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We are the Spark

Defeat 500 enemies as a hero on any Multiplayer map.

We are the Spark0
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The High PythonThe High Python552,183
26 Sep 2019
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This is now a lot easier with the new Co-op update. In Co-op mode you can quickly build up the Battlepoints needed by killing the AI and then spawn as a Hero.

It's easy to get 50+ kills as a Hero per match.
Bonus EruptusI've been playing for about 6 weeks and had 17 hero kills. 45 minutes of co-op tonight, and I'm up to 136. Thought this would take me forever, but I should have 100% with the triple XP weekend this weekend.
Posted by Bonus Eruptus on 26 Sep 19 at 03:14
GrooTheWander3rCo-op mode is definitely the way to get this done fast
Posted by GrooTheWander3r on 28 Sep 19 at 22:11
maguzzoloUsed coop to grind this but now counter is stuck at 99%...
Posted by maguzzolo on 29 Sep 19 at 21:29
The S bot 9000Glad they did this! This is trivial with a blaster herolaugh
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 26 Dec 19 at 17:48
darthluigi7I also am stuck at 99%.. Tried restarting the game, switching servers, etc but no luck. I used coop to get most of the kills as well.
Posted by darthluigi7 on 11 Jan at 22:18
El Diablo QuesoI was playing Cap Supremacy for the longest time but playing Co-Op last night, I was able to get the last 25% done in less than an hour. Co-Op is the fastest way for this cheevo
Posted by El Diablo Queso on 15 Jan at 21:49
a rabid fuzzleDoes this achievement have to be done on a single map or does it count across all heroes and all maps?
Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 31 Mar at 22:32
The High PythonIt doesn't have to be a single map, it counts for any hero on any map.
Posted by The High Python on 31 Mar at 23:02
HKDK Bay BayDoes heroes in star fighters count?
Posted by HKDK Bay Bay on 26 Apr at 16:21
Stevee x1Star Fighter kills don't count from what I can tell. I did a few kills with a hero ship and checked tracker. No progress.
Posted by Stevee x1 on 12 Jul at 23:19