solution to explain that
@pukem0nn @Taras Buria I hope we'll not have to wait too long for them, as usually their support is really messy and long. I had to wait 3 months to get an inexistant feedback on a ticket last year, and 3 weeks to get an answer to my last ticket last month.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Sep 19 at 12:56
SiegfriedXIs crap like this that is making me stop playing all xbox exclusives. If you are gonna make an achievement that's a pain to get and take a month of daily play, you have to AT THE VERY LIST be sure it works.

I consider this kind of achievements in title updates and dlcs pointless. Just a thing to make people come back to a game they have alteady completed and do not play anymore. The DLCs were great, but this and that last horrible grind of a title update for horizon 3 should not exist. Or should have come when the game released.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 26 Sep 19 at 16:04
RocketAssassin3So i missed 2 daily challenges. Obviously that means i'm buggered, so right in assuming if it works, I'll have to wait for season 15?
Posted by RocketAssassin3 on 26 Sep 19 at 17:52
Ham Man 89@RocketAssassin3 No. 1st Daily started today. Make sure you are checking them in the playlist page and not the forzathon page.

Do we need to WIN stuff like the Playground Games to make it gold in the playlist? and do we need the top rewards from championships?

The Trial: Summer - Definitely want an AWD Mustang for it.
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 26 Sep 19 at 19:02
DF I Phoenix@Ham Man 89 We need to win everything in the list. I'll drop more tips later, as I just spent 5 hours completing everything for this week and editing this post. For Arena, if you see your team is 4 members or less, leave and launch another match. Better not suffer anymore at some point.
For both Arena and Trial, if the ennemy team already has 2 points and your team don't, leave too, for the same reason.
Yes, you need top rewards from championships (cars/clothes,etc..), so you need to play in the required difficulty.

I've put down everyone of the builds I've used for everything today. Tomorrow I'll upload every footage of it to give visual hints.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Sep 19 at 19:44
WhitestAFI2ICANDo none of the new achieves have tracking with them? Only done the pr stunts so far & monthly rivals but no increase in the pr achieve, encore or perfectionist?
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 26 Sep 19 at 20:09
OneHandStanceWhy didn't you include reaching series 14 of league adventure in summer and monthly rivals clean lap? Are these 2 needed?
Posted by OneHandStance on 26 Sep 19 at 20:10
DF I PhoenixNope, I've only "Encore ?" left as I've instantly unlocked every single other achievement from this update, but so far there's no %age progression on the achievement
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Sep 19 at 20:11
WhitestAFI2ICANDo none of the new achieves have tracking with them? Only done the pr stunts so far & monthly rivals but no increase in the pr achieve, encore or perfectionist?
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 26 Sep 19 at 20:15
DF I Phoenix@OneHandStance I've included them, but not in Summer. I've included them above, as once you complete them, they're done for the whole serie, and yes, both are needed. I'll add more tips later, I need to take a break right now from those 5 hard hours I just spent on FH4
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Sep 19 at 20:18
erod550Good guide, but that 75 Bronco is absolute garbage. Handles terribly off road and rolls super easily. Definitely use something else for the Summer Games challenge.
Posted by erod550 on 26 Sep 19 at 21:28
DF I PhoenixI'll try to do another build tomorrow then, but yeah the Bronco had me rolling many times, yet I won easily with it as it was terribly fast
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Sep 19 at 21:31
OhMyGoth1Can confirm that when I started the season today, I did not get seasonal completion credit for the trial or the playground games (6% each, for a total of 12%). Hopefully they fix this soon and retroactively
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 26 Sep 19 at 22:00
Achiev3ments360i got 82% and 38% after completing all, only remaning 6 daily challenges for 100% i think
Posted by Achiev3ments360 on 27 Sep 19 at 00:50
DF I PhoenixMy theory there, would be that implementing those new achievements was somehow linked to the events you could do offline (I'm not sure though, this might need verification), and offline, the Trial and the Playground game can't be launched. What bothers me here, is that neither you could play Ranked while offline, and probably neither Rivals too, but as they are "monthly" active instead of weekly, the problem might only be linked to the "weekly" events.
If someone having done every possible event for this week (without the daily challenges) could go and check if the percentage somehow evolves, that would be interesting.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Sep 19 at 00:54
pukem0nnthese seasonal playground games make no fun at all. why are they doing this to us? shock
Posted by pukem0nn on 27 Sep 19 at 00:58
DF I PhoenixMaybe because otherwise no one would actually play those ? Since they removed fun arena games from online adventure (Oh, I regret FH2)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Sep 19 at 01:17
pukem0nnbut i can confirm that winning the seasonal playground game does not change your completion percentage, it was 82% before and after winning it, so maybe it's not needed?

but i finished everything except 6 daily forzathon things and it's only 82%, should be higher or not?
Posted by pukem0nn on 27 Sep 19 at 01:21
DF I PhoenixLogically, as before the update, each daily challenge was worth 1%, so we should all be at 94% right now, but 12% are currently missing, and can be 6% each from both Trial and Playground. I'm also at 82% right now, but I'm sure it's a real problem, as in my Festival history, the values I had changed. The proof is on Serie 11, I had the Stig T-Shirt, and now, when I go to check out, it says I never unlocked it, yet it(s in my clothes. Same happens for many rewards here
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Sep 19 at 01:24
oONeonDemonOoDo we have to do all bonus challenges difficulty or whatever its called in the 3 different championship?
Posted by oONeonDemonOo on 27 Sep 19 at 04:23
WhitestAFI2ICANIs doing the 3 season events listed for this achievement in all 4 seasons going to get me the ‘a creature of habit’ achievement also in this dlc? Hopefully after you’ve done all dailys for a season aswell the achieve tracker will go to 25% maybe
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 27 Sep 19 at 06:00
VrruummI am pretty sure you have to win the Playground Games event. I lost and it isn't golden like the other ones I have completed.
Posted by Vrruumm on 27 Sep 19 at 06:25
White WyvernI'm quite confident its unobtainable as you mentioned above, the online activities aren't counting towards the overall %. There's a thread over on the Forza forums but it hasn't really been noticed yet. I'm still going to finish each season though and hope they fix the scores.
Posted by White Wyvern on 27 Sep 19 at 08:14
Mr Bobbitto1 like isn't enough. Holy hell, thank you for the effort!
Posted by Mr Bobbitto on 27 Sep 19 at 10:22
WELL DONE BAKUYou can see all 4 of the weekly forzathon criteria at the start of the month if you want to add them to the guide. I'll come back later and update this comment with them for you. UPDATE BELOW

2014 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
One Wrecking Ball skill
Total 1 Million skill score
Drive for 8 Miles

2016 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4
Win 2 Road Circuit Events
Earn 5 Pass Skills
Earn 12 Stars from PR Stunts

2018 McLaren Senna
3 Slingshot Skills
Win 5 Road Series Events
Drive faster than 208mph/335kmh
Posted by WELL DONE BAKU on 27 Sep 19 at 11:07
Calex dEUSAnyone else having problems joining / finding online adventure games?
Posted by Calex dEUS on 27 Sep 19 at 11:23
INMATEofARKHAMPlayground games? Fuck it! I don't need/want the achievement that bad!
Posted by INMATEofARKHAM on 27 Sep 19 at 14:54
Ham Man 8982% after doing everything yesterday. Login today and do the daily. now at 83%. so 1% for each daily (will i get 12% for doing all the dailies? I dont think so). I think they're patch needs a patch... roll
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 27 Sep 19 at 15:15
Mr Bobbitto1 like isn't enough. Holy hell, thank you for the effort!
Posted by Mr Bobbitto on 27 Sep 19 at 15:38
Calex dEUS@Ham Man 89 yeah same 83% now today for Season Progress. Series progress is 38%
Posted by Calex dEUS on 27 Sep 19 at 15:50
ZalexzyPlayground games. Ultimately boring, and takes way too long. Not to mention game likes to put me team with less players than opponents. cry
Posted by Zalexzy on 27 Sep 19 at 15:55
ZalexzyJust now I was in 5 vs 4 team, all opponents quit. Golden. toast

Edit: golding playground games did not increase %
Posted by Zalexzy on 27 Sep 19 at 16:07
mindkiller76If do the online adventure on the last season, will it increase percentages for previous seasons?
Posted by mindkiller76 on 27 Sep 19 at 17:33
DF I Phoenix@oONeonDemonOo Yes, you have to complete on the highest difficulty to complete the Playlist event
@WhitestAFI2ICAN I'll add what achievements you can get by doing "Encore ?"
@Vrruumm Yup, you have to win the PG event, as you'll not get the reward for it, thus not getting the gold too
@Dalek Legion Nice to know there's at least a thread there. Could you possibly link it there so I can add it to the top of the achievement ?
@Mr Bobbitto I enjoyed this game so much in so many aspects, I guessed it was my time to pay back the community to let them enjoy it too. It's definitely not a hard game for me, as I've been playing racing (and Forza) games for the last 15 years (FM1 on OG Xbox), so I needed to do my best toward people that don't have my experience, as I hope the same would happen on other genre games
@WELL DONE BAKU I still need to fill those, and the Daily Challenges too, but I'm going to do it soon, as I had things to do IRL before ^^
@Calex dEUS Yeah, I had some issues for both Playground and Ranked, but try some times, and if it doesn't work, go do something else or relaunch the game
@INMATEofARKHAM I think that's the worst part to do, and I usually do it last, as I know I won't get the gold on first try, but try to optimise your chances : There's always 1 team on both that win, 50% chance it's yours, so don't lose hope, and if you see your team getting screwed, leave early to throw another game
@Ham Man 89 Yeah, the dailies are only worth 1%, so in all guesses here, it's related to the Trial and Playground games (which sucks even more as people hate that ^^)
@mindkiller76 I can not confirm, but it should. Yet, I won't take the risk, so do it at your own risks

Also, remember everyone, I've uploaded my livestream (4h30) of me completing everything for this season, if you need any help towards any event. I used every build listed in the guide
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Sep 19 at 17:52
OhMyGoth1For those who are wondering, the way the percentages *should* work can be found on the FH4 support FAQ:

Basically, this says that the playground games and trial should be 6% each (12% total) which is exactly what we're all missing.

On their known issues page, they acknowledge completion % problems, but specifically only in past seasons, not the current one...
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 27 Sep 19 at 18:16
the JeffreyTMThe playground modes are complete garbage. Do I have to win for it to count? Because I get past the flag mode and half of my team just leaves. Idk how I’m supposed to win one of these besides just getting lucky.
Posted by the JeffreyTM on 27 Sep 19 at 19:25
Ham Man 89@OhMyGoth1 - They do finally have issues listed for Series 14 but have not specified that its the Trial & PG. If we've found that out, I would hope they have by now.

@the JeffreyTM - Yes you need to WIN everything.
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 27 Sep 19 at 19:26

So that means what exactly? We need to play the Playground games up to 3 times?
Posted by Bacavoit on 27 Sep 19 at 20:15
DF I Phoenix@Bacavoit No, currently the way the percentage works is broken, and we don't get credit for completing Trial and Playground. Just complete them once (win obviously), and wait until they fix it.

Can anyone check if they can retrieve a code for creating a custom race ? I just created a route for today's daily challenge, and I'm unable to get the sharing code
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Sep 19 at 20:26
Ham Man 89@DF I Phoenix - I made a test event and was getting an error on code retrieval. The event was also not in my creative hub. I then played it again from its starting point (not testing). then checked my creative hub again. event was there and code was populated. Maybe just an upload time to server thing?
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 27 Sep 19 at 20:51
BacavoitAhh I see, thank you!
Posted by Bacavoit on 27 Sep 19 at 20:53
DF I Phoenix@Ham Man 89 I think my creative hub has issues, as it says I've shared 39 events BP, but I only count 15 when I click on it :'(
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Sep 19 at 21:43
Mr Bobbitto1 like isn't enough. Holy hell, thank you for the effort!
Posted by Mr Bobbitto on 27 Sep 19 at 21:46
SDREW44I am at 38% And 83%. With everything done apart from 5 daily challenges.

Took about 4 hours to do.
Posted by SDREW44 on 27 Sep 19 at 21:49
wookieepuppyThis achievo is to complete EVERYTHING in a festival playlist.

Your % does not need to show 100%.

You just need to complete 100% of the activities in the festival playlist.

At the moment if you complete EVERYTHING in each season you will max out at 88%. This is an error on PG Games' side.

However, you do NOT NEED to attain 100% only need to COMPLETE EVERYTHING , so having 88% is OK for the purposes of getting this achievo.

******** NOTE: Hopefully Playground Games will resolve this % error though, because if you were to complete everything in a season and the % was to only reach 79%, then that is a problem for the other achievo that requires you winning all 8 prize cars in a festival playlist, in which you need 80% completion figure********
Posted by wookieepuppy on 27 Sep 19 at 22:10
Opus TakiSurely it all depends on the criteria used for determining whether everything is completed? It could be the events themselves, the seasonal percentages, or the festival playlist percentage. Tracking any of those could be the trigger for the achievement.
From the description I'd assume the Festival Playlist % would be the obvious way to track the achievement progress.
Posted by Opus Taki on 28 Sep 19 at 00:42
DF I Phoenix@wookieepuppy Well yes, but actually no. In fact, I did complete everything during Serie 13, but due to the title update getting deployed 2 days before its end, every single of my series (including previous since serie 7) got bugged as well. Therefore, I can confirm that completing everything will not unlock the achievement as it did not unlock mine for Serie 13. The programmed requirement, is to reach 100% completion on the Festival Playlist/Serie.

@Opus Taki You're exactly right.

I don't know how the game is programmed, or which langage is used (I would go for C++ as most games on XBOne are done with it), but in Python (my dev' langage), there would be two ways of doing so :
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Roughly this is how it's done
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 01:07
DF I PhoenixI can't put a poll, but I want to know : Do you guys want my online tunes as well ?
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 01:59
wookieepuppyAAh, yes I see..............but we should not give up hope: so long as we do complete everything, even if we get 88% total, in THE FUTURE (when PG Games are sure to fix this mess) we will retro-actively unlock the achievo and nobody will have to die a slow horrible death.
Posted by wookieepuppy on 28 Sep 19 at 02:40
DF I Phoenix@wookieepuppy I'm sure the future updates will fix this achievement, because as far as I know, they do their best toward fixing achievements (except the Barn find on Blizzard Mountain DLC for Horizon 3....4 hours wasted to do another save). It will fix everything and people will unlock the previous reward. Yet, I'm not sure that nobody will die to a slow horrible death huehuehue x)

Also, the irony is that this title update.....actually included a way to patch issues toward bugged series scores ! They even included a troubleshoot that does actually nothing but ruin the old series percentage ! "Let's celebrate the first anniversary of this game by...breaking its leg !" Yay ! x)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 03:01
NapalmNikoThis guide is awesome :) but the achievements are boring as f.....
Posted by NapalmNiko on 28 Sep 19 at 07:40
Fuzzmeister JFinding a trial without 4/6 team mates that stay in the back is tough.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 28 Sep 19 at 12:45
FairPowerHey guys just leaving a tip if it hasn't been said already. For the championships. If you're struggling with the difficulty a bit. Try coop. You'll find a lot of really good guys that will help you win 👍😁
Posted by FairPower on 28 Sep 19 at 13:10
DF I Phoenix@NapalmNiko Thanks ! But yeah, it's kinda annoying for some reason. Honestly, when the TU deployed, I unlocked 11/12 achievement instantly because I've invested myself a lot in the game, but I understand many people didn't do such
@Fuzzmeister J Well, if it happens, don't bother wasting time, just leave early and find a better team
@FairPower I wrote it in the General Tips section, but I guess there's a bit too much information on this guide haha x) Also, playing in coop makes the goal easier due to the required positions to win
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 13:19
MrNoLuckFoxSo. There is a lot of information in this...

Do I have to win everything? I hear this stuff about percentages and like 80-100%.

I haven't done this prior. I'm doing series 14. It's summer. Do I have to 100% everything???
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 28 Sep 19 at 14:36
ChrisAldin@MrNoLuckFox Yes, unfortunately we do have to get 100%. So you'd need everything on the Festival Playlist checked off or "gold". This means you'll also have to play on Highly Skilled and win all seasonal championships in this menu in order to earn all rewards. People are saying the achievement is earned when the menu reads 100%, and it is not earned by directly completing all activities. The issue is, for the moment, The Trial and Playground Games aren't counting towards the percentage, meaning the max we can earn is 88%. Hopefully they fix this before the season is over.
Posted by ChrisAldin on 28 Sep 19 at 15:12
DF I Phoenix@MrNoLuckFox The worst part is that you have to do daily challenges, that only stay active for 72 hours, meaning you have less than 24 hours to complete the first daily challenge "Do a Landscaping skill" if it's not already done. If you miss it, you'll not get the achievement this month. It's almost like you have to log on every day for a whole month
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 16:10
Calex dEUSEasy spot for the airborne pass today is Quarry cross country circuit, you should get it on the first jump if you drop the drivertar difficult y
Posted by Calex dEUS on 28 Sep 19 at 16:27
DwaggieniteThe Mudkickers 4X4 circuit is really good for the airborne pass too.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 28 Sep 19 at 19:32
MrNoLuckFoxThank you for the quick clarification.
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 28 Sep 19 at 21:29
darkavenger786Is this basically do everything in one season?
Posted by darkavenger786 on 28 Sep 19 at 21:32
DF I Phoenix@darkavenger786 It's more like Do everything in one month (4 seasons)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 22:08
darkavenger786And you must get 100% on all 4 seasons within the month?
Posted by darkavenger786 on 28 Sep 19 at 22:10
DF I PhoenixExactly ! Although, with this current update, there's an issue that doesn't let anyone reach 100% anywhere. The Trial and Playground games doesn't give credit for completing them. You still have them shown as done, but you won't get an increase in your percentage. For now, everyone crosses their fingers to hope the situation gets unstuck soon, and that what we're currently doing is worth it
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 22:17
DF I PhoenixWell, I'll face some difficulties to share special races made to get certain skills, as for no reason, the game won't allow me to share any my created route blueprints/codes. I'll have to stick with standard races then. Updating daily challenges tips
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 22:38
WhitestAFI2ICANFor the championship 3 do you recommend to use just the standard car no tune? Also do you help out in coop at all? Really struggling with the seasonals, I’m just so bad at driving it’s unreal
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 28 Sep 19 at 22:43
VoicelessMidgetI think I’ve done all I can for the time being. Just want to confirm after doing today’s daily challenge(airborne) we are at 39% for festival and 84% for summer season, is this correct?
Posted by VoicelessMidget on 28 Sep 19 at 23:28
darkavenger786For the seasonal championship, do you need to get the event awards to or just complete the event?
Posted by darkavenger786 on 28 Sep 19 at 23:31
DF I Phoenix@WhitestAFI2ICAN As there are only 3 Shelbys in the game, and one of them is Car Pass only, there's only 2 remaining. One that cost 2,1M CR and one that cost 8M CR. The 8M CR could get a tune, but the 2,1M CR one can't as it's already a B-700 car, which is the PI limit for the championship. I can make a build for the 8M CR if you want, but I don't have that car yet, so... I can buy it, but even on the auction house, it sells at 6-7M CR :(
I can help you in coop, just send me a message/invite on Xbox and I'll do my best to help if I'm available :)

@VoicelessMidget I confirm 39% for the Festival and 84% for the Summer, with everything done and 3 daily challenges completed.

@darkavenger786 Get the rewards, that's the only way to get the event "golded" in your festival event list. And I mean, getting the rewards is kinda the original goal of these events ^^
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 23:38
darkavenger786I'm screwed then. Have never been able to do that
Posted by darkavenger786 on 28 Sep 19 at 23:39
DF I Phoenix@darkavenger786 Need help ?
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 28 Sep 19 at 23:53
VoicelessMidgetI think I’ve done all I can for the time being. Just want to confirm after doing today’s daily challenge(airborne) we are at 39% for festival and 84% for summer season, is this correct?
Posted by VoicelessMidget on 29 Sep 19 at 00:03
I Ebon Hawk IWhen I go to Ranked playlist, the game says I need to complete 10 adventures in ranked team games to get ranked. In ranked free for all I only need 1 game. Do I have to complete 10 ranked adventures in each season for a total of 40? Don’t really want to do that...
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 29 Sep 19 at 03:40
SDREW44No. Just do the 1 ranked game.
Posted by SDREW44 on 29 Sep 19 at 03:42
DF I Phoenix@I Ebon Hawk I Nope, you only need to rank this season, this means you only have to have a MMR rank in only one ranked mode ! Do not bother with what the playlist button says, it was never updated since they added Solo and Drift ranked. You can just play your lone game of Solo ranked, earn a MMR rank and it will complete the objective ! You can do such for every season (that's what I did since serie 7, and it helps a lot knowing we only have to do 1 match)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 04:39
DF I PhoenixUPDATE :
I uploaded video for Rivals and Remix. The remaining events are on the way (I need to sleep haha ^^).
Also, due to some demand, I added an alternate build for the Shelby championship, but the car is too expensive in my opinion. I'm broke now, just spent 16 million today :(

And just in case some of you didn't notice, I also added an alternate build for the playground games. And to be honest, I prefer this alternate build after completing the playground games 3 times for now

Oh and lastly, I added daily challenge tips / custom races to achieve them the easiest way possible
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 04:51
WhitestAFI2ICANThank you for offering to help Phoenix, finally got it done with a random. Anyone else struggling with the seasonals, just keep trying coop. There’s a lot of pros on this game who’ll carry you, but it can take a while to find people when searching. Also anyone who needs credits badly, or wants that expensive Shelby Phoenix mentioned, try eBay. You can get like 50 million credits for a £1/$1
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 29 Sep 19 at 07:44
Calex dEUSI was able to get it done with the 2mil shelby and sell it for my money back afterwards, the tune I used was called something like easy season or similar, you'll see it there are only a handful of tunes there for it.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 29 Sep 19 at 10:52
DF I Phoenix@Calex dEUS Honestly, I tried every possible upgrade for the 2M Shelby Cobra, and the only upgrade you can get that doesn't get you above B-700 is the differential upgrade. And the differential only does something when you milimeter tune it, but without any other upgrades, the difference should be almost inexistant, so I'm sure you would have won the same without this tune ^^
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 11:43
Fuzzmeister JThe Atom 500 and offroad tune is hot garbage. I used my Ultima Evolution and full speed side swiped the corners and got first with ease. :p
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 29 Sep 19 at 13:31
Unky KyFor the daily challenge... You list a custom race tune but not the track..? How do I know which track it is? Thanks.
Posted by Unky Ky on 29 Sep 19 at 13:58
DF I Phoenix@Fuzzmeister J The Atom 500 should not be brought to S2-998 honestly, but it was the cheapest car for this event. The first race is also garbage and I was never able to finish 1st here with this setup, but the next 2 races were clean.
The Renault offroad build is one of the most decent you can get, as it's limited to C-600, which does not allow a lot of modifications, including the tires and the transmission.

@Unky Ky You don't need the track, you only need the code. You go on the blueprint list, you enter the code, and it will automatically find the custom blueprint and bring you there, no matter where you're standing. A friend confirmed me it's how he accessed it, because for some reason the file won't appear in my creative hub
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 14:26
Unky Ky@DF I Phoenix thank you.
Posted by Unky Ky on 29 Sep 19 at 14:29
DF I Phoenix@NapalmNiko That's why it's the worst event there :/ Keep trying until you find an ennemy team that leaves
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 14:39
Catatonic NaliHonesty I was surprised at how easy the Rivals event was. The thought of Unbeatable drivatars and having to rely on other players being good sounded real daunting but it turned out to be real easy. I even came first in one of the races and usually I come dead last in online races.
Same with beating the Highly Skilled drivatars in the seasonal championships. Sounded super hard but actually wasn't too bad. At least you can rewind here and "perfect" your race.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 29 Sep 19 at 16:43
Catatonic NaliI'll agree that the playground games event sucks and is the most difficult one in my experience. I've tried it 6 times now and every time it's started with a flag rush game with me on the defending side. I guess people don't like defending first because somebody always quits and then you're screwed once the teams are uneven.
The only upside is that there doesn't seem to be any penalty for quitting so the strategy ends up being restart until you're on the attacking team and the other team all quit.
I'm just hoping that you get credit for the win if the entire opposing team quit out.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 29 Sep 19 at 16:50
DwaggieniteThere's seasonal stuff in the Lego speed champions and fortune island DLCs. Check you've done those, too.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 29 Sep 19 at 16:52
DF I Phoenix@Catatonic Nali Yeah, when the series were first introduced you didn't get credit, but it was quickly fixed because too many people left early. And to be honest, when the score is 2-1 and you're in 1vs4 for example, that's a waste of time to stay. The "win rate" is more based on who's gonna play/endure the event. This is why trying to go with a group isn't a bad idea there, as you'll know you'll have more trustful teammates.

If someone ever need helps, send me a message on Xbox, and if I'm available, I'll answer :)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 16:54
DF I Phoenix@Dwaggienite Completed them to be certain for Serie 13 and it didn't matter at any point. This is precised somewhere in this block of a guide. The only reason to go on DLCs for seasonal stuff, is the PR Stunt of Lego DLC that rewards a Super Wheelspin. Nothing more
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 16:55
ScorchPSOHas anybody reached out to check with them if they intend to fix the % or not? :)
Posted by ScorchPSO on 29 Sep 19 at 19:48
InsaneFlameDF I Phoenix, thanks alot for this.

Solution has been spot on and the car selections and tunes have been invaluable so far.
Posted by InsaneFlame on 29 Sep 19 at 21:13
FairPowerThanks for all the work you put into the guide Phoenix. I've mostly been reading the comments to find out why I don't have 100%. Let's hope there's an additional event on the last week that affects the score? Maybe? Really hope this ain't all for nothing.

As I've seen mentioned above. If you're struggling with the races on the difficulties required. Use Coop. You'll find someone eventually they'll carry you 😊 I had to do this for one race.
Posted by FairPower on 29 Sep 19 at 21:45
DF I Phoenix@ScorchPSO I sent a ticket to Forza support for another issue, but I guess as always on their support, I'll have to wait for an answer

@InsaneFlame You're welcome, I'm glad you like my effort/setups :) I'm doing my best to help as I have 15+ years of experience on racing games, and this one clearly melted my heart. I like it so much I had to share my experience to everyone

@FairPower No problem :) You don't have 100% because the Trial and the Playground games events don't currently give credit for their completion as they usually do. At the end of the week, you'll have reached 88% for the season, meaning there's 12% left (6% for Trial + 6% for Playground). We just need to wait for a fix and it'll be great. Nothing else will help for this
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Sep 19 at 23:46
craig killed yaHow do the custom race code work? I can't work out where you input the codes tried under custom events but no events are found
Posted by craig killed ya on 29 Sep 19 at 23:55
Ham Man 89@craig killed ya

cn_start >> cn_RB to Creative Hub >> cn_A on Blueprint Events >> cn_back to search >> cn_LSu then cn_A to enter code
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 30 Sep 19 at 01:22
JohnnieMonkey@Fuzzmeister J Thanks for that. Much easier in the Ultima. I couldn't keep that Atom on the road to save my life. Spun out at every turn, and one little bump sends you a mile off track. 😄
Posted by JohnnieMonkey on 30 Sep 19 at 03:13
I Ebon Hawk II did the Shelby championship with the 8m CR Daytona Coupe. With that, I destroyed the AI on highly skilled with Phoenix’s build. Did anyone manage to do it in the regular 2m Shelby?
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 30 Sep 19 at 03:20
Denik Fortes BRWhat a great guide, congrats. I'm here geting tips everyday as I'm trying to do this s#!
I'm worried about the money, spend too much just for one season, still 3 to go.
Posted by Denik Fortes BR on 30 Sep 19 at 03:41
Throni360I did it with the 2m Shelby. Used a tuning called "seasonal street" which was in the recs. It's not easy because the car "swims" but it can be done with the occasional rewind.
Posted by Throni360 on 30 Sep 19 at 08:41
NMANOZI did it with the stock $2m Shelby.
Posted by NMANOZ on 30 Sep 19 at 14:27
DF I Phoenix@I Ebon Hawk I I did it with both, but I guess I don't count for your answer, right ? haha

@Denik Fortes BR Thanks ! For the money, I don't have a lot of tips. You might have some valuable cars to sell in the auction house (for example, the 2018 Honda Civic is worth 2 million to sell). Or you could focus on wheelspins. I recently opened the wheelspins that waited for me (because you can't open them if your garage is full), and 132 wheelspins + 16 super wheelspins later = +7 million CR. Especially with the fact that now you can sell duplicates directly from the wheelspins for half their value. Lastly, you could do long races, like maybe 3 laps of goliath for ~25 minutes with a FE car that has a Credit Boost (Reventon FE or Alfa 8C FE, or Pagani Zonda R FE if you are VIP)

@Throni360 Actually, the builds you'll get on the 2M Shelby are just pointless, as you can only change one part (differential) without changing the car PI to A. This means you would have beat it the same way with the stock tune
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 30 Sep 19 at 14:37
VrruummSo my Ranked Online Adventure activity in the Summer playlist is now locked instead of saying complete (Sept 30). Was wondering if anyone else has had this happen.
Posted by Vrruumm on 30 Sep 19 at 14:43
Bacavoit@I Ebon Hawk I

Yep, I used regular 2m Shelby without a problem no tunes or anything, straight from the shop.
Posted by Bacavoit on 30 Sep 19 at 15:07
oO NiGhTbAsE OoSo I started this today, and it says a few of the Forzathon daily challenges have expired. Does that mean I'll have to wait until the next monthly playlist starts before I can get this achievement now?
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 30 Sep 19 at 17:10
Ham Man 89@oO NiGhTbAsE Oo = If you didnt login and get thursdays daily complete before reset sunday, You missed it and have to wait till next month/series.

@ppl needing money = YMMV but someone bought my 1984 Honda Civic CRX Mugen for 8mil on auction house. You can get it from championship this week and test your luck on auction house.
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 30 Sep 19 at 17:24
oO NiGhTbAsE OoWell if this wasn't the most bullshit update for a game, I don't know what is. I used to enjoy Forza. Adding achievements that are so easily unobtainable/missable and require you to play almost daily for an entire month like you have no life. That's bullshit man.
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 30 Sep 19 at 17:54
oO NiGhTbAsE Oo@snow Marley. Ignore it. You just have to have all the activities completed. Aslong as they have turned gold and say complete. I wouldn't worry. There should be a patch to fix the percentage tracker, Turn 10 know about it.
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 30 Sep 19 at 18:13
oO NiGhTbAsE Oo@snow Marley The completion percentages aren't tracking correctly. So don't worry about it aslong as you have everything gold and it says complete there is nothing else you can do. If you look at recent winners, people are still unlocking this interesting to know if their stats said 100% for every season at the time of popping it.
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 30 Sep 19 at 18:26
Snow Marleytoast
Posted by Snow Marley on 30 Sep 19 at 18:37
darkavenger786So end of the week should be 88% for summer and 39% for festival, correct?
Posted by darkavenger786 on 30 Sep 19 at 22:45
darkavenger786Also, these 2 achievements haven't unlocked for me:

Forza Horizon 4A Creature of HabitThe A Creature of Habit achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 68 pointsComplete all Seasonal Championships in a Festival Playlist Series.

Forza Horizon 4Stunt PullerThe Stunt Puller achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 62 pointsComplete all Seasonal PR Stunts in a Festival Playlist Series.
Posted by darkavenger786 on 30 Sep 19 at 22:55
Throni360You have to do them for all 4 seasons.
Posted by Throni360 on 30 Sep 19 at 23:00
darkavenger786Ah, thanks buddy smile
Posted by darkavenger786 on 30 Sep 19 at 23:04
Snow Marley
So end of the week should be 88% for summer and 39% for festival, correct?
That's how it is for me. Is the same for you?
Posted by Snow Marley on 01 Oct 19 at 06:40
erod550Pretty sure the transmission on the $2M Shelby can be swapped out too because stock it only has 4 gears and with a tune it has 5 and a much higher top speed. It's definitely doable stock though, just a little bit easier with the gearing changes.

I also stopped by to check on the percentages and I really hope it doesn't require 100% and become unobtainable and we don't find out until we finish the entire month. :\
Posted by erod550 on 01 Oct 19 at 07:42
Stig AssassinJust to make absolutely sure there wasn't some weird hidden requirement, I've played "The Trial" to death. Taking first place (individually) in all 3 rounds, completing every round with the AI at 0, and winning the DLC versions of the Trial all do nothing to boost the percentage. Had to try anything I could think of just in case it would do the trick.
Posted by Stig Assassin on 01 Oct 19 at 09:18
NoHeroes94I can't do this until December (possibly even January) due to a mix of holiday and November being too busy w/ other AAA's, but some questions

1) If 100% the Horizon Festival Playlist Summer - Autumn for this achievement, should I automatically get all other achievements not tied to Top Gear & Car Files?

2) Is "all" I need to do is be on the winning side vs. the AI for Trial and for the Festival Playground Games 4 times in a row (once a week/season) to fulfil those respective events? The rest seems all offline, which I should be able to do with perseverance.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 01 Oct 19 at 12:01

1) Yes.

2) Yes.
Posted by Skrubits on 01 Oct 19 at 13:46
DF I Phoenix@Vrruumm As of Oct 1st, it's not locked, it still shows as completed.

@oO NiGhTbAsE Oo Sadly you'll have to wait until next month. I don't know if I'll do a guide for serie 15 because that's a lot of work, but I hope to do so if more people are in your situation (I hope my oncoming job will not block me from doing it though). But as currently the achievement is "Partially Unobtainable" (should update flag), you might not be missing something.

@Snow Marley As written on the guide, there's currently an issue that makes Trial and Playground not giving credit towards the percentage. We hope for it to be fixed soon.

@darkavenger786 88% for Summer I think and 39-40 for Festival (can't tell for now if Dailies are gonna make it reach 40 or not). For both achievements, you'll earn them at the end of the Festival Playlist, meaning you have to complete the 12 PR Stunts and the 12 Championships from the Serie (3 each season)

@erod550 What you're saying is interesting, I'll go take a look if there's a chance to downgrade stuff to apply the clutch modification

@Stig Assassin Thanks for confirming that, I'll add it to the guide

@NoHeroes94 The only "Online" part required are "Trials","Playgrounds","Ranked" and eventually "Rivals" as it can't be done if servers are offline, due to the goal of the gamemode (yet, you're alone there and it only takes 1-2 minutes, and it's required once per month, so, doesn't really count ^^)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Oct 19 at 14:15
DF I PhoenixShelby Cobra (2,1M CR) build added. I'm sorry for not figuring this one out earlier. It looks like upgrading the clutch to its first upgrade somehow reduced the car PI, unlocking the 5th gear, and also giving margin for small additions, such as dampers or differential. I completed the seasonal championship a 3rd time to be sure it works, and yeah, it works. Though, I did not remember the car was so slippy, so be cautious with it
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Oct 19 at 14:52
SDREW44I just had an update for the game.

My season is now at 99% with 1 daily challenge left! smile
Posted by SDREW44 on 01 Oct 19 at 20:46

Going to update now, thanks for the heads up!
Posted by Bacavoit on 01 Oct 19 at 21:00
DF I PhoenixOh ! This sounds interesting, gonna check this out soon
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Oct 19 at 21:06
BacavoitIt's working now!

99% Summer season and I think my Festival Playlist went up 3%
Posted by Bacavoit on 01 Oct 19 at 21:12
HieronimusSame for me smile Let's hope the achievement really unlocks at the end of the series.
Posted by Hieronimus on 01 Oct 19 at 21:14
DwaggieniteGood news. Patch is out. I'm at 98%. Time to do the dailies :)
Posted by Dwaggienite on 01 Oct 19 at 22:05
darkavenger786I'm at 98% too
Posted by darkavenger786 on 01 Oct 19 at 22:12
DF I PhoenixI'm at 99% (last daily required to 100%). But, I've completed the Series 13 to 100% and...nothing. I'm gonna add pictures about reaching 100% for people to see what they need to reach
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Oct 19 at 23:21
Bacavoit100% and it did not unlock facepalm
Posted by Bacavoit on 02 Oct 19 at 14:33
Ham Man 89@Bacavoit - Need to do all seasons in the series... Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. RB/LB to see these in the Festival Playlist.
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 02 Oct 19 at 14:36
BacavoitI guess the "single" got me tripping.

Thank you!
Posted by Bacavoit on 02 Oct 19 at 14:37
Calex dEUS100% for me now too in summer, 3 weeks to go cry

At lest they got the patch out before the end of this season, thats taken the stress out of it for me.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 02 Oct 19 at 18:01
BlackTrackZI swear to god if I have to play the stupid playground games one more time....

7 times now.

Big thanks to DF I Phoenix who helped me win by inviting me to play on his team. Summer is now 100 %
Posted by BlackTrackZ on 03 Oct 19 at 03:00
DF I PhoenixPBs added for the Autumn PR Stunts + Tips for the Dailies/Weekly challenges + spoiler zones ready to get the conditions/builds. I'll drop at least 1 build per championship after the season gets there, and I'll probably add 1 more the next day just in case. I'm willing to throw a 3rd build if requested + individual builds for any vehicule (on requests) as I now own every existing vehicule (except Car Pass + Barrett pack + 007 pack)

Oh, and I wasted 30 minutes editing this because "chevrons" aren't accepted by TrueAchievements, which removed my first editing :( (but this only affects my mind, yours are still sane)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 03 Oct 19 at 04:58
Adz85360I missed 3 daily challenges this summer. Will I need to wait for next summer to start on this achievement or is it worth 100% the remainder of the seasons then do summer again in 3 weeks time?
Posted by Adz85360 on 03 Oct 19 at 15:32
DF I Phoenix@Adz85360 I guess it's over for this Serie actually :/ Need to wait for next summer to try again
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 03 Oct 19 at 16:34
DF I PhoenixJust completed everything possible for today. I'm at 94% for Autumn + 60% for Festival if anyone asks.

I'll have to publish other builds for the Dirt + Offroad event, as they're harder than I thought. The ones currently listed made me win, but they are not too easy. Remember, abuse rewind
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 03 Oct 19 at 17:42
Calex dEUSOne of those offroad races was a serious pain in the arse with the AI drivers. Managed it in the warthog on my third attempt.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 03 Oct 19 at 20:40
Fuzzmeister JUsing the Huracan on way to Castelleto is a good way to get your 8 miles. I lucked out with the trial and playground this week. Got both the first try.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 04 Oct 19 at 00:44
crimsonidol38Thanks for the making the suggestions for all those events. Doing the solo-stuff is easy but having proven builds for the Trial and the PlayGround surely helps. :)

This makes you only require to have a bit of luck with team members that won't back out if there's the chance you might lose.
Posted by crimsonidol38 on 04 Oct 19 at 13:25
Catatonic NaliHoo boy the trial in Autumn is rough. I think the main problem is the other players not realising it's going to include off-road driving and picking super powerful S2 cars that can't deal with the dirt. Nothing to do but keep trying until I get a good team.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 04 Oct 19 at 19:36
DF I Phoenix@Calex dEUS The issue with the last race of the offroad championship is that driving on water is not for cars but for boats, and as long as we don't drive boats, this kind of race shouldn't exist ^^

@Fuzzmeister J The Huracan build I uploaded is a S2 Build to help players achieve the million score + 8 miles faster. Even though your idea is great, it'll be then longer to reach those challenges (if you don't swap builds obviously ^^)

@crimsonidol38 I'm here for that ;) If the current builds don't suit you, don't hesitate to tell me ! The Trial build I made was essentially the cheapest, but I'm working on one for the Noble M600 (my current build is Offroad S2-998) so I think it should fit here. Should I add it ?

@Catatonic Nali Yeah, that's probably the worst with this Trial : "Everything Goes". S2 Offroad ? Everything goes ? Nope, not everything goes haha ^^ + the last race doesn't have offroad section, so it's better to have race tires for this one, which ruins the first 2 races. There can't be a perfect build/team so this clearly shows this Trial is "luck-based". At least, not only GTA added a gamble update haha !
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 04 Oct 19 at 19:45
Catatonic NaliThe second race in the trial sucks particularly because there are spots you can easily screw up. Two places early in the lap you can either take a narrow route or a more open way around to the left and I wouldn't risk either of the narrow spots.
On the other side it seems much less risky to take the narrow route through the containers instead of the jumps. It's possible to get t-boned in the middle but from my experience you're more likely to wipe out with an imperfect jump.
On the plus side the drivatars can mess up on these sections and they often get stuck against the side of a container or the concrete tubes. Every time I've done this race there has been at least one drivatar just pushing up against one of these obstacles for half of the race.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 04 Oct 19 at 20:08
Throni360I started the trial with 6 players and 3 left after winning the first one with a small margin and the AI in the second race somehow kind of stopped racing midway through and it was an easy win. The third race was easy thanks to not being offroad. Guess I got lucky.
Posted by Throni360 on 04 Oct 19 at 20:09
BacavoitYeah I had that problem of picking up a rear wheel drive car just to find out in the first race I made a huge mistake. My team made it thought. "Good job guys" dance

For the trial the water part was easy but what complicated it was the rough corners of soil that were like hitting a wall.
Posted by Bacavoit on 04 Oct 19 at 20:15
Catatonic NaliUnlike the playground games the trial can get much easier with less players. The AI have less chances to get points and it's much better to have bad players drop out instead of sitting at the bottom of the pack, both giving team drivatar free points and not earning any for team player.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 04 Oct 19 at 20:17
DF I Phoenix@Catatonic Nali I never go up on the containers on this race, because you lose time/speed. It's best to go through the middle narrowed way honestly, but be sure to drive straight and never hit walls or you'll get dsdrsqs'ed against the wall (this is approximately what your car would do/sound like if you went ragdolling ^^). Though yes, the AIs always screw that part and I even managed to pass the 12,11 and 10th AI by the end of the race.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 04 Oct 19 at 20:35
WhitestAFI2ICANJust came here to say thank you so much to Phoenix! On top of making this awesome guide & suggesting what cars, she helped me for an hour to do the 3 seasonal events. As I’m a complete & utter noob when it comes to racing games, Phoenix ur a legend
Posted by WhitestAFI2ICAN on 04 Oct 19 at 21:41
LagDotComYeah, I just had the "took a supercar to the S2 event" experience but at least I gave the team some points on the third race.

So I take it there's no way for me to get this achievement for another 3 weeks because I wasn't playing the game during the Summer season. What a great idea for an achievement. roll
Posted by LagDotCom on 04 Oct 19 at 21:58
DF I PhoenixAdded a build + a map for today's daily challenge. I'm currently limited by my time, as I'm a bit busy. I'll upload another map + other drift builds later when I'll get back home. I hope you'll be able to get it before though ^^
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 05 Oct 19 at 14:50
BacavoitFor Autumn "Twinkle, Twinkle" go into any road circuit race and change to "New Racer" difficulty. Hold back a bit and in the first 2-3 corners hold the hand brake long enough to trigger a E-Drift skill. As long as you trigger both skills you are good, you don't have to retain the skill points.

For tomorrow's daily "Take the Biscuit" go to the Drag Strip near the Horizon Festival and use the Ferrari 599XX Evo. Don't reve it, wait for the "GO!" to appear and the AI to launch then you launch it. Easy "Triple Pass" in 8 seconds.
Posted by Bacavoit on 05 Oct 19 at 15:21
Throni360For the Offroad Championship: 2016 RJ Anderson #37 Polaris Rockstar Energy Truck. I picked the first tune that was shown (there are several called seasonal) and it was an EASY win on all three races. The truck drives 160-170km/h in the water. No slowdown at all.
Posted by Throni360 on 05 Oct 19 at 19:02
DF I PhoenixOk guys, flawless Showoff build added. Simply use the car + race and you'll have plenty of opportunities in less than 1 minute to get the skill.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 05 Oct 19 at 22:34
Sam PardonAt the time of writing it is now AUTUMN season until friday. Am I correct in assuming that if you did not 100% complete the SUMMER playlist you will have to wait until the next series start?

Or does it rotate the seasons more than once per series?
Posted by Sam Pardon on 06 Oct 19 at 17:00
Throni360You have to wait.
Posted by Throni360 on 06 Oct 19 at 17:30
InsaneFlameA thanks for the Autumn guide and builds. Spot on again. Just waiting for the dailies now.

Look forward to the Winter and Spring builds to finish this off. Keep em coming! smile
Posted by InsaneFlame on 07 Oct 19 at 14:33
DF I PhoenixQuick Dirt Trail race added in this season daily tips, can be done under 10 secondes without any chance the AI beats you

@Sam Pardon Consider a Serie as a Year. In a year, you'll have 4 seasons that will not repeat until next year. The only difference between Serie and Year is that it lasts a month instead of a year

@InsaneFlame You're welcome :) I'll start working on next season tips on Wednesday I think :)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 07 Oct 19 at 16:11
darkavenger786Dirt trial event. Help please?
Posted by darkavenger786 on 07 Oct 19 at 20:15
Bacavoit@darkavenger786 What do you need? Help with what?

If you can't find the event open the map and use the filter. Disable everything and then enable Dirt races. Search around and look for Trial at the end of the title.
Posted by Bacavoit on 07 Oct 19 at 20:24
darkavenger786Never mind. Got it
Posted by darkavenger786 on 07 Oct 19 at 20:25
I Ebon Hawk IHaving some trouble with the triple pass. After I pass the first two cars, the third is already too far ahead for me to get a triple pass. What car did you use for that challenge?
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 07 Oct 19 at 23:38
Bacavoit@ I Ebon Hawk I

The Ferrari 599XX EVO on the drag strip near the Horizon Festival. Scroll up a bit, I shared they way I did it.
Posted by Bacavoit on 07 Oct 19 at 23:40
DF I PhoenixI don't remember exactly, but I used one with a good acceleration. Also, don't try to do it in S2, as other cars might be really fast too.
I'm sure the 575M Maranello build (for the 2nd championship this week) can easily get this, if you still can't have it.

Otherwise, try using my map that I made for the Showoff skill (don't forget to use the Sprite MKI build with it, else it won't work), as at some point in the race, the opponents (trucks) are all stuck somewhere where you can easily get multiple pass skills
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 07 Oct 19 at 23:44
Dokter VI want to try this in Serie 15, the most challenging will be the Daily Challenges for me. But I have a question: is the Daily Challenge from Wednesday in the Summer Season still available on Friday in the Autumn Season?

If yes, if I complete the old Summer Daily Challenge, will the progress in the Summer Season update, while Autumn is already in progress?

If no, what are the best times to complete the Daily Challenges; Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings?
Posted by Dokter V on 08 Oct 19 at 14:08
Throni360The dailies go 72hours.
Posted by Throni360 on 08 Oct 19 at 14:33
DF I Phoenix@Dokter V You can actually complete dailies after the season has changed, if it's still in its 72 hours limit, so yeah, the wednesday challenge can be completed on the next season.

It will normally update, but I can't confirm this, since I haven't risked it myself. Though I remember a friend doing the Ranked in Winter and the progress increased for the Festival and past seasons. As this was in a previous update, it might not work anymore so I can't confirm either.

If your time is very limited, I would say Friday/Saturday for the first set of dailies + the weeklies, then Monday, then Wednesday. But the best days are I think defined by how you plan on completing those, depending on your own time and their difficulty.
Also, if you complete the daily on Thursday with everything else, you'll only have to come back on Sunday and Wednesday
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 08 Oct 19 at 14:46
Dokter V@DF I Phoenix

Thanks for the answer and your thoughts. I'm gonna test it tomorrow evening with the Season change. I will come back with an answer/confirmation!! I can risk it, missed everything so far haha
Posted by Dokter V on 09 Oct 19 at 07:14
NoHeroes94Can anyone confirm when Season 15 starts? Wasn't able to do this in Season 14 as I was on holiday (vacation)

I'm also familiar with the dailies and weeklies, but not the rest. Is 1-2 hours a night reasonable to get everything done (mainly PG, Trial...)

I have a busy month next month but if its a case of an hour or two a day, I'd be fine. If not I'll have to wait until December.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 09 Oct 19 at 07:25
KoldomordorNoHeroes, season 15 begins October 24, You will be fine if you play 1-2hours at nights.
Posted by Koldomordor on 09 Oct 19 at 12:25
DF I Phoenix@Dokter V It will greatly help if you do this ! Also, could you eventually try the same for the end of the season ? Not doing the last challenge for the month and completing it on the Serie 15 to see if it increases Serie 14/Spring ? It would confirm everything

@NoHeroes94 Consider that it took me 4h30 hour to complete the Summer events and 3h30 for the Autumn events (dailies not included). During this time, I took some to create the car tunes and to experiment/restart the cars behavior on those races. So yeah 1-2 hours daily can be easily done. Take in mind that each championship is 15-30 minutes, the Trial too, the Weekly challenge can be done between 10-20 minutes depending on the goal and the PR Stunts can be made under 10 minutes for the three of them. The longest parts here are : The ranked (get qualified right now to only have one game to complete for next series) and the Playground, as you need to win and this is the hardest goal here as you'll face real players.

I'll try my best to offer another working guide next Serie, though I might face some personnal difficulties that won't allow me to be as fast as I do right now to publish everything.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 09 Oct 19 at 14:47
DF I PhoenixAutumn is now 100% : Festival is currently @ 62% for anyone that want to know
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 09 Oct 19 at 14:50
DF I PhoenixWinter is a pain in the *ss so I'll need more time to upgrade the tunes. Doing my best for it right now
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 16:07
Calex dEUSYeah the Carden Creag PR stunt is tricky for me, losing a lot of speed in the mid section in any of the cars I've tried including the Nomad.

EDIT: Got it done in a 2016 Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus, took a few runs south to north to work out how much of the corners I could get away with cutting.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 10 Oct 19 at 16:24
DF I PhoenixI take note of that. Also, the Danger sign build/PB was made out of winter, so I'll have to adjust settings here too
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 16:29
FrostGhilidonUse the f100 for playground games for winter all
Posted by FrostGhilidon on 10 Oct 19 at 16:49
Throni360Got it first try with the Nomad with the old tune. Easy with cutting corners because it has enough grip to not lose much speed.
Posted by Throni360 on 10 Oct 19 at 16:51
the JeffreyTM@FrostGhilidon great call on the F100, decent speed and fantastic handling with the first winter tune I found
Posted by the JeffreyTM on 10 Oct 19 at 17:38
I Ebon Hawk IAny tips for the winter trial guys? Car and tune used? Getting owned by the AI and my team are miles behind.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 10 Oct 19 at 20:18
DF I PhoenixUploading everything needed for this season right now
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 20:32
DF I PhoenixAdded builds for The Trial + the 3 Championships + Playground games + added a map for the 2 Road circuits in the weekly challenge.

Trial + Weekly + Like a boss Championship : Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 '16 (Build : Winter is coming)
Midnight Battle Championship : Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR '08 (Build : S1 dominator)
Down Under Championship : Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350 '73 (Build : Kangaroo king)
Winter Playground games : Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan '55 (Build : Crazy taxi)

Easy/fast Road circuit (can be done in 20 seconds) : Code = 120 220 040

Livestream replay for the session :
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 20:48
cenGii91Erm what exactly are Road Circuits? I did Street Scene (the "illegal" races) and the normal street races but that did not count?

EDIT: Dirt isn't it either.

EDIT2: What are passcodes and where do i enter them? Never heard of that in any Forza Game.
Posted by cenGii91 on 10 Oct 19 at 20:52
Throni360You have to do a circuit. As in a lap. Not point A to B.
Posted by Throni360 on 10 Oct 19 at 21:08
Calex dEUSThe Trial is a fucking shit show, mass pile up at the start and race over pretty much. The Aventador Horizon edition with stock tuning is fine for it if it wasn't for halfwits on your own team.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 10 Oct 19 at 21:16
cenGii91I did, but it did not count for some reason.
Posted by cenGii91 on 10 Oct 19 at 21:19
FrostGhilidonUse the f100 for playground games for winter all
Posted by FrostGhilidon on 10 Oct 19 at 21:40
cenGii91I did, but it did not count for some reason.
Posted by cenGii91 on 10 Oct 19 at 22:01
BacavoitYou have to win the Trails or is it just complete the 3 races?

Also I'm pretty sure that every single time I played Trial my team didn't win yet it is saying Blue Team Wins.
Posted by Bacavoit on 10 Oct 19 at 22:08
DF I Phoenix@cenGii91 The Road Circuits are, as Throni360 said, the races you can have 1 to 50 laps on. The Road ones are the clear blue ones. Not the dark blue (Street), neither the orange (Dirt) neither the green (Offroad). You can see on the race icon if it represents an oval or a road. If it's an oval, there you go.

Race codes are new to the Forza franchise, and were introduced with the latest update (~14 days ago). Those codes let you play the blueprint they're linked to (custom route or not). To search a code, simply go to the start menu > creative hub > blueprint events > search (back button) > share code (the last line), and simply enter the given code, without any spaces. (the spaces are given by the game to help read it, but are not used)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 22:10
DF I Phoenix@Bacavoit You have to win the Trial, this means you have to win 2 out of 3 races during the Trial. If you manage to win the 1st and 2nd race, then you can properly lose the last one. The points don't matter, no matter if you've got 3050 - 600 or 1850 - 1800 as long as you win.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 22:12
SantaUndercoverEdit: I see the solution has already been edited in the mean time :)

Since there are currently some suggestions missing in the solution, here are the cars I used for Winter. I didn't add the tunes. Just choose something that has the max. requirement and something with 'winter' or challenge related in it. They are currently all the first tune you see.

Championship 1 [Street] Like a boss : Centenario LP 770-4 2016 [Lamborghini] - max. 998
Championship 2 [Dirt] Down Under : Torana A9X 1977 [Holden] - max. A 800 / Australia
Championship 3 [Street] Midnight Battle : Mono 2014 [BAC] - max. S1 900 / Track Toys
The Trial Lamborghini Cup : Centenario LP 770-4 2016 [Lamborghini] - max. 998 / +2 million
Playground Games Winter Games : F-100 (Ford) - C600 / Rods & Customs
Posted by SantaUndercover on 10 Oct 19 at 22:24
BacavoitThen something is wrong in my game.

The teams I have been paired with suck, they leave or are just bad. Out of 5 tries I haven't won 2 races yet my Trial is complete, gave me the reward and Im at 94%.
Posted by Bacavoit on 10 Oct 19 at 22:25
DF I Phoenix@SantaUndercover I already suggested everything in the solution, or what do you mean ?

I'll then also add builds for the F100 and Torana A9X as they're requested
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 22:28
DF I PhoenixSometimes the Trial glitches for no reason, and there are unexpected loses/wins. Sometimes it's because a random teammate leaves, but other times, there are no possible reason
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 22:30
pukem0nnthe trial is actually really hard this time around.
just win 1 of the first 2 races. the 3rd race is The Marathon and the Drivatars just crash really hard at the end of the course and everyone gets to overtake them, quite funny.
Posted by pukem0nn on 10 Oct 19 at 22:34
DF I PhoenixThe issue with the Trial (and almost every race) this season, is the fact it's Street racing on snow with fast vehicules. It's a nightmare combination. It's like if there was a Sonic level on ice with 3 meters FOV range
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 22:37
DF I PhoenixAdded builds for the Ford F-100 '56 (Tow mater) and the Holden Torana A9X '77 (Kangaskhan).

Added builds for the Trial (Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 '12, Build name : Tyrese gibson) and builds for the danger sign (this lamborghini + Koenigsegg One:1 '15, Build name : Icy what you did)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 10 Oct 19 at 22:48
cenGii91Wow, new record, completed everything after 9 hours (actually 3-4 hours), but now waiting for Spring Season lol.

Thanks DF I Phoenix, i used all of your tunes in the whole season and have dropped some likes.

BTW: If the players in the playground games leave, you should win. We had 2 Points already and upon starting the third event, the last player of the enemy team left and we got awarded with one additional point making it 3:0 and thus winning the playground games.

Sidenote: I can confirm the Trial seems to be buggy/glitchy. I was last on the first race and when i crossed the finish line it showed me all of the drivatars not finishing the race so every player of my team was awarded 600 points lol. Easy win.
Posted by cenGii91 on 11 Oct 19 at 00:04
ChrisAldinThe Trial this week is absolutely nasty. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage this one.
Posted by ChrisAldin on 11 Oct 19 at 00:11
Bacavoit@cenGii91 where you on the blue team? I think it glitched with a win when I played in the blue team even if we deserved to lose.
Posted by Bacavoit on 11 Oct 19 at 00:35
agord2407Same thing happened to me. I got the win even though we lost. Still got credit for it being completed and even got the car too!
Posted by agord2407 on 11 Oct 19 at 00:38
ChrisAldinSo far I've tried playing through the 3 races 3 times to see if I get lucky with the glitch awarding me wins. Each of the 3 times, I was the last human player still participating. This is NOT fun lol
Posted by ChrisAldin on 11 Oct 19 at 00:57
Fuzzmeister J@Bacavoit: Is that a joke? The trial always has you as blue team...
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 11 Oct 19 at 00:59
BacavoitNot a joke. I somehow confused that with playgrounds lol
Posted by Bacavoit on 11 Oct 19 at 01:01
DF I Phoenix@cenGii91 I'm glad you've completed your season :) Thanks for the likes ;)

@ChrisAldin If you need help, send me a message on Xbox and if I'm available, I'll help you with that ;)

@Fuzzmeister J Not everyone notices this detail honestly. It took me 2 months of playing Rainbow Six Siege to understand that the blue team was always the first attacking ^^
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 11 Oct 19 at 01:04
Fuzzmeister JMy guess on the glitch is that if anyone on your team gets first place, you get the win. I won the last race and was behind by a ton of points and got the win. Still didn't complete the stupid event.

Edit: Another race where a team mate was first and we had fewer points. Still got the win.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 11 Oct 19 at 02:02
BacavoitI was first in the 2nd and 3rd race everytime I played it but the score was in favour of red.
Posted by Bacavoit on 11 Oct 19 at 02:20
Sniper JZA80@Fuzzmeister. I don't think having someone get 1st place triggers the glitch. It just happened now when I ran the trial. We won the first race legit, second race we lost, our team highest placed racer was 3rd but it still awarded us the win. No idea why but I'll take it!

This was the worst trial by far and I hated every minute of my several attempts!
Posted by Sniper JZA80 on 11 Oct 19 at 02:45
Fuzzmeister JWell 2 different attempts gave me the win for having someone first. Looks like still no reason. I will say the championships are pretty chill compared to the trial though.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 11 Oct 19 at 02:50
FrostGhilidonGood grief there are some really bad human drivers in the trials this week, apparently it’s not racing. It’s time for bumper cars and demolition derby angry
Posted by FrostGhilidon on 11 Oct 19 at 04:06
Dokter V@ DF I Phoenix

I can confirm your Progress will be updated in a previous Season, when completing a previous Season Daily Challenge in the new Season.

Did an Autumn Daily Challenge (reach 282 km/h) yesterday evening in Winter Season, and the Autumn percentage went up by 1%. Then did the 3 Great Near Misses and it went up to 2%.
Posted by Dokter V on 11 Oct 19 at 05:51
SchinderdivAgreed with the F100 on playground games, upgrade it to maximum with winter tires and you'll make all the Hoonigan people weep - someone actually messaged me saying that I was in trouble because I was on video winning the last match, haha.

For the Trial, it's a tough one this season. I ended up using a stock '16 LP 750-4 SV, but had to restart probably 5-6 times due to too many people quitting mid-race on the first race. How hard is it to take a damn corner!? Haha. The first race was always a no-win, but If your team can win the second race, the AI make a ton of mistakes on the last race and it really should't be too difficult, provided you have one or two decent teammates.
Posted by Schinderdiv on 11 Oct 19 at 07:26
JohnnieMonkeyI wish I could vote this guide up again every single week. Amazing work. The tunes especially are invaluable. 👍👍👍
Posted by JohnnieMonkey on 11 Oct 19 at 08:42
Calex dEUSThe tune on the Dodge for Midnight Battle is excellent. Took no effort to finish. Haven't tried to others yet.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 11 Oct 19 at 09:07
Saxzor1337Got lucky and won both online events on the first try, just the dailys left now for this season
Posted by Saxzor1337 on 11 Oct 19 at 09:55
DF I PhoenixWe'll have to investigate further about the Trial "glitch", but as it's a buggy+ one, it's not something to worry as the issue we had with the percentage at the beginning of the series haha ^^

@Dokter V Thanks a lot for confirming this ! I'll add it to the guide later today :)

@JohnnieMonkey You just gave me a huge smile :D I'm really glad you enjoy my work/tunes :D

@Calex dEUS I heard a while ago that this car was great (thanks to YouTuber Deoxide) but never used it before. Now I saw it wasn't expensive and suited this championship so I had to work on it :) I'm really satisfied about it either, and I won every race like 15 seconds above the AI in every race with this build ^^

I would also point out a fact about all of you guys, after reading your comments and playing with some of you too : I'm certain you got better at the game, specifically in the playground part, because you started practicing hard weekly for this achievement. I hope "grinding" for this achievement starts to give some of you a really good time playing Forza and that maybe there's a possibility you'll still continue playing it after you 100% it :)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 11 Oct 19 at 10:25
Blue DemonMerci mec pour tous tes efforts 🏆
Posted by Blue Demon#1216 on 11 Oct 19 at 16:49
tjw CENA2000The trial for this season was a major pain! 2-3ish hours later finally beat it. won the fist race, second race the game glitched at the very end, an all of the ai disappeared making us win
Posted by tjw CENA2000 on 11 Oct 19 at 17:52
tjw CENA2000The trial for this season was a major pain! 2-3ish hours later finally beat it. won the fist race, second race the game glitched at the very end, an all of the ai disappeared making us win
Posted by tjw CENA2000 on 11 Oct 19 at 17:58
HieronimusThe Winter Trial is truly terrible. I have no idea how anyone can beat this without the AI glitching out. This alone might stop me from getting 100% on all seasons.
Posted by Hieronimus on 11 Oct 19 at 19:36
BRANIAC1972Winter Trial was hard for me, but I was with a good bunch of random people: nobody quit out. And I think it is important to mention that the AI cars DO make mistakes so keep going in a race even if you feel like you're miles behind. In our last race me finishing ahead of 1 AI car at the back of the field was the difference between us winning the series, and losing it. Everyone has their part to play. Good luck everyone!
Posted by BRANIAC1972 on 11 Oct 19 at 19:46
DF I Phoenix@Blue Demon De rien, je fais ce que je peux pour aider la communauté là où je peux :D

@Hieronimus Just sent you a message on Xbox if you still need help

@ everyone else If some of you can't manage to beat the Trial or any other event, send me a message on Xbox and I'll try to help if I'm available !
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 11 Oct 19 at 20:03
Hieronimus@DF I Phoenix Thank you so much for your help. Back on track to win this annoying achievement again!
Posted by Hieronimus on 11 Oct 19 at 20:58
ChrisAldin@DF I Phoenix I eventually won after finally getting the glitch gifting me and the only other player who stayed a win on the 3rd race. The best advice I can give people is to keep trying (especially after winning the first race) and hope for the glitch!
Posted by ChrisAldin on 12 Oct 19 at 00:01
EDOARDO1Quick question: if I missed Summer this time, I will need to wait until the 24th of October when the new Series starts and play starting from there. Am I right?
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 12 Oct 19 at 01:18
DF I Phoenix@Hieronimus No one gets left behind ! That was a pleasure helping you ^^

@ChrisAldien Glad to learn that you managed to do it :)

@EDOARDO1 Sadly yes, you'll have to wait until next Serie/Summer. That's the worst part of the achievement. It's almost like the achievement says "30 days logged in a row" :/

UPdated the Aventador '12 build for the Trial : Now it has a better handling and steers more easily
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 12 Oct 19 at 01:22
KCrosbieI got lucky and got the trial complete on my 2nd attempt. We won the first race legit then lost the 2nd however it still gave us the win. Then we lost the 3rd race and the final score was 2-1. Seeing the comments on here was making me dread this one but it wasn’t so bad due to the glitch thank goodness!
Posted by KCrosbie on 12 Oct 19 at 01:50
I Ebon Hawk IThe blueprint isn’t working for me for Showoff skills. After the trucks crash and stop it seems impossible to get Showoff skills from them.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 12 Oct 19 at 02:58
KCrosbieSo does the series begin in summer? I just started in winter. Does that mean I have to wait till summer begins and get 100% completion from that point for the 4 straight seasons?
Posted by KCrosbie on 12 Oct 19 at 03:47
EDOARDO1Quick question: if I missed Summer this time, I will need to wait until the 24th of October when the new Series starts and play starting from there. Am I right?
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 12 Oct 19 at 05:03
TheOtherBarberI'm still working on this myself, but yes @EDOARDO1 you have to 100% every event in every Season during the same Series.
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 12 Oct 19 at 05:36
BRANIAC1972Winter Trial was hard for me, but I was with a good bunch of random people: nobody quit out. And I think it is important to mention that the AI cars DO make mistakes so keep going in a race even if you feel like you're miles behind. In our last race me finishing ahead of 1 AI car at the back of the field was the difference between us winning the series, and losing it. Everyone has their part to play. Good luck everyone!
Posted by BRANIAC1972 on 12 Oct 19 at 07:39
ScruffusThe winter trial was demoralizing, i thought my completion hopes ended here...but I don't give up, and neither should you.

It probably took me two hours and six attempts until I finally queued with a competent team, and we won all three. I tried multiple Tunes for this. No offense to the author of this solution who has done an amazing job, but I'm sharing this in case I help somebody else.

The only tune that worked for me took some digging to find, but it is from a level 20 tuner, gamertag Monkzera. The tune name is Winter God Trial. Once I installed this tune after trying so many others, I was easily able to maintain position in the front of the pack for all three races, whereas before I was struggling - and sometimes failing - just to stay in the middle. I hope this helps - don't give up!
Posted by Scruffus on 12 Oct 19 at 09:41
ScruffusMy bad, I forgot one important detail. The tune is for the Centenario.
Posted by Scruffus on 12 Oct 19 at 09:43
DF I Phoenix@I Ebon Hawk I I can confirm by myself that you can get showoff even 2 minutes after the trucks have crashed. You just have to start drifting before passing them. Also, you can click the Replay race button, as it will keep the already done Showoff skills, letting you achieve other Showoffs skills more easily

@KCrosbie Yup, the Serie starts in Summer (as you can see when digging through the past Festival playlists), so yeah, you'll have to wait until next Summer to start the 100% goal. Yet, you can try and get 100% in Winter and Spring, and see if by the end of next Autumn you get the achievement or not ? Might be worth trying if you're comfortable with Forza

@Scruffus My builds are done to help the maximum of people, and I can assure they work as I made them from scratch and then validate them one by one, but you're right there. Even with my builds it was hard this Winter, and as my game settings aren't the same as everyone, my tunes don't always fit everyone else's settings + driving style ^^ (and I'm not even a mechanic and I never build cars before FH4 released, so I'm not the most experienced tuner in the world, thus I cannot get perfect builds everytime ^^)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 12 Oct 19 at 14:39
KCrosbieI got lucky and got the trial complete on my 2nd attempt. We won the first race legit then lost the 2nd however it still gave us the win. Then we lost the 3rd race and the final score was 2-1. Seeing the comments on here was making me dread this one but it wasn’t so bad due to the glitch thank goodness!
Posted by KCrosbie on 12 Oct 19 at 15:45
DF I Phoenix(just a simple note I'm making : when you refresh the page, if you just sent a comment on it before, it re-send the comment, this is why there are so many duplicate messages here)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 12 Oct 19 at 16:55
Opus TakiWith regards to the trial, sometimes it helps when people quit. 4 of my team finished bottom first race, luckily all 4 then quit, so the 2 of us remaining only had to finish top 4/5 to win in the subsequent races.
Posted by Opus Taki on 12 Oct 19 at 20:01
Throni360Thx @Scruffus. Winter God Trial is the BEST tune by far!
Posted by Throni360 on 12 Oct 19 at 23:56
SystemschlumpfI have a question regarding the daily challenges.
I might go on vacation next weekend and if i make the daily challenge on thursday, then i have to do the next on monday at the latest?

Posted by Systemschlumpf on 13 Oct 19 at 09:36
DF I Phoenix@Systemschlumpf Nope, the Sunday at the latest. Because the Friday challenge gets "erased" by the Monday one
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 13 Oct 19 at 11:49
SystemschlumpfSorry i mean before the Challenge on monday starts.
Im from Germany the challenges are unlocked at 16:30pm .
I think its morning in us?
Posted by Systemschlumpf on 13 Oct 19 at 12:09
BacavoitIt is morning in the US. 9:30am for me in Central Time.
Posted by Bacavoit on 13 Oct 19 at 12:39
DF I PhoenixAs I'm from France, I also have the challenges at 16:30, and then yes, you can do the Friday, Saturday and Sunday challenges on Monday before 16:30
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 13 Oct 19 at 15:26
SystemschlumpfOk thank you!
Posted by Systemschlumpf on 13 Oct 19 at 15:53
BlazerTheTurboI am going to miss the last winter daily challenge (awesome clean racing). I wont be able to play from wednesday to friday. I might be able to do it on friday, before it expires. Will it still count for winter? It is going to be spring by that time already. Thanks
Posted by BlazerTheTurbo on 14 Oct 19 at 05:09
DF I Phoenix@BlazerTheTurbo As 'Dokter V' confirmed previously, you can complete any season dailies on the next season as long as they're still active, so you'll be able to do your daily on Friday, just be sure to have at least the first 5 challenges of the season done before Friday :)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 14 Oct 19 at 10:34
Pedle ZelnipThere is a ton of useful information in here, but with so much of the solution striked out, with abbreviated info, along with 255+ comments on the solution it's *really* hard to follow this as any kind of guide.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 15 Oct 19 at 01:54
DF I Phoenix@Pedle Zelnip Yeah, I know it's kind of messy right now. This is why I'm currently working on a V2 guide on my computer, that'll be easier to read, and that'll deploy once Serie 15 starts, so I'll be able to totally wipe the Serie 14 history, without "removing" the general tips given through this actual guide.

This will be clearer for both everyone here and me, as the current way to edit such a long guide is awfully made. I swear the ton of [ spoiler ] , [ quote ] , [ i ] , [ p ] , [ u ] , [ s ] , [ b ] mixed with plane text is unreadable for me. This is why there are so many newlines/spaces awfully placed on the guide.

Difference :

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 15 Oct 19 at 02:38
BlazerTheTurbo@DF I Phoenix thank you!
Posted by BlazerTheTurbo on 15 Oct 19 at 03:55
DF I PhoenixI tried my best to create a Drafting skill Blueprint, but I can't really build something efficient right there. My only advice for today's daily is to start do draftings when starting races, or in straigth lines. Just in case, I did mine without accelerating too much with this setup :
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Just get behind the cars when starting the race and try to get to the same speed. The Awesome Drafting Skill is by awarded by follow the same car for ~4 seconds in a row
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 15 Oct 19 at 15:44
BacavoitOne of the Sprint races on the left has a decent straight from the start. I did it in less than 30 seconds with a stock 1968 Abarth 595 D-100. If you don't make it before the corner the track is pretty long and wide open so it shouldn't be a problem.

It will work to for tomorrows clean racing.
Posted by Bacavoit on 15 Oct 19 at 15:48
DF I PhoenixWinter is now 100% : Festival is 81% now
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 16 Oct 19 at 15:42
Calex dEUSFor awesome clean racing today just do the juggernaut drag race in a b class, let the AI get a head start and drive after them. Should pop at about 20% into the race I think it was.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 16 Oct 19 at 16:19
OneHandStancesince the bonus completion achievement is the only one tracking out of the 4, i wonder if that will be the only achievement able to unlock before the end of spring next week.
Posted by OneHandStance on 16 Oct 19 at 22:24
BacavoitI'm pretty sure we can unlock those 3 tomorrow and Encore will be the last since it requieres everything to be completed.
Posted by Bacavoit on 16 Oct 19 at 22:55
DF I PhoenixNormally this is how things should work. Yet, as there was an issue when the serie started, there's a 0.1% that an issue happens, but I don't believe it. As I've already unlocked everything but Encore?, I'm not sure about the 3 achievements you're talking about right now. Are those these ones ?
- Complete every championship in a Festival Playlist
- Complete every PR Stunt in a Festival Playlist
- Get the 8 rewards from a single Festival Playlist
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 17 Oct 19 at 00:13
BacavoitYeah those should be the ones he is talking about since I have them locked with "Encore?". I never tried to play a season like this so I'm pretty much with him.
Posted by Bacavoit on 17 Oct 19 at 00:22
cenGii91Alright, just need a nice tune for the championships, the trial and playground games, completed the rest already. Waiting for your tunes DF I Phoenix clap
Posted by cenGii91 on 17 Oct 19 at 15:13
Catatonic NaliPersonally I've found the McLaren Senna to be a great fit for both the McLaren Cup and Old Blighty championships. There's a great tune already available called Seasonal Win that puts it up to 998.

And as a bonus if you use the Senna you can get the 3 slingshot skills for chapter 2 of the weekly challenge fairly easily on the 1st race of either championship, then both championships are road series events so you can clear up chapter 3 by winning 5 of the 6 races.

Love combining these things.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 17 Oct 19 at 17:53
Bacavoit^ Yup I did it that way. I used a Huracan for the other championship.
Posted by Bacavoit on 17 Oct 19 at 18:00
cenGii91Bacavoit Used a tuned Huracan with "Season 14 Spring" tune, but hardly managed to get 11th place. Last round, i was last. Very difficult for me this time.
Posted by cenGii91 on 17 Oct 19 at 18:11
BacavoitFor the Huracan I did the weight reduction and the first few engine mods to keep it in S1. Nothing else. I think I did the brakes too (my first mod always).

Overall the 3 championships were a bit tricky cause of the wet road. I found the Senna very drift-happy in some corners.
Posted by Bacavoit on 17 Oct 19 at 18:54
DF I PhoenixOk, sorry for the wait, I'm having many anxiety crisis today as tomorrow I'll have the job interview of my life.

Here are the tunes :
Trial : Volkswagen Touareg R50 (Build : Trial and error)
Championship United Kingdom : McLaren Senna (Build : Forzathon build)
Championship McLaren : McLaren Senna (Build : Forzathon build)
Championship Supercars : Nissan GT-R Black Edition (Build : Wakanda forever)
Playground game : Opel Manta (Build : Manta ray)

I'll work on another Trial build on the Dodge Durango tomorrow
My Senna is perfect in my opinion so I'll do another build for those two championships only if requested
I'll do two more tunes for the supercar championship, on for the Murcielago SV and one for the Gallardo superleggera
The Opel Manta is great enough to make it, but I might do a Metro MG4 build is requested

Now, time to sleep, it's 9P.M. and my interview is 1h30 away at 9A.M.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 17 Oct 19 at 19:04
Catatonic NaliAs always thanks for the incredible amount of work you've put into this Phoenix. Best of luck for your interview tomorrow toast
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 17 Oct 19 at 19:07
BacavoitDF I Phoenix

Thanks for your time. I didn't use your builds but I'm pretty sure a lot of people found them helpful.

Good luck tomorrow!
Posted by Bacavoit on 17 Oct 19 at 19:19
Calex dEUSI used a 720S Coupe for the McClaren one as I had my Senna tuned X

For the Trial I used a 2019 Lambo Urua with stock tuning as it was the only suitable car I had, finished top 5 in each of the races. So if I can do that in an untuned car, someone who can actually drive can do it easily laugh
Posted by Calex dEUS on 17 Oct 19 at 19:22
GiantBRi missed the 1st daily on summer, will i be able to get 100% when it comes up next week?
Posted by GiantBR on 17 Oct 19 at 20:46
crimsonidol38@DF I Phoenix:
Good luck for tomorrow, you well deserve it! smile

No, you won't be able to get 100% next week. You have to complete all events of the same season with the current one ending next thursday.
Posted by crimsonidol38 on 17 Oct 19 at 20:56
cenGii91DF I Phoenix

Thanks again! Your work was splendid! Finished everything again headspin
Now there is only 6 days more until my "Encore" will unlock
Posted by cenGii91 on 17 Oct 19 at 21:47
GiantBRthat's my doubt exactly, and i've heard that the series 15 are coming next week at the 21st, so what i really want to know if next summer will still counts toward the current series.
Posted by GiantBR on 17 Oct 19 at 21:57
Fuzzmeister JUrus is the way to go for the trial! But race 2 is garbage.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 17 Oct 19 at 22:33

From what i have heard no, as this series is tied to one month. You'll need to start from summer again and finish everything in order to get it, since the achievement says: "Complete all activities in a SINGLE playlist"
Posted by cenGii91 on 17 Oct 19 at 22:55
Saxzor1337@GiantBR No, it will not. You have to 100% every season in each series. Next Thursday (24th) the new series will come out and the current one will go away.
Posted by Saxzor1337 on 17 Oct 19 at 23:01
GiantBRthat's really bad... it means that i'll have to play this game everyday again for a whole month basically... what a waste of time.
Posted by GiantBR on 18 Oct 19 at 01:39
Tatersoup19Your tunes have helped me countless times on this! Only daily challenges left to do now. Fabulous guide!
Posted by Tatersoup19 on 18 Oct 19 at 11:34
DMpmp13Big thanks to DF I Phoenix and everyone who contributed. It's been a grind, I only have the daily challenges left. Good luck all

Side note, the last weekly challenge for going 208mph it did not unlock for me (I hit about 215mph). It may be related to ultimate speed skills as it did unlock eventually as I was driving on the highway. Or could be just lag when it popped up who knows with this game
Posted by DMpmp13 on 18 Oct 19 at 14:15
XOli360Hi Guys, I missed 3 daily summer challenge so I have 97% in Summer. Am I fcuk and have to start all over again in serie 15 ?

Did someone tried to put an old date on his XBox to make the game believe we are still in summer ?

Thanks for your help :)
Posted by XOli360 on 18 Oct 19 at 15:29
cenGii91XOli360 Yes you will do it again. 3 missed challenges means, you missed 100% for summer and that means you won't get 100% in the overall playlist series.

You need to complete EVERYTHING. You need to get 100% - this means anything that is not covered in "gold" is considered not completed and voids your achievement.

I am sorry for you cry
Posted by cenGii91 on 18 Oct 19 at 16:25

Yes, same happened here. I had to hold my speed for well over 10 seconds until it unlocked. I thought it was achievement-unlocking-lag but now that you say it I don't think it was lag.
Posted by Bacavoit on 18 Oct 19 at 17:30

yes, you will have to do it again.

i tried the trick with the dates in one of the seasons before and you cant do daily challenges while offline, since they dont refresh without an internet connection.
Posted by pukem0nn on 18 Oct 19 at 19:04
DF I PhoenixThanks to everyone that wished me luck for today. This day was stressful, I did my best, and I hope that it worked well (I learned that this was only the 2nd phase of recruiting, so Monday I'll know if I have to go to the 3rd phase, or if I'm eliminated, as there are only 18 seats for 90 candidates -50 that got to phase 2- )

I'll update the guide a bit later tonight as I'm still recovering from all this stress, but I want to point out some facts for you :
- The 4th challenge currently does not say it, but it seems like you need to hold the speed for 5 seconds. As I was trying it, I paused it because I was surprised not getting it, and there was a progress shown 3/5, so I guess it works like this. This would be logical as reaching a top speed doesn't mean you can maintain it (I'm looking at you Bugatti Chiron Super sport)
- The achievement, and the logic wants to say that you require 100% on a Festival. Yet I'm curious if someone completes everything except Summer, to see if completing next Summer could at any point validate it or not. I don't think so, but who knows !
- As I completed Serie 13 to 100%, it's sad that I haven't unlocked Encore? yet, so I hope having already 100% here won't void me the achievement. I'll clarify it once the season ends, hoping for us all to earn it.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 18 Oct 19 at 19:51
ALL0CHT0NYI just have 5 dailys to do....for the encore...😎
Posted by ALL0CHT0NY on 18 Oct 19 at 23:24
JackBlaiseI did this by getting to the speed then pushing the breaks and going below the speed and then accelerating back up to the speed 5 times.
Posted by JackBlaise on 19 Oct 19 at 07:27
Phil the BearI haven’t started this new DLC at all and I am wondering when my next opportunity is to start it?

Is there a way to see when the next series starts?

And what’s the level of effort required. Reading through it sounds like daily play for 4 weeks.
Posted by Phil the Bear on 19 Oct 19 at 11:37
Throni360@ Phil the Bear
Next thursday.
Posted by Throni360 on 19 Oct 19 at 12:40
pukem0nn@ Phil the Bear

next season starts next thursday 16.30 CET.
you don't have to play every day, but once every 3 days, since daily challenges are only saved for a maximum of 3 days, the 4th erases the 1st.
i simply played once on thursday right after the season change and finished everything except the last 6 daily challenges. then i played every sunday for 3 daily challenges and again on wednesday for the last 3 daily challenges.
rinse and repeat for every of the 4 seasons.
Posted by pukem0nn on 19 Oct 19 at 14:32
cenGii91@ Phil the Bear
You're lucky to start next week, as the new festival playlist season will start (Currently 14, next week 15)

The effort is a bit high, but nothing impossible.
The PR-Stunts are easy with a fast car (preferably Ferrari 599 XX or Ariel Nomad for Dirt or Dodge Viper SRT for Drift). There is always 3 Season PR-Stunts, making it a total of 12 per month. The Nomad is your car to go for any dirt tracks while on street the Ferrari will serve you well, you can of course get some tunes to maximize their power.

The championships must be done on highly skilled (roughly translated from German) drivatars in order to get ALL rewards. There are 3 of them per week and a total of 12 in a complete month, so you must do 36 races. Seasonal tunes are your friend. Download/install them to your car and you should be fine.

Then there is playground games. Team-based games consisting of 5 rounds (Infected, Flag, King etc) where you have to WIN (your team). In most cases people leave early and the game ends, but as long as your team has 1 point more than the enemy team you'll win and thus complete "playground games". This can be sometimes annoying, when your team isn't good at all. There is lots of recommended cars for pg-games so you better get a nice tuning for that.

Then there is a showcase remix. I had 2 of those. There isn't ALWAYS a showcase remix each week. Actually easy too, but sometimes you need to drive well, as the other vehicle is quite fast. There is always a pre-selected car, so you can't really do anything to gain advantage. Just try, and memorize the track.

And last one is The Trial. These races consists of 3 rounds against drivatars on unbeatable drivatar difficulty. These are preferably the hardest ones, but sometimes the drivatars seems to be glitchy, which can cause your team to win unexpected. Most gamers will tell you that these ones are hard, but here again, use a recommended car and tune and off you go. You might suck at first, but when you have teammates that are good, you shouldn't worry. From my opinion, the trials were actually easy ones, as i nearly always ended up last without any points.

These are the challenges in general. Then you have the Forzathon Weeklys and Dailys. These are the easier ones. The dailys are nothing to worry about as in a few minutes it is done, the weeklys can be done in about 20-30 min, depending on the requirements. Keep in mind, that you need to log in every 3 days (make sure that you log in daily to complete is asap, before you forget it) - The new daily challenge will appear on 16:30 CET // 4:30pm CET.

It can be tough and it is a bit time-heavy but all i can say is: Use custom tunes from the community. Those will save your ass
Posted by cenGii91 on 19 Oct 19 at 15:15
Phil the BearThanks all

Will have to set a calendar reminder!

I’m a bit worried about highly skilled and higher AI though! I’m not very good at braking into a corner!
Posted by Phil the Bear on 19 Oct 19 at 17:54
cenGii91Corners can be tricky, especially on races that are in the "city", but try to maintain your speed.
A few more tips:

Turn REWIND on, it will save you from restarting from scratch, if you fail to win in last second.
Turn off automatic braking. Why? Because in too much situations, the game brakes unnecessarily and this can be critical as the drivatars will use this to overhaul you. You need to learn to brake and turn for yourself, but this is crucial.
Don't worry about the extra credits you won't again after that. Just make sure you have a few millions for the tunes or even another car that you will use.
Winning an championship on the highest tier (not Unbeatable!) will always net you a total of 150.000 Credits (50k for first "difficulty", 100k for the next higher) and for the highest a car as a reward. So any completed season championship will get you somewhere around 150-160 Credits. (After each race, you get some CR/EP).

Another note: If one of the races are very hard for you to come in 1st place, don't give up. You don't need to finish every race coming first. As you should know, each championship has 3 races and the points will determine the winner. If you finish as 2nd or even 3rd you still have a chance to win. Just make sure that you finish in at least one of the races as 1st. I once won an entire championship with only having 48 points in total.
The thing i noticed is: Any other drivatar that came 1st in a race wouldn't come in 1st in the next races. There was always another drivatar that came 1st, which may allow you to finish a race in even a worse position.
Posted by cenGii91 on 19 Oct 19 at 20:48
InsaneFlameJust the dailies left for my encore. Thanks again for all the tips and tunes DF I Phoenix.

Roll on Wednesday !
Posted by InsaneFlame on 21 Oct 19 at 18:50
StEvEY5036This is the worst. I didn't know dailies expire so now I have one expired daily after spending all this time completing every event and these awful playground games sessions. No way I'm wasting another ten hours grinding this out. angry

EDIT: So, as a last ditch effort I changed my PC clock back two days and was able to complete the daily that expired (Slipstreaming). It now shows complete and my progress for the season went from 97% to 98%. Fingers crossed!

Edit 2: Got it!
Posted by StEvEY5036 on 22 Oct 19 at 06:01
The PC clock thing might be an important piece of information if anyone else can confirm it.
Posted by Throni360 on 22 Oct 19 at 14:06
BacavoitIndeed. It should work on console too since it worked previously with another seasons based achievement.

I'll not be trying it cause Im good so far.
Posted by Bacavoit on 22 Oct 19 at 14:09
Extrema22The current Trial race makes me feel like I'm playing Wreckfest but without the wrecking and most of the fun. The first 3 I got on the first try but no luck with this one so far. Ah well, gotta keep trying...

EDIT: Got it! Ater quite some frustrating tries I suddenly finished first, actually every Drivatar was beaten leaving them when 0 points on race 1, it almost seemed like the difficulty was on a lower setting. Weird? Anyway happy to be done with it. Now only some Playground action and a drag race tomorrow to reach 100% smile
Posted by Extrema22 on 22 Oct 19 at 19:22
cenGii91Just unlocked the last achievement for this game.

A little hint: Upon completion it took me like 20 seconds to unlock it, so just wait a moment until it pops.
Posted by cenGii91 on 23 Oct 19 at 14:33
agord2407Same here, took a minute or so to unlock . Thanks for you awesome guide!!
Posted by agord2407 on 23 Oct 19 at 14:35
Cobra SinTook 4 minutes for me. Had me worried. Stay patient.
Posted by Cobra Sin on 23 Oct 19 at 14:38
HieronimusGot it as well after some waiting. What a relief! headspin
Posted by Hieronimus on 23 Oct 19 at 14:39
BacavoitIt's been a ride guys!

Mine took like 2-4 minutes too but I'm using my phone Hotspot today.

Until next time!
Posted by Bacavoit on 23 Oct 19 at 14:50
Calex dEUSGot it too after a nervous wait laugh

Big thanks to DF I Phoenix for his hard work on this !!!!!!!
Posted by Calex dEUS on 23 Oct 19 at 14:51
I Ebon Hawk IJust got the Encore. Merci Phoenix!
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 23 Oct 19 at 14:54
Extrema22Unlocked instantly for me toast
Posted by Extrema22 on 23 Oct 19 at 14:55
DrunkenSaMuRaiiTook around 10 minutes of nervous waiting but mine finally unlocked.

Thank you so much DF I Phoenix for this amazing month of guide.
Posted by DrunkenSaMuRaii on 23 Oct 19 at 14:56
cenGii91Interesting to see, it was 620, when i first saw the number of people that had unlocked it
Posted by cenGii91 on 23 Oct 19 at 14:59
NapalmNikoIt does not pop
Posted by NapalmNiko on 23 Oct 19 at 15:36
ugliHad a slight delay but unlocked after minute or two.
Posted by ugli on 23 Oct 19 at 15:54
ScorchPSOMine popped right away. Thanks for the journey lads. Good luck to everybody!
Posted by ScorchPSO on 23 Oct 19 at 16:03
DaMasta477mine took a few minutes as well... thank you so much for all your time and effort in this guide, your builds helped thru the races...much appreciated!
Posted by DaMasta477 on 23 Oct 19 at 16:23
supkrisDidn’t unlock after a months hard work. Splendid guide though

Edit: unlocked after a while. Sigh
Posted by supkris on 23 Oct 19 at 16:39
Snow Camo KidTook a few mins to pop. Thank you for all your hard work!
Posted by Snow Camo Kid on 23 Oct 19 at 17:06
Denik Fortes BRI wish I could upvote more times because this guide helped me big time! Thanks a lot.
Posted by Denik Fortes BR on 23 Oct 19 at 17:38
RaceCarShoesDamn i missed one single daily... guess I have to do it all over again :(
Posted by RaceCarShoes on 23 Oct 19 at 17:43
FrostGhilidonTook like 5 or so minutes but got it thank god.
Awesome guide, really helped.
Posted by FrostGhilidon on 23 Oct 19 at 18:55
Calex dEUS@ wHiTeSlaYeRoWnZ Someone mentioned rolling the clock back on their PC (if you have one and a gamepass sub) allowed them to complete the one they missed.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 23 Oct 19 at 19:33

As someone else already mentioned you can roll back the clock and see if it works (you are going to be the test subject).

If you have a pc you can do it by just changing the clock date. If you only have the console then you need to disconnect from the internet and change the clock back to the day you missed. I guess you will have to open the calendar and check what day it was.

If it does work come back and report. That will help people here.
Posted by Bacavoit on 23 Oct 19 at 19:39
VisceralGnat84Rolling back the clock won't work for online/multiplayer.
Didn't show daily challenges but I can be wrong on the last, maybe I picked the wrong day, or didn't try the actual required goal.
Posted by VisceralGnat84 on 23 Oct 19 at 20:21

Did you disconnect your Xbox from the internet? Cause that is a requirement.
Posted by Bacavoit on 23 Oct 19 at 20:24
OptionalOwlMany many thanks bro got it like 2 minutes after
Posted by OptionalOwl on 23 Oct 19 at 20:46
baseballpro816Just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with this guide!
Posted by baseballpro816 on 23 Oct 19 at 20:50
Gleaming CubeLongest 30 second wait of my life but it unlocked. Big thanks for all your guides, blueprints and tunes, they have proved invaluable! TA member of the year! toast
Posted by Gleaming Cube on 23 Oct 19 at 20:56
DjshepTook a couple of minutes to unlock for me. It unlocked when I opened the festival playlist history but that may have been a coincidence. Thanks a lot for the guide, those builds for the online races & games were like I was using a cheat code or something haha. smile
Posted by Djshep on 23 Oct 19 at 21:42
Throni360Unlocked as soon as I loaded up the playlist.
Posted by Throni360 on 23 Oct 19 at 23:21
DF I PhoenixSorry for not commenting/editing earlier, I had many things to do in order to prepare my new career.

Congratulations on everyone that got the Encore? achievement ! You did it guys ! I'm proud of you ! Also thanks for all your gratitude in the comments, it's heartwarming.

I just edited the guide, as I had to do it. It's not complete yet, but I can't add more data right now. I'll do my best to add the most precise details for the oncoming Serie, to help everyone that didn't unlocked this achievement yet. I'll not be present when the next Serie releases, so I'll not be able livestream or update the guide/builds in real time, and that'll be like this everytime due to this new job. Still, as I love Forza, I'll have to complete those events, I'm not sure if I'm going to go for 100% again, but at least everything else except the dailies is on my "to-do" list, so my creative hub remains open for you.

Lastly, I don't want to beg because all I did was for the community, but if some of you ever want to "pay me back" for this, I actually would appreciate something : If you could just download + like my shared photos in my Creative Hub, it would greatly help me toward my Horizon Superstar Star Card goal.

This was an intense month for me, and I'm glad we did this together, as you kept motivating me every day and every week. Now, I'm taking one last for the team, as I'm waiting on the next Serie to see if it's possible or not to unlock the achievement while reaching 100% the day after it ends. I'm taking the risk for it to completely fail, and put me in a 3rd 100% Serie in a row to do, but I take it. I trust this game.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 24 Oct 19 at 02:42
GoldaciousFantastic guide DF I Phoenix, thanks so much. Good luck with your new career! 😊
Posted by Goldacious on 24 Oct 19 at 06:46
Snow Marleythanks a lot buddy, good job done!
Posted by Snow Marley on 24 Oct 19 at 07:41
ZalexzyUhh, seems like they added extra work now? 2 monthly rivals and story mode chapters that shows 0/30 stars. Sigh, missed one day last series and after that didnt bother playing game until new season started.
Posted by Zalexzy on 24 Oct 19 at 16:12
GGS DubSt3pzSince i didnt had time last 2 days, i had to do the last 2 Dailys today. After that the series says 99%, when i click on it, every season is 100%. When i go back to view all series, it suddendly says 100%, but no achievement yet. Everytime i restart the game it says series 14 is at 99% untill i click in it, then its 100%
Posted by GGS DubSt3pz on 24 Oct 19 at 16:40
XOli360Thanks for your answers guys, starting all over again now... :)
Posted by XOli360 on 24 Oct 19 at 16:41
szogyenyi1993Awesome guide! I was so confused about this achievement when the last update came out! Now it's time to knock this out i guees. Thanks for all your effort!
Posted by szogyenyi1993 on 24 Oct 19 at 18:30
oO NiGhTbAsE OoAm i the only one who can't progress with the new Weekly Forzathon Challenge? I've driven both the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR & the 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06, but it's stuck on Chapter 1 like it's not recognising it.

EDIT:- Even though i already owned both of these cars prior to the new S15 update, i had to actually go and buy another one from the autoshow to make it count in the Forzathon :-/
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 24 Oct 19 at 20:19
Mike CromartySame for me. nightbase
Posted by Mike Cromarty on 24 Oct 19 at 20:43
GiantBRsame here, i had to buy the viper because my corvette wasn't doing anything. one other thing, the 50% bonus is still marking in the list, but at least it appears in the character customization menu.
Posted by GiantBR on 24 Oct 19 at 23:00
DF I Phoenix@GGS DubSt3pz You know what ? I have the same issue. I waited until today to check if Encore? would unlock from the next serie, and nope. I'll add this to let people know you have to be present on the last day to get the achievement. I'm sick of this, I currently completed 2 Series to 100% in a row, and it's awful/painful to do those dailies again.

@everyone I'll add some more builds later today (still busy). Do any of you need a specific build for the Seasonal Drift Zone ? As I didn't have to publish any build before for this. Also, do you need a build for the Speed Trap. I already added Speed Zones + Danger Signs build in the previous Serie, but I might need to add it again there, what do you think ?

Lastly, do you need a detailled guide for the Horizon Story ? I haven't started it yet, but seeing there are another 10 chapters, you might need some help at some point. Just ask :)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 25 Oct 19 at 05:32
KoldomordorI wonder if the new "Horizon Story" will have achievements in future updates...
Posted by Koldomordor on 25 Oct 19 at 12:39
Gumbeaux JrDoes the story stay open for the entire series or are we required to get all 30 stars this season/week?
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 25 Oct 19 at 14:44
Phil the BearMassive noob here trying this for first time

Forza Week 1 so far

51% complete

Weekly - done
The Trial - done
Showcase done
PR Drift Stunt done
Online adventure done
Rivals x2 done

Daily - 2/7 done

Can’t do or haven’t tried
Story - The Datsun
PR - speed trap
PR - speed zone
3 x seasonal championships
1 x online playground games

Could I please get tips on car selection for the speed zone and trap? And also the championships?
Posted by Phil the Bear on 25 Oct 19 at 17:59
TheSuperstino@Phil the Bear Hiya, I've been playing since the last series. For speed zones and speed traps, I found that pretty much any X class car would do. To get one, tune a high-class car and maximize every part of it. Shouldn't be very expensive.

For the championships and speed zones, rewinding is your friend. As long as the championship race isn't close to the start or finish, you can rewind any mistake you've made. Rewinding in a speed zone will only work if you do it before the counter says "Failed". If it has said "Failed", you'll have to drive through the start of the zone again.

Hope that helps. :D
Posted by TheSuperstino on 25 Oct 19 at 18:24
DF I Phoenix@Gumbeaux Jr You have the whole month to get it
@Phil the Bear I'm going to share my builds once I'll have them done. For the Speed Zone, there's my Ariel Nomad tune. For the Speed Trap, there's my Bac Mono tune.
BAC Mono (160'000 CR from market) => Used for Danger signs mostly
Tune name : Best jumper
Ariel Nomad (93'000 CR from market) => Used for offroad Speed Zones
Tune name : Best speed zone
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 25 Oct 19 at 19:15
Gumbeaux JrThanks @DF I Phoenix great guide! Wish me luck!
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 25 Oct 19 at 19:57
VfV SaviorMonthly Rivals clean lap doesn't register as completed for me, even though I've beaten three rivals with clean laps cry Please help!
Posted by VfV Savior on 26 Oct 19 at 05:06
Gumbeaux JrI’m having quite a bit of trouble with the summer playground games. I would also recommend buying a f40 for the Ferrari multiplayer and load the don jaewon song tune. Easy peasy.
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 26 Oct 19 at 06:41
Phil the BearThanks @DF I Phoenix

All PR stunts done now.

2 more races for the Ferrari championships to just leave me with daily challenges and the 30 stars in story

Are we sure the story can be done over the whole month?

@VfV Savior - that happened to me. Took me three attempts of quitting out, reloading and posting a lap to get it to work. I didn’t even beat my rival on the last time, I just quit out after the lap because I was annoyed I hadn’t beat them, looked at the progress and it was done

Re: Playground games I got super lucky. We won first game comfortably and then 4 of the 6 opponents quit, making final two games easy!
Posted by Phil the Bear on 26 Oct 19 at 10:28
DF I Phoenix@VfV Savior Can you take some pictures/videos of it not working so I can investigate more ?

For the story chapter, I did a short Livestream on Mixer yesterday and got the 30 stars in 1h30. Not that hard, but damn, the condition where you do not want to damage the car is pure waste of time. I'm 96% sure you can do it over the month, as it works retroactively for the Ranked event. Here's the link of my footage :
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Oct 19 at 11:25
NoHeroes94V2.0 looks so awesome, I'll be doing this for Season 16 (November - December). Thank you.

Final question; I have the ranked achievement (for getting ranked) but it was ages ago (i.e. not the previous season). Do I still only need to AFK 1 ranked adventure to get "re-ranked"?
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 26 Oct 19 at 14:06
DF I Phoenix@NoHeroes94 Thanks, I'm not really fan of it because it lacks visuals, but yeah, it's more optimized for the future.
Yes, you'll need to AFK 1 Ranked adventure in Serie 16 to confirm this.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 26 Oct 19 at 14:12
TylerTeaTimeDo season championships need to be completed at the highest level? For example, do we need to, "Place first against highly skilled drivatars?"
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 27 Oct 19 at 18:27
ModaI thought you said we only needed 1 star from each chapter in the horizon stories? not get 3 stars on each chapter?
Posted by Moda on 27 Oct 19 at 21:04
DF I Phoenix@TylerTeaTime Yup, as long as you do not get the highest reward from the championship, it will not show as completed, therefore it'll not progress for the goal.

@Moda Yup (well, I'm not certain, but it's a guess). Are you having an issue with it ? As I did the 3 stars on everything in the first place, I can't really tell
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 27 Oct 19 at 21:32
Moda@DF I Phoenix well I just need a couple more stars for 30/30 but in festival playlist it says not complete though i completed all chapters. Also im not sure if the extra stars count towards the 100% of the season.

EDIT: you need to get all 30/30 stars in the horizon story for 100% for the season.
Posted by Moda on 28 Oct 19 at 18:18
TylerTeaTime@ DF I Phoenix Thanks!
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 28 Oct 19 at 23:49
DF I Phoenix@Moda Thanks for the info, I'm gonna update it ASAP
(got an issue yesterday, my main laptop GPU just died so I'm struggling right now with my 10 years old no-wifi laptop)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 29 Oct 19 at 12:54
VfV SaviorThanks to everyone who was trying to help me with Monthly Rivals. Turns out I was just an idiot who clicked the wrong race. I pressed clean lap in the festival menu, but the shortcut leads to the normal rivals lap (not clean lap). I never got to switching to the second race. Sorry guys!
Posted by VfV Savior on 29 Oct 19 at 14:36
x JonnyT ohey guys, ive done everything possible so far in the playlist for series 15.

my series progress is 48%
my season progress is 99%

does the series progress look right ?
Posted by x JonnyT o on 29 Oct 19 at 19:21
GiantBR@x After Party o, that's about right, I've got the same numbers here. 1 more daily event and next is Autumn.
Posted by GiantBR on 29 Oct 19 at 19:36
x JonnyT onice one cheers smile
Posted by x JonnyT o on 29 Oct 19 at 19:38
TylerTeaTimeDo you need to complete the Horizon Story every week, or just once in the month?
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 30 Oct 19 at 08:09
Colt45 UKSeries 9-13 have been odd which I'm not bothered about but then this new achievement cames out, I thought I'd work on that and got to 100%/100%/98%/100%, due to some commitment at one point (only friggin' 2% short!). Now Series 15 comes out and I see every one of them 0%/0%/0%/0%
Now, this is starting to annoy me! - What Forza expect me to do? - To go on it every single day??? Quit my job? Quit my family time? - Forza needs to keep progress no matter what but this seems to have reset back to 0% when new series comes.
Do I have to wait till Series 16 because I haven't started on Series 15 yet! - Some already have expired in the Daily Challenges!
Posted by Colt45 UK on 30 Oct 19 at 11:05
Ian333333I HATE drifting, can't get the seasonal objective or the story mode 3 stars where you drift round Edinburgh 👎🏻

Is there any way to reset the clock on your Xbox and complete daily challenges that you've missed? I think someone said you can do it on PC
Posted by Ian333333 on 30 Oct 19 at 12:05
Colt45 UKIan333333 : I've tried, but it doesn't seem to work. I think Forza have that patched.
Posted by Colt45 UK on 30 Oct 19 at 12:18
DF I Phoenix@TylerTeaTime You need to get the 30 stars during the month

@Colt45 UK It's weird you didn't unlock the achievement if you did 100% back in a previous Serie, as people obtained the achievement when the update released because they did 100% on a serie between 7-12. I did 100% only on the 13 (and now the 14) and I did not receive it. I guess Forza support will have to hear us.

@Ian333333 Use the Hoonigan Hoonicorn (costs 500'000 CR) and it's great to drift. Or else try the BMW M6 Forza Edition if by any chance you have it. Also, I recommend you disable every help (ABS, TCS, ESP, STR, etc..) and drive a AWD car. Then do your best with decent speed + e-break. Do not try using offroad tires, as it will give you more grip, and you don't want that to drift correctly
About the clock, I can't confirm, and because my Win 10 PC just died, I'm not able to verify it. I doubt it works on Xbox
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 30 Oct 19 at 16:38
Colt45 UK@TylerTeaTime : don't think I've ever made full 100% on each season in 1 whole serie - But on an OLDER series maybe some the 7-12 - I'm pretty sure I did some 100% but they keeps resetting it over and over and that's when I gave up since. Then until this new achievement came out, I logged straight back on and start on it, but noticed lots of people already got the achievement. So I thought I must've not done it correctly in the past. This time, Series 14, I've made 2% short due to other commitment. - Ah well, I guess I'll have to wait till next series 16th because I've missed 2 challenges on this current series because I was busy at that time.
Posted by Colt45 UK on 30 Oct 19 at 16:58
supadryzJust unlocked 100% for Summer Season but no achievement? Does it unlock once weekly event finishes?
Posted by supadryz on 30 Oct 19 at 22:15
DF I Phoenix@supadryz You have to 100% the Festival Playlist Serie, not only the season. You have to do what you just did 3 more times in a row !
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 30 Oct 19 at 23:33
Colt45 UK@supadryz : you have to do 100% for each Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter .. then next series it'll reset back to 0%.
So if by any chance you "miss" 1 of the challenge, you'll lose the whole series.
Posted by Colt45 UK on 30 Oct 19 at 23:33
DF I Phoenix@Colt45 UK I'm not sure I understand what you mean by resetting. I mean, it's normal every new Serie starts at 0%, as you receive rewards for reaching 50% and 80% for each season+serie. It would be ridiculous if you kept your max percentage every new serie.
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 31 Oct 19 at 00:34
Gumbeaux JrIf I competed the upgrade heroes will summer retroactively go to 100%? I’m at 28/30 and 99% for summer even though ALL other items are completed. Is it bugged?
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 31 Oct 19 at 04:45
supadryzJust unlocked 100% for Summer Season but no achievement? Does it unlock once weekly event finishes?
Posted by supadryz on 31 Oct 19 at 06:23
Gumbeaux Jr@supadryz the achievement will only unlock after you 100% the entire series which is doing this for every season. So you have 3 more weeks to go.
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 31 Oct 19 at 13:34
Gumbeaux JrUpdate: I just got to 30 stars and summer went to 100%
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 01 Nov 19 at 01:22
DF I Phoenix@everyone Your Horizon Story percentage is awarded progressively. If you have 15/30 stars, you'll have 3/7% that it gives (not sure it gives 7% though, it's just an example), so you need to reach 30 stars to get the max percentage from it, in order to reach 100%
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Nov 19 at 14:31
GiantBRI would suggest to try to make 3 stars in every event, they’re not that hard, actually.
Posted by GiantBR on 01 Nov 19 at 17:27
DF I PhoenixHere's the cars I used, you can find my builds in my Creative Hub.
Trial : Ferrari LaFerrari
Playground : Opel Manta
CH David vs Goliath : Lotus Elan
CH McLaren vs Ferrari : McLaren F1
CH HSV vs Ford Falcon : HSV Gen-F GTS (can't decide which one is better though)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Nov 19 at 17:31
DF I PhoenixAlso, here's the race code for a Short and Easy Cross-country event (for the Weekly challenge) : "173 747 554"
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 01 Nov 19 at 18:14
Monto BEAnyone has any tips for the broadway windmill pr stunt for the seasonal objective?
Posted by Monto BE on 02 Nov 19 at 17:55
Elite MouseUse an X class car that has high grip (or any s2 with good grip works too the 3 star requirements arent that far), start near the tarn hows scramble race and go as fast as you can along the highway using rewind if you fall off, you'll hit a straight away section and see the windmill directly ahead of you, just keep the car straight leading up to the windmill (use rewind as necessary) and you should have no issue getting 3 stars.

I used an x class agera rs and can make it 550m no problem.
Posted by Elite Mouse on 02 Nov 19 at 19:10
Stony99The Trial is testing my patience it’s impossible to get close on the first race the AI just takes off and can’t be caught. Plus team mates with 0 points then dropping out straight away :(
Posted by Stony99 on 03 Nov 19 at 18:59
TylerTeaTimeWhat's everyone using for the speed trap this week?
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 04 Nov 19 at 01:02
Fischs3@Stony99 The trial for Autumn is very annoying. I must have raced it 20 times till finally completing it. Never once did we win the first race. Second race is easier and third is a toss up if you have good team mates. A lot of luck involved in having proper team mates. If anyone tries the trial without a tuned car they will come in last and hopefully will drop out after the first race or else you probably won't win.
Posted by Fischs3 on 04 Nov 19 at 16:26
Stony99@fischs3 you are 100% right I’m still trying in the 20s now surely. These 2mins + waiting times to get a game are not helping
Posted by Stony99 on 04 Nov 19 at 23:53
oO NiGhTbAsE OoAm I the only one having a problem getting todays daily challenge to unlock? It says to win 2 cross country events. Which I have just done, and it's still saying 0/2. What am I not doing right?
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 05 Nov 19 at 20:28
Gumbeaux JrYou may be doing championships? Make sure they are the actual exhibition events. Not sure. Keep us posted.
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 05 Nov 19 at 22:57
TylerTeaTimeFor the life of me I can't beat The Trial this week.
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 06 Nov 19 at 01:52
TylerTeaTimeEnded up getting really lucky with a good team; but must've taken over 15 tries.
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 06 Nov 19 at 06:51
TylerTeaTime@ oO NiGhTbAsE Oo - I also am not progressing in today's daily challenge. I've tried a Horizon event and a personal blueprint, and I'm still at 0/2. Anyone else having this issue?
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 06 Nov 19 at 07:38
TylerTeaTime@ oO NiGhTbAsE Oo - Turns out that Sprint events worked for me, but Circuits didn't. Sorry for the multiple messages yall.
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 06 Nov 19 at 07:56
AwesomeSkittle8If you want to do the weekly and daily challenges like the cross country quick and easy go to the creative hub, then blueprint events, then the trending today tab and you will find very easy short races that count towards the challenges. Also try and find the weekly challenge car cheap at auction house then you can sell it at max price and make a profit once you’re finished with the weekly challenges
Posted by AwesomeSkittle8 on 06 Nov 19 at 18:50
DF I PhoenixFor the Trial, the first race is impossible to win. The AI don't take the fog into account, and driving at such high speeds when you can't anticipate the road is awful, even with the best build (completed the Trial with both Ferrari and Porsche) and nothing changed (the McLaren is the worst of all 3 cars in terms of power).

For the Cross-country event, I made a custom one that worked fine (it's linked above in the comments), but here's the race code anyway if some people still need it : "173 747 554"

For the PR Stunts that require high speed (Traps and Jumps), there's no real secret. Just own a Hypercar that can go fast enough. A X999 build is the way to go. The Bugatti Chiron and Veyron can actually be bought and used for that, and the Bugatti Divo rewarded for 50% is really effective there. Last Serie I recommended using the Ferrarri 599XX E because it was rewarded the first week of the serie and this is the best car in the game (can reach 475kmh). The best cars are sadly "Hidden cars" meaning you can't have them easily in the market but as rewards or very expensive through the auction house. If you own the Mosler MT900S, it's also a decent vehicle in X999 for those (not that expensive right now in the auction house).
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 07 Nov 19 at 14:22
ДжэйThe trial was tough. Out of 7-8 races we never won 1st. 2nd is easier, but ppl do not try. I made it 1st place and slowed all the reds behind me for 1 single person could manage to overtake them and when he got 3rd we won being 6bots vs 2 of us. So 3rd was not a problem we raced 6 vs 2 and 3rd me 4th he and won)
Posted by Джэй on 08 Nov 19 at 08:24
Gumbeaux JrI’m plugging through! At 82% series and 95% for winter. Should be able to complete it. A few tips for the trials and championships is to turn full drive line on. It will help you keep tabs on the road and course. Makes the trials much easier. I finished first all three races for winter. It will take away a lot of your credits etc but for the achievement it will be worth it.
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 09 Nov 19 at 07:00
Stony99This weeks trial done on the first go. I feel blessed laugh. Anyone struggling make sure and tune the car before hand and prioritise handling and grip. At least this week all races are possible to win. Best of luck
Posted by Stony99 on 09 Nov 19 at 14:35
SergeGTSSo for daily challenge, if I do the one from Wednesday on Thursday after the season change. That should be ok right?
Posted by SergeGTS on 11 Nov 19 at 16:41
Fischs3The playground games are the most annoying. I keep having the game glitch and stop halfway through. Resulting in dash boarding and quitting game
Posted by Fischs3 on 11 Nov 19 at 17:16
DF I Phoenix@SergeGTS Yup, it works fine ! The only scenario where it won't work is if you complete a spring challenge during next summer (Serie change)

@Fischs3 I also had many troubles this season. I guess the game has some issues right now. Pray for the ennemy team to leave as soon as possible to win quickly
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 11 Nov 19 at 22:53
Conflict NZHow are people winning this mid season? Hacks?
Posted by Conflict NZ on 12 Nov 19 at 00:04
SergeGTSI won the games and the trial on first try. No hacks, just got a good team for once. Better than having my own team mates push me off the road.
Posted by SergeGTS on 12 Nov 19 at 01:52
Conflict NZ@SergeGTS the achievement is for completing an entire playlist, if you miss out on it you have to do it all again. You only get it after the spring week which is next week, yet there are a bunch of people on the recently earned list that have earned it in the last two weeks which should have been impossible.
Posted by Conflict NZ on 12 Nov 19 at 02:22
DF I Phoenix@Conflict NZ People that did 100% on a serie between 7-12 could win the achievement if they just log in for the first time since the TU releases.
Modifying the date couldn't be the reason because you need active servers for the Trials and Playgrounds.
So I guess the only theory is that they got 100% prior to Serie 13 (the TU released near the end of Serie 13 around 200 people unlocked it instantly, so it's my best guess)
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 12 Nov 19 at 02:34
Conflict NZ@DF I Phoenix Makes sense, I forgot these achievements were retroactive.
Posted by Conflict NZ on 12 Nov 19 at 03:02
Conflict NZFinal week for this playlist, good luck everyone!
Posted by Conflict NZ on 14 Nov 19 at 21:25
Mike CromartyI can’t wait to be done in a few days
Posted by Mike Cromarty on 16 Nov 19 at 10:19
WWookie Cookierock OMG so close now! I can’t wait to be done in a few days. This was so painful and enjoyable to complete, thank you for wasting 20+ hours of my life. clapwave

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 - toast
Posted by WWookie Cookie on 16 Nov 19 at 12:06
GiantBRFinal steps guys, just 3 more days now and all those painfull playground games sessions will be rewarded. Good luck everyone.
Posted by GiantBR on 18 Nov 19 at 03:20
NoHeroes94How bad are the Playground Games? Going for this in Series 16 on Thursday. Do you just need to be on the winning team for 1 seasonal PG? Surely its just a case of keep playing matches until you get lucky to be on a winning team?
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 18 Nov 19 at 15:55
9/10 times Playground Games come down to winning the first round. Usually 2 or 3 players on the losing side will quit out, causing the remaining players to fall into a deeper deficit, which in turn will force them to quit. Just keep playing until you're on a team that wins the first round, then just hope attrition takes care of rest. In all 4 seasons I did, none of the winning matches lasted longer than two rounds.
Posted on 18 Nov 19 at 19:40
Conflict NZSometimes it depends how close the first round is, if it's decided by a few seconds sometimes people will stay but yeah, any clean winner and the losing side mass quits. I'm going to be so happy to never have to play one of those again.
Posted by Conflict NZ on 18 Nov 19 at 20:47
GiantBR@NoHeroes94 it's a massive waste of time, and as the guys above said, it comes down to pure luck.
Posted by GiantBR on 19 Nov 19 at 07:06
Phil the BearThanks for this guide. I am two daily challenges away from completion now.

The Online aspects are the most frustrating. Luck of the draw on your team. And I think overall being forced to play higher difficulty avatars has improved my driving somewhat.

Very thankful for this seasons playground games. Won the first game, 2nd game started with only 2 opposition players and one of those quit after 30 seconds. 3rd game was uncontested.
Posted by Phil the Bear on 19 Nov 19 at 07:25
NoHeroes94I suppose you can just keep retrying, you're going to get a good team at some point. Thanks for the heads up!
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 19 Nov 19 at 09:29
MI1BURNSo to anyone reading this, this achievement is obtainable, it literally unlocked as i was looking at this guide as there was a slight delay.

As most of the comments will say, the hardest things is the online playground games, and the trial championship.

The only tips i can suggest are to make sure you're using the best car for each events. For example, in the trail championship, it will tell you what cars are eligible for the event. Pick one of them and then get it tuned up to get the maximum out of it. There are plenty of people with really good setups that are designed for that event. When racing in the event, remember it's a team game so don't corner ram or smash in to team mates as its not going to help.

As for the online playground, it's really going to come down to luck on who is on your team. I got really lucky and manage to complete this fast as the teams I was up against were either not very good or people left making it easier. Just stick at it and you should be paired up with a good team and remember to use the right car.
Posted by MI1BURN on 20 Nov 19 at 14:58
magiccigamJust completed my last daily challenge today and it did not pop.
But finally it popped just after i started a race 2 minutes later (rechecked and double checked all requirements before...)

So, don't panic when it does not pop right away
Posted by magiccigam on 20 Nov 19 at 16:05
GiantBRI just got it, finally. After all those days, i finally got it!
Posted by GiantBR on 20 Nov 19 at 16:21
Mike CromartyA big congratulations to everyone that got Encore? today. I also now have it. My achievement took a few minutes to unlock.
Posted by Mike Cromarty on 20 Nov 19 at 16:33
Coke MaanI got it today, it instantly unlocked after the last daily!
Posted by Coke Maan on 20 Nov 19 at 16:39
BenjiBurnOMG it took about 15min to unlock ... :@
Posted by BenjiBurn on 20 Nov 19 at 16:47
XOli360Youhoooou! Got it now, took a good 5min to unlock :) Thanks for the guide !
Posted by XOli360 on 20 Nov 19 at 17:27
bigfatwalletBoom. Mine took 4 mins to pop. I got bored waiting so joined a race and on the start race screen it popped. Almost a shame to uninstall cos I really enjoyed this but those chievos wont pop themselves.
Posted by bigfatwallet on 20 Nov 19 at 20:00
TheTrueSteinPopped within about 5 minutes for me as well.
Posted by TheTrueStein on 20 Nov 19 at 21:15
Conflict NZI tried to get it before work but there was an update and it was downloading at 600kbps when I have Gigabit Fibre :(
Posted by Conflict NZ on 20 Nov 19 at 21:21
Stony99Thanks to everyone in comments for updates all throughout getting this and best of luck to people starting soon hardest is the Trial and Playground games as you depend on others but if you can knock them off early as possible that week you normally get more consistent players. Massive shoutout to DF I Phoenix for the guide and videos for this serie a thumbs up on this guide doesn’t do you justice!!!
Posted by Stony99 on 20 Nov 19 at 23:08
Conflict NZWoohooo finally done, great job everyone, thank god we don't have to play Playground Games again!

Thanks to DF I Phoenix as well!
Posted by Conflict NZ on 21 Nov 19 at 01:59
TylerTeaTimeShout out to DF | Phoenix for the guide!
Posted by TylerTeaTime on 21 Nov 19 at 02:18
Gumbeaux JrLogging on for my last daily.
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 21 Nov 19 at 03:24
Gumbeaux JrGot it!! Thanks for the great guide!
Posted by Gumbeaux Jr on 21 Nov 19 at 03:35
SergeGTSI just finished it and it didn't pop. UGH. I can't stand it when they don't pop right away.
Posted by SergeGTS on 21 Nov 19 at 04:08
Dobermann XOk, well done Playground, this is a stupid and useless achievement, i really hate this new achievement generation they suck like hell! Achievements are not rewarded for doing cool stuff but just to make you boosting the number of active players of the game.
Well, i'm starting to give up on 100% each of my games because achievements are absolutly not fun in most of the Xbox One games were they were cool in Xbox 360.
To Playground: F*ck you.
Posted by Dobermann X on 21 Nov 19 at 14:16
NoHeroes94Not sure if I just built this up in my head too much, but after 3 hours I'm already done for the 1st season aside from dailies. I didn't even get Trial or PG Games 1st time either (3rd and 2nd time respectively). I'm an average player, not terrible, not amazing, I had no issues with anything. Purely depends on your team. For PG games we actually lost the 1st round, but it was close so people stayed - won the next 3. A lot more hopeful after the horror stories I've heard.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 21 Nov 19 at 23:52
I HATE playground events. I SUCK at them (sorrry teammates). When I finally get in a team that starts to carry me to victory I get randomly disconected from the match
Posted by Miojo666 on 22 Nov 19 at 05:15
Zanarkand99So I bought the lego dlc, half price bf sale baby. Decided to give this achievement a go I haven't played for months. Got the trial and party game first time was lucky. I can see that party game mode being a right bitch I hated every second and it went well lol. I have a question I have done everything I am on 77%. 5 daily challenges locked remaining is that the other 23%? or do I have to play online adventure? I haven't done that. And if so do I need to win? >.<.

EDIT. 95% did a rank playlist, lost, just had to take part.
Posted by Zanarkand99 on 22 Nov 19 at 18:33
The Manic MooseI'm a bit confused, I've just bought the ultimate pack dlc and so will be returning to this game shortly. When does the Summer season start? I'm going away December 21 probably back on December 24 so I'm assuming I can't complete this until the following season?
Posted by The Manic Moose on 25 Nov 19 at 16:18
DF I Phoenix@The Manic Moose Summer started 5 days ago so if you haven't played it from scratch to at least complete the first daily challenges.... you have to wait until series 17 to try this achievement :/
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 25 Nov 19 at 22:54
The Manic MooseOk, so the next series starts 20 December? So before I go away on the 21st and don't return until 24th, I need to get the first set of daily challenges done at minimum? Then it is a case of getting all the summer and weekly challenge done, and continue to do daily challenges as they arise?
Posted by The Manic Moose on 27 Nov 19 at 12:52
NoHeroes94@The Manic Moose. Seasons start at 2:30pm UK time on Thursdays. Series 16 started 21st November (Autumn starts tomorrow), so Series 17 starts 19th December.

You need to 100% the entire season for 4 consecutive weeks (the series). This includes the items stated under "Events" in the solution. The only items requiring completion more than once per week are indeed the dailies (nearly always take 5 - 15 minutes and are very easy, occasionally awkward). These go up every day, and have to be completed within 3 days (72 hours).

I'll inbox you about your own personal time-frame.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 27 Nov 19 at 14:37
Thay SA 23Hi guys, I started this series 16, and so far I thought summer was pretty easy, got it trial and playgames first try. About the challenge of today, dirt scramble events, any dirt event works, or has one just for this? English is not my first language, sorry if I say/wrote something wrong! Thanks!
Posted by Thay SA 23 on 27 Nov 19 at 21:04
NoHeroes94@Thay SA 23 - No new event, just standard ones. Most of the Dirt Racing Series races are either Scrambles or Trails (look at race name). Just win any 2 of the scramble events. I did two different ones, but you may even be able to just repeat the same one (not sure).

Also don't apologise for your English, as a non-primary speaker your English is good.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 27 Nov 19 at 21:06
Thay SA 23@NoHeroes94 So, I changed the language of the menu to English, and look at the names of the races, and there it was, dirt races scramble! That was a great tip!!
Ps.: you are very kind! Thanks a lot!!
Posted by Thay SA 23 on 28 Nov 19 at 01:07
NoHeroes94Aside from dailies, done for Autumn. This week's trial is super easy, did it 1st time and we demolished the AI. Didn't lose a round by less than 1,000 points. PG Games took 3 games, but 1st round in 2 losses were close.

Found the PR stunts and Championships slightly harder this season, although still easy (I mean, you can rewind laugh).
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 29 Nov 19 at 00:35
Thay SA 23@noheroes94 I’m struggling with the daily of today, airborne skill, can you believe it?! Besides that, I’m also have everything done! Trial was very very easy! for the championships I bought the first tune that appears, the name was “seasonal win” and got all of them first try!
Do you have a tip for the daily?
Posted by Thay SA 23 on 29 Nov 19 at 02:01
Achilles8249Just wanted to add this, but you don't need to do any forzathons. I didn't do any in autumn and winter but I still got 100% on both seasons.
Posted by Achilles8249 on 16 Dec 19 at 04:01
OrchiiYeah 3 daily challanges to go...
Anyone have weekly and daily challanges unavailable ? It shows me that Server of the FH4 is actually unavailable, please try again later.
I hope that they will fix it soon...
Posted by Orchii on 16 Dec 19 at 18:46
GlycodinI'm fucked up and missed one spring daily challange... Only four hours ago it was real. Shit, I'm so angry now! angry
Posted by Glycodin on 17 Dec 19 at 18:13
NoHeroes94Final daily challenge for S16 today. Make sure you do it before 2:30pm GMT tomorrow (Thursday 19th December) or you'll miss out! You must complete it WITHIN the current series even though you the final daily won't expire until 2 days into S17 (PM'd OP). I'm at 99% for Spring, 99% for whole series and just have 1 daily left so shouldn't have any issues.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 18 Dec 19 at 12:18
I Vreid IGot it today, finally.
Posted by I Vreid I on 18 Dec 19 at 14:54
Xterm1n8orTook about 3 minutes to unlock for me after completing the final forzathon, nerve-wracking times!
Posted by Xterm1n8or on 18 Dec 19 at 15:14
NoHeroes94Unlocked immediately! Phew. 3000/3000G. Hope this game doesn't have any more stupid updates, although this was so easy and I'm not sure why so many people had problems, nothing at all for this achievement is difficult.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 18 Dec 19 at 17:50
PHT999@DF I Pheonix Can you please make it absolutely clear in your guide that you must achieve 100 % on the final day, not a day or two later? I didn't think I had to and now I've wasted a month of work with it not unlocking for me the day after. Only now have I seen that you mention this in one comment of this 450 comment strong solution.
Posted by PHT999 on 20 Dec 19 at 19:35
IINUMB3R44is this currently bugged? showing 88% when all completed for summer?
Posted by IINUMB3R44 on 21 Dec 19 at 16:36
Zanarkand99You have to do the 7 dailies which are 1% each and the online mode 1 game of that for a ranking if you haven't.

Achievement glitched for me. I am 100% for last series and didn't get the achievement. I forgot to log in on the last day, did the final 1% after the reset, it made the series 100% but no achievement. So make sure you sign in on the final day because the achievement is coded stupid as hell. You miss 1 day in 28 days you won't get the achievement.
Posted by Zanarkand99 on 22 Dec 19 at 13:55
JX JuniorAbsolutely hate the playground games crap. As soon as I get into a match. at least 2 people quit on my team everytime and I'm left immediately with a disadvantage and can't ever win. Really retarded.
Posted by JX Junior on 28 Dec 19 at 23:52
The Manic MooseCouldn’t agree more.
Posted by The Manic Moose on 09 Jan 20 at 19:07
BveeeeeDoes it matter what season I start on?
Posted by Bveeeee on 11 Jan 20 at 00:55
OutlawSun299189You need to start on Summer, which starts on Thursday
Posted by OutlawSun299189 on 13 Jan 20 at 15:36
staR eXistenZSummer Season has started and there are still a few hours left to complete the first challenges and stuff so get on board if you wanna get this done. ;)
Posted by staR eXistenZ on 17 Jan 20 at 13:16
crewdyOh man, I missed the first daily for this Summer season, does that mean I have to wait another 4 weeks to start this again?
Posted by crewdy#4923 on 19 Jan 20 at 16:22
LockieYes if you miss one you're done. I suggest putting an alert in your phone for when the next season starts so you don't miss out next time. That's what I did and so far I'm on track to complete Summer.
Posted by Lockie on 20 Jan 20 at 01:39
R0B0T DEVILWanted to post because I was nervous that I wasn't gonna unlock this.

My percentage for the week updated when I finished my 10 races to get ranked last night. I went from 81 up to 100.

I also looked ahead and saw my next three weeks already had 24% complete. I finished both the monthly challenges.

I also had to delete my local save and resync with the cloud, but I think that was unrelated as I did it before my final ranked race.
Posted by R0B0T DEVIL on 23 Jan 20 at 13:26
LockieJust finished it! clap Wasn't too hard provided you're able to login a few times a week to do the dailies.

My main tip is to make sure you do The Trial and the Playground Games events first every week while they are most active.

Also if you're away on holiday without access to your Xbox like I was, and have GPUltimate & a laptop, just install FH4 on that and get the dailies that way.
Posted by Lockie on 13 Feb 20 at 01:31
Quick question , are all seasons this quick? I logged in today, finished the Weekly stuff, the daily of today, all the 3 seasonal championships, he 3 Pr stunts, the PvP Games, the Trial, the Rivals .. all in 3-4 hours aprox. Am I only required to login every 2nd day (technically it could be every 3rd but I’ll play it safe lol) and do the new dailies to be done with the season, then repeat for next 3 weeks and that’s it?? I was under her impression that completing this achievement would take like,, 50 hours in game or something like that, lol.
Posted on 14 Feb 20 at 04:39
Maelstorm95From what I'm understanding, yeah it is that quick. I'm in the process of going through it now as i started the game in the middle of the last series. Currently have the first season at 95%, with 5 daily challenges left. So I'm assuming that those will get me the remaining ones.
Posted by Maelstorm95 on 15 Feb 20 at 02:17
GMNStory stars don't count
Posted by GMN on 22 Feb 20 at 14:14
Conflict NZStory stars do count if a story gets released as part of a season. When I did it a new story got released which updated season progress.
Posted by Conflict NZ on 01 Mar 20 at 22:51
Law ViolationCan anyone confirm if idling FFA Ranked counts?
Posted by Law Violation on 15 Mar 20 at 16:11
FoxTheBeastlyCompleted two daily challenges the other day which apparently didn’t save. One is now no longer active so I’m going to have to redo this entire thing next month! Thanks for making an achievement you have to log in almost every day for a month to get and not make sure progress is saved immediately after completing something. Total bullshit.
Posted by FoxTheBeastly on 01 Apr 20 at 19:52
XphxrI login today and got the last daily challenge. The achievement did not pop up. Anyway to pop achievement? Got 8 hours left. Need help.
Posted by Xphxr on 08 Apr 20 at 19:00
MUFC9899I have got 100% on this today as well and it has not popped....

*edit* - stayed on the game with the achievements open and it popped 5 minutes later!!
Posted by MUFC9899 on 08 Apr 20 at 19:05
MaybeSomeDayXi got scared because it did not unlock for today as well but as I was reading this it popped. THE FEELING OF RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by MaybeSomeDayX on 08 Apr 20 at 21:41
XphxrNevermind, i got it, popped after an hour.
Posted by Xphxr on 08 Apr 20 at 21:51
jantranceI am going for this achievement in the 21st season, wish me luck.
Posted by jantrance on 12 Apr 20 at 16:35
Posted by Samtaro on 12 Apr 20 at 20:08
CauseThese Trials are impossible...
Posted by Cause on 14 Apr 20 at 21:45
Ryan H McLSeason 21 Trial is brutal - VW Baja Beetle is the best car probably
Posted by Ryan H McL on 16 Apr 20 at 11:27
Jackimo1999After several hours, six custom car builds, and countless attempts,I literally lost summer this month on the trial. Balance? What's that?
Posted by Jackimo1999 on 16 Apr 20 at 14:29
CauseI actually ended up getting that Trial with the VW tune from Waznewz, was still very difficult! I managed to win 2 of the races. The Trial for Autumn was much easier.
Posted by Cause on 21 Apr 20 at 15:43
Ri0tRoBI just missed one daily Forzathon Challenge... On a scale of 0 to 10, how much am I fricked? angry
Posted by Ri0tRoB on 29 Apr 20 at 16:37
EthelThank you for this guide. I am on track to complete this this week, so long as I don’t miss any of the dailies 😂
Posted by Ethel on 02 May 20 at 09:52
WhoIsJohn117@WorKev... the Series starts with summer and runs on a four-week cycle with the seasons changing every Thursday at 14:30 GMT. We're in spring right now. The next Series will start next Thursday (07 MAY).
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 02 May 20 at 15:29
ProjectOasis@Ethel OMG same, I set up a daily reminder in my phone. Otherwise 4 weeks for nothing 😅
Posted by ProjectOasis on 04 May 20 at 15:18
LavalampeI now have complete 100% today and it has not popped up. This is my last achievement. Anything I might miss? Or will it only. Pop when new season starting?
Posted by Lavalampe on 06 May 20 at 15:19
Parkman RulesWas about to post to say It did not popped like Lavalamp but it just popped after like 3-4 min. What a relief!! Now only need 2 eliminator achievements and I am done.
Posted by Parkman Rules on 06 May 20 at 15:26
It unlocked about 5min after reaching 100% while being idle in the game menu just now
Posted by ProjectOasis on 06 May 20 at 15:28
jantranceJust unlocked it today after completing the series 21 Spring - Forzathon Weekly Challenge Chapter 4, that was the last one I had to do it unlocked for me immediately after completing that challenge.

And that chapter was seriously really hard to do.

I used this to help me:
Posted by jantrance on 06 May 20 at 15:28
haha congrats… go for it, they’re very luck based though
Posted by ProjectOasis on 06 May 20 at 15:30
LavalampeCame poped for me now, too.
Posted by Lavalampe on 06 May 20 at 15:50
ImAlanPartridgeI was just coming on to say mine hasn't popped today either, but it was now after a few mins sat in the menu after finishing the daily challenge. Thank you for this guide.
Posted by ImAlanPartridge on 06 May 20 at 15:52
KaS47cLavalampe i have the same issue i hope it will pop when new season will start
Posted by KaS47c on 06 May 20 at 16:18
KaS47cIt popped for me too
Posted by KaS47c on 06 May 20 at 19:36
KevinLegend512This achievement should be obtained at least once a month on a Wednesday/Thursday. Why do some people have it on various other days of the week? Cheaters?
Posted by KevinLegend512 on 07 May 20 at 10:29
LavindatharBit confused. Started today (first day of summer), just hit 80% on summer (2 championships and dailies left). My festival playlist shows 38% complete. How is that possible when I’m in the first season, and only 80% of that...
Posted by Lavindathar on 08 May 20 at 15:02
Ian333333Is there a way to reset the clock and do daily’s? For the second month in a row I’ve missed the first day 😫😫😫 this achievement is putting me off playing the game!
Posted by Ian333333 on 11 May 20 at 15:17
BAMMphilAlso just missed the first dailies this season. Tried resetting the clock on the console, but the quests dont show up if your offline, so on the console it doesnt seem to work.
Currently downloading the game on PC to check if it still works there, if not i'll have to retry next season.
Posted by BAMMphil on 11 May 20 at 19:55
Sheamus OBoyleFor clarification, can you only attempt to start this the first day of summer?
Posted by Sheamus OBoyle on 12 May 20 at 20:15
DF I PhoenixHi everyone, I'll try to complete my guide during this series. I was busy with my school these last months and I didn't had much time to focus on this (don't be a programmer, it'll consume your free time as well).

Just a reminder for everyone asking (it's written in the guide, but might be too much hidden for some) :
WARNING : This means that have to log into the game more often than every 72 hours in order to be certain you complete it.
WARNING °2 : This also means that you can't complete those challenges once they are no more active (shows as expired).
WARNING °3 : This also applies to the seasons, meaning that if you did not 100% Summer for example, it's over for the current Serie.
WARNING °4 : This means that you have to start between the 1st and the 3rd day of a Serie if you want to get this achievement. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until next month (as a Serie last 4x7 = 28 days).
WARNING °5 : It was confirmed in the comments that you can complete a daily challenge for a season even (like the last of the season) at the beginning of the next season, and it will still count for the %age.
WARNING °6 : I confirm that you have to reach 100% for the Serie before it ends, otherwise it won't unlock. This means that you MUST be present on the last day of the Serie to complete it totally.
WARNING °7 : The community in the comments is investigating the fact that you might be able to complete "offline" events if you're playing Forza on your PC and changing your PC clock. More info on this later
TLDR : Check the bottom of the spoiler part "I - Introduction"
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 14 May 20 at 08:27
Dr MartyGreat info hidden in here, but this is way too long. There are loads of paragraphs that can and should be cut...
Posted by Dr Marty on 01 Jun 20 at 01:14
StableGenius13Do we know if the Series 23 Update delay is going to affect things?
Posted by StableGenius13 on 05 Jun 20 at 15:07
brayargOnce you have enough cars/cash and a solid understanding of the game its actually very straightforward.
Posted by brayarg on 12 Jun 20 at 15:10
Skate 323I just had a update for this today. I was working on the encore! Achievement. I already had 100% on summer. Today I would of had 100% on autumn. However my dailys have been partially reset. It is now saying I only have 2/7 dailys for summer. Autumn says I only have 6/7 now as one of the first dailys I already completed is expired. I did however pop the perfectionist achievement somehow after loading the game after the update this morning.
Posted by Skate 323 on 17 Jun 20 at 15:20
GoW ButtersAnyone elses playlist completely fucked with the new update? I had 100% in Summer and 99% in Autumn with 1 daily challenge to do, logged on just now to complete the daily and apparently I missed 3 summer objectives, havent done any autumn ones and it just gave me the achievement for completing all 8 completion bonuses in the series??
Posted by GoW Butters on 17 Jun 20 at 15:23
Bo5sNinjaYeah I got wrecked by the update too. Had 100% on summer. Now I have 89% with 5 missing daily's. Also my dailies for the season changed. I was on 6 of , now I'm in 5 of 7. They are completely different challenges also. Wtf guess i gotta wait another month for this...
Posted by Bo5sNinja on 17 Jun 20 at 16:07
PavloffAfter the update today, my Summer percentage changed from 100% to 89%. For Autumn (was at 99%), I was missing one daily challenge and now I am missing three (currently at 91%). I also received the Perfectionist achievement even though I did not meet the criterion. The update messed everything up for me (like it did for others) so I guess I need to wait another month to go after the Encore? achievement.
Posted by Pavloff on 17 Jun 20 at 19:56
DjentLivesUpdate screwed up 5 of my Summer daily challenges as well and now I completed everything in Autumn but only have 94% Autumn progress. I posted on the support webpage, maybe you guys can submit bug reports as well and they will take it more seriously.
Posted by DjentLives on 18 Jun 20 at 00:25
iFx So lHappyMi logro :(
Posted by iFx So lHappy on 18 Jun 20 at 05:54
StableGenius13Forza Support tweeted that they're aware of the issues everyone seems to be having with playlist comp%. Same for me, I had 5 daily Summer challenges show up as incomplete after the update, even though I did them already. *Sigh*
Posted by StableGenius13 on 18 Jun 20 at 13:38
Fluke939wow, what an awful annoying and idiotic achievement.
I too seem to have been screwed over by the summer update and the glitched 94% autumn. I think once I get my pring achievement and hopefully the all PR stunts and championships for a playlist achievements... I think I am done. might try again one day if they ever add some more content
Posted by Fluke939 on 23 Jun 20 at 10:44
mathatter91What’s worse is that it seems to be effecting the other achievements. All PR stunts and Championships for ALL seasons in the same playlist are gold, saying they’re completed, and both of those achievements won’t unlock.
Posted by mathatter91 on 28 Jun 20 at 16:21
Skate 323Same here. Everything is messed up it seems in the seasonal playlist.
Posted by Skate 323 on 30 Jun 20 at 03:37
Skate 323Upon loading the game today 7-01-20 all my percentages for each season are back to 100%. Seems they fixed the issues!
My Encore! Achievement has just popped upon completing the last daily challenge. However A creature of habit and stunt puller have not popped unfortunately.
Posted by Skate 323 on 01 Jul 20 at 14:37
Gavin SteelYou have to complete the story missions and ranked modes too?
Posted by Gavin Steel on 04 Jul 20 at 05:43
Ian333333I'd completed the summer season 100% logged in today and the photo hasn't register and it's only showing as 97% now 😡😡😡
Posted by Ian333333 on 10 Jul 20 at 22:48
roadkill3768Had the same exact problem as above. Sent a ticket to Turn10.
Posted by roadkill3768 on 12 Jul 20 at 03:14
villanryThis has happened to me now with Summer as well. Stuck at 97%. I clearly have the Zenvo TSR-S in my garage too but for some reason the credit for taking photo has disappeared.

If I’m remembering correctly, I took that photo several times to make sure I had credit for it. So frustrating.
Posted by villanry on 18 Jul 20 at 04:51
Whats a ChundyForgive me for misunderstanding but I just want to clarify something. I've completed ALL activities in the Spring playlist minus the 1/7 daily challenges. Once I get that last daily done, will I get the achievement?
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 24 Jul 20 at 06:36
KinectKid333Phew... My achievement finally unlocked. I just came here to post that I'd been waiting 20 minutes at 100% and it hadn't unlocked, but it unlocked while I was typing my comment laugh
Posted by KinectKid333 on 29 Jul 20 at 14:51
DjuddSame here, not 20 minutes, but around 5 - finally done!
Posted by Djudd on 29 Jul 20 at 16:38
justargylemanLmao, login and finished it. See the 100% pop but not achievement... look at posts above ^ and of course it pops.
Posted by justargyleman on 29 Jul 20 at 17:43
villanryArgh. Mine did not unlock because of the buggy photo challenge. Summer is still locked at 97% and the game thinks I didn’t complete the photo challenge. All the other seasons are at 100. Has to do with the bug of having your home on the DLC island. Resets photo challenge credit apparently.

Have a ticket in with Turn10 but I am not hopeful. Will update post if this somehow unlocks today randomly. Frustrating.
Posted by villanry on 29 Jul 20 at 18:53
KadowsterMine has also not popped because of the photo bug, have also sent a support ticket to the Forza support page. Not looking hopeful to get fixed though.
Posted by Kadowster on 29 Jul 20 at 21:00
notoriousJMZThe Trial is literally the worst - people constantly leaving games.

Wish there was a way to boost
Posted by notoriousJMZ on 30 Jul 20 at 16:54
Broflexion@Notorious Yeah The Trial sucks. I can get 5 or 6 people to join but its around 2-4 when I do the last race and its hard to win
Posted by Broflexion on 31 Jul 20 at 22:53
golfkid210Just to clarify - you can do the monthly challenges (ranked adventures, rivals) at any point in the series and it will retroactively apply to any completed season in the series? I don't yet have ranked adventures unlocked and not sure I'll be able to do that before summer finishes.
Posted by golfkid210 on 01 Aug 20 at 05:52
BroflexionSomeone in the forums mentioned that the Playground games was no longer a requirement but I've completed everything this week besides that and the dailies and even after completing the dailies this week, I will only be at 94%. Is it true its no longer required? Because it seems like its not the case
Posted by Broflexion on 01 Aug 20 at 23:51
golfkid210Last season I played a playground games and even though my team lost every round, the box still changed to gold.... so maybe you have to play it but don't have to win anymore. Same thing goes for the Trial, the Players team won the first 2 rounds but lost the Goliath round to the Drivatars.... but the event was still marked gold in the season.
Posted by golfkid210 on 02 Aug 20 at 02:30
Whats a ChundyCan anyone confirm that you need to complete all 7 daily challenges for each season? I believe I'm now out of luck for the next month as I only was able to get 6.
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 04 Aug 20 at 19:01
Broflexion@golfkid210 I believe the Trial you only have to win 2 out of the 3 races so thats why it turned gold.
Posted by Broflexion on 05 Aug 20 at 00:56
BroflexionSo is the update still bugging the promo photo? Mine keeps on resetting everyday
Posted by Broflexion on 05 Aug 20 at 01:38
GilmourNZI’m very nervous right now that my summer season is not complete. I have completed everything needed this month and it’s all checked off Complete! In each event and gold but it still only says 85% complete. 😩
Posted by GilmourNZ on 05 Aug 20 at 19:45
Fatal RusHThe photo challenge bugged out on me on the winter season. Still going to complete this last one and hope for the best.
Posted by Fatal RusH on 21 Aug 20 at 08:41
Absohailthe winter photo op has bugged out on me as well. Hoping its just a visual glitch. My completion went down to 79% but I didnt get the 80% reward a second time so I am hoping it still counts.
Posted by Absohail on 24 Aug 20 at 08:12
Fatal RusHI just did everything in spring, and unsurprisingly: no achievement.
Posted by Fatal RusH on 26 Aug 20 at 19:41
SadisticBaneIn my experience the photo op only bugged out when I had my home set to Lego Valley and would be incomplete upon logging in there. After I noticed that, I set my home back to the mainland and didn't travel to either DLC areas for the whole season. As a result, the photo op stayed complete each time I logged in; achievement unlocked perfectly once I completed the final daily challenge of the season.
Posted by SadisticBane on 27 Aug 20 at 09:09
koolkong94I've never set a DLC location as home and my photo challenge for last season bugged out, but I believe I was on Fortune Island when I last logged off before the season changed. Guess I'll have to wait a whole extra month for this one.
Posted by koolkong94 on 04 Sep 20 at 11:19
Whats a ChundyDoes this achievement unlock at the end of the playlist series? Along with the achievements for all championships and PR stunts for the series?
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 16 Oct 20 at 03:27
Ben L0nd0nI just had it pop straightaway upon completing the 7th daily challenge in spring for the current series.
Posted by Ben L0nd0n on 21 Oct 20 at 14:34
Musikfreak007I finished the last daily challenge and...nothing.
Brought up Festival playlist screen... nothing.
Achievement guide screen... nothing.
"View Series History" in the Festival playlist about 3 min after completing the challenge.
*giant sigh of relief smile
Posted by Musikfreak007 on 21 Oct 20 at 16:10
KriostyxYeah this achievement is definitely not worth it. Especially with the Eliminator achievements being a thing so completion is not a prospect anyway. PVP is a horrible concept, and doing the playground games defeats the purpose of having fun while playing video games. It MIGHT be different if the thing got checked off just by finishing the playground series but WINNING one? Yeah no. No point in creating stress for a stupid achievement. The multiplayer stuff should be for the masochists that want to hurt their psyche and all achievements should be doable single player. Not going to bother with this and will be happier for it.
Posted by Kriostyx on 24 Oct 20 at 03:10
l BlackBrian7 l@Kriostyx I did the playground challenge today and it completed even though my team lost the whole thing. They may have updated it so you only need to finish it and not win. But yeah it was absolute torture trying to actually win...
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 24 Oct 20 at 20:54
thatNoseyParkerThere’s also a glitch I’ve noticed related to the dlc.
It seems being in the DLC areas (I also have my house there) causes he photo challenge to appeared incomplete. When you travel back to the mainland (base game), it will correct itself back to complete.
Unfortunately, upon starting season 3 (winter), it still says autumn’s photo challenge was incomplete and “expired”, which that season’s completion at 97%. Looks like I’m probably gonna have start again next month
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 10 Nov 20 at 00:48
Wobblo@ChronicEviiL as the Rival challenge is "monthly" do you know if it will retroactively apply to the Summer season if it's done in one of the other seasons? I assume so as it's monthly and not seasonal?
Posted by Wobblo on 23 Nov 20 at 12:05
WhyattThrashThe monthly rival issue has now been fixed, and it registers retroactively when logging in.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 23 Nov 20 at 15:15
WobbloWow that was quick. I was getting worried as when I was looking around for advice last night on the forza forums there was nothing but people complaining about how bad their support is and how everything takes ages to fix. I suppose this was probably quite an easy one to fix but still toast
Posted by Wobblo on 23 Nov 20 at 15:18
ChronicEviiLGood, if they fixed it, I'll remove my other comment - gl to everyone for this month!
Posted by ChronicEviiL on 23 Nov 20 at 21:33
Ruchie74I am currently sitting at 100% on the series. Will it pop after the series ends tomorrow?

edit: it popped after a few minutes of sitting idle
Posted by Ruchie74 on 16 Dec 20 at 16:14
WobbloIt's the full Festival Playlist (all 4 seasons) - mine didn't pop on screen, instead I saw it pop up on my laptop and had silently unlocked in the background.
Posted by Wobblo on 16 Dec 20 at 18:26
WhyattThrashSo the latest Super7 update broke online matchmaking, perfect timing for the last week of the season... contacted support and they’re working on fixing it though
Posted by WhyattThrash on 18 Dec 20 at 22:15
WithTheDawnI wish I had read through these comments before. Put all the effort into lining up this month to work on this achievement, knocked out the first week 100% and now it is showing 97% with the photo challenge not done. Just so depressing, I'm sure it isn't worth playing the next 3 weeks for it, and I was really into and enjoying this game. Will be much harder to do any other month...
Posted by WithTheDawn on 25 Dec 20 at 01:32
WhyattThrashYeah it isn’t bugged per se, but it seems to be constantly plagued with problems preventing the 100%.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 25 Dec 20 at 04:03
TobesOfHadesI posted to Forza support about experiencing the photo challenge showing as incomplete even though I am positive I competed it. They acknowledged a bug causes this problem if you visit a DLC location. So if that eventually get fixed, I wonder if the completion will also be fixed. Hoping so.
Posted by TobesOfHades on 02 Jan at 23:50
KaiserSozeI just finish at 100% the four playlist season and the achievement did not pop up, do you know if I have to wait till the end of the spring season?
Posted by KaiserSoze on 13 Jan at 23:44
KaiserSozeOk, I have to post here to get the achievement 😂😂😂😂
Posted by KaiserSoze on 13 Jan at 23:45
KaiserSozeOk, I have to post here to get the achievement 😂😂😂😂
Posted by KaiserSoze on 13 Jan at 23:49
WaggiesaurusRexGoing for this during the new/current season. Hopefully will be back in 25ish days and have it unlocked!
Posted by WaggiesaurusRex on 15 Jan at 08:08
PrattalmightySo if I missed the first two daily challenges in Summer, I'm basically hooped until next playlist i.e next month?
Posted by Prattalmighty on 20 Jan at 22:51
Posted by WhyattThrash on 20 Jan at 23:55
NaZkarJust wondering, is this still glitchy? I first tried it last summer, when they were introducing additional seasonal tasks, and it really was! Just trying again now and it appears my photo for Summer hasn't been recorded, so that's only showing as 97% complete. (I definitely took the correct photo, though I did it in Promo mode and didn't save it - does that matter?)
Posted by NaZkar on 24 Jan at 10:57
WhyattThrashYou don’t need to save the photo for it to count for the challenge, you just need to see the checkboxes for the challenge being checked.
Posted by WhyattThrash on 24 Jan at 11:07
NaZkarSolved my issue I think. When I spawn in the Lego house the photo is incomplete. When I return to England it is complete. Might be a glitch for others to watch out for.
Posted by NaZkar on 27 Jan at 21:33
XAchieveX360XDoes the achievement pop after you complete the last challenge? Or do you have to wait until the festival is completed? I have 100% in all seasons and it didn’t pop.
Posted by XAchieveX360X on 10 Feb at 15:29
RileymeshIt takes a while to pop. Several minutes for me after I completed the final challenge. Not sure if it triggered anything, but I went through everything to check they were definitely showing gold (despite having 100% showing quite clearly on the main screen), and when I was scrolling down through the daily challenges, it popped. Was probably just a complete coincidence.
Posted by Rileymesh on 10 Feb at 15:52
tendicottYes, mine took a few minutes to pop after I did the last challenge. Just left it idle for a few minutes. Bit tense though when it's a month's work playing a minimum of 4 times a week.
Posted by tendicott on 10 Feb at 16:09
ImprovidusDidn't get this achievement even though I completed everything in series 31. The winter photo challenge progress reset for me due to me being in a race on Fortune Island when the Winter season changed to Spring.
Posted by Improvidus on 10 Feb at 18:16
AutumnThis took a good 15 minutes to pop for me, and I restarted the game to see if that would fix it. So if you're having issues with this unlocking at the end of this current season, just give it a little time. As long as it says 100% in your series progress, you'll probably be fine getting it by waiting a bit.
Posted by Autumn on 10 Feb at 18:57
Yuk1ohTraveling to any DLC (Lego or Fortune) reset the photo challenges as if I have not complete them. So now I'm missing only Autumn and Winter photo challenges. A full month of daily play now wasted.
Posted by Yuk1oh on 11 Feb at 00:41
CaianTironiI had the photo issue when I spawned on Lego island, but it was fixed when I returned to England. It's on summer, so it wouldn't be a problem if I lost it.
But now I'm afraid of playing the DLCs once summer is gone. Can someone confirm if this bug will always be fixed when you return to the main game?
Posted by CaianTironi on 12 Feb at 20:30
CaianTironiAnswering and completing my previous comment, and really trying to help someone avoid this headache, I can say this:
When summer was still going, I played Lego DLC and the problem was gone as long as I kept my home anywhere in mainland.
Today autumn started, I played the DLC and the problem was back again. Lost my summer photo promo progress and can't earn it back, so I'm stuck with 97% on summer.
Neither reseting my home, the internet and the console fixed it anymore. I emailed forza but I don't think they will help me with other words than "play again in the next series".
I don't know if this is indeed related with playing the DLC, but I recommend that you do not do so for the month you are trying to get this achievement.
Posted by CaianTironi on 18 Feb at 16:33
janol33I lost the photochallenge exactly the same like you, playing lego dlc even that I saw is completed after summer finish once I was in autumn now it shows is not completed and I can't do it again. I will have to back in next series to do it, BTW anyone know a date when the next series start?
Posted by janol33 on 24 Feb at 00:51
DJBringaI also lost the photo challenge in the same way you guys did. I had 100% for Autumn and I played a little of the Lego DLC last night. Winter started today, and I checked autumn and it shows I did not complete the photo challenge. I'm pissed. This is the second straight series where this happened to me.
Posted by DJBringa on 25 Feb at 21:00
PrattalmightyThe photo thing happened to me as well, except I was 100% all the way up to the 4th week (Spring) I can't believe 3 weeks is down the tubes because of this nonsense. I submitted a ticket with them but realistically they won't be able to do anything. It's already listed as a bug they know about
Posted by Prattalmighty today at 06:31