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Amazing Grace

Recruit Grace's group

Amazing Grace0
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27 Sep 2019
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This story related and cannot actually be missed. The only way to miss this would be to not play the game.

This is section is fairly early in the game and is the part
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
as well as a handful of other minor characters. This section of the game can be pretty tricky as its after the Manhattan area as a whole you should unlock this. The whole New York area of the game is full of radiation that can drain your health and a lot of enclosed areas, drones, and enemies out in the open with little to no cover. Its also just about the first time you encounter
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

IGN has a guide that also includes where all the collectibles are in them.
JVictorOTI finished the game and it didn't unlock, I could load that mission and get the achievement?
Posted by JVictorOT on 12 Aug 20 at 20:52