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Etheria Defense Force

Create a Hero Deck with four level 50 heroes.

Etheria Defense Force+0.7
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01 Oct 2019
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This achievement will come naturally as you play through the game and progress through the levels. Your characters level up during the game and you will be notified of this. I would suggest playing with friends or online with random members of the game as it makes the levels much easier to progress. One tip at the moment is that the game has a glitch where every character is levelling up very quickly and at the same pace (no matter which you use more). This achievement is tracked and will be unlocked through natural progression (most likely after the first story board). If you continue each level with the characters you started with in the first level they should all progress at around the same pace so not changing this may be a good idea until you receive this achievement.
TheOnlyMattodunno why you've been down voted, good point to grab a 3rd n 4th asap.
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 06 Feb at 06:37