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True Large Crown Collector

Obtain a gold crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.

True Large Crown Collector0
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Gutsy GoddessGutsy Goddess831,873
01 Oct 2019 02 Oct 2019
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My guide for small crowns got negative although i tried to be useful. I cant hand out crown guys , you know?
I am going to give more detail here. So be positive! If you leave a negative lemme know why , i wont get offended.
So lets get back to the matter at hand.
All sniping and measuring methods you were using for base game apply here
I start one by one for each monster
When i say size it means the size when you get the crown for example 1570.20 is the size and by measure i mean the actual size you can measure in the game with your hunter or your eye
All my measurment are based on the leg of the monster unless i mention not.
1.Beotodus : his small crown is smaller than lavasioth and Jyuratodus and his big crown is also smaller but the measurement is quite the same so watch a video guide for lavasioth if you have problem my small crown for him is 1474.79 and the big one is 2060.87
2.Banbaro : he is a new monster and sadly he is no alike any other. For his small crown when i stood behind his leg on a flat surface it would be the same wize as my hunter. And for his big it was like 3 heads above my hunter . His small crown for me is 2116.26 and his big one is 3006.05
3. Viper tobi-kadachi: he is exactly the same as normal tobi kadachi. Just watch a guide on youtube for the right size my smallest : 1170.47 and my biggest is 1560.62
4. Nightshade paolumo: same as normal paolumo watch a guide . Smallest for me is 1017.59 and biggest is 1406
5. Coral pukei pukei : same as the normal pukei pukei . Watch a video. Smallest : 992.21 . Biggest : 1322.94
6. Barioth. He is a new monster and got the same build as tigrex and nargacuga but definitely not the same size. For his big crown when standing behind his leg WITHOUT shock trap he would be a very little higher than my hunter. And for his small crown while standing behind him again WITHOUT trap his joint would be at my chest lvl of my character. Smallest: 1867 biggest :2580.91
7. Nargacuga. Again a new monster.. i cant really get measurement because i got his both crown without even trying. But he is a bit smaller than barioth. Look as his tail and head for a better measurement. Smallest:1684.97 and biggest : 2393.43
8. Glavenus: a new tail balding monster. He has an abnormal size as if he is big everytime u see it because his tail is really long but use his leg for measurement. His small crown for me when i stood behind him in trap his joint would be the same size as my hunter but my hunters head was a bit higher. His big crown my hunters head was below his big spike on his leg and almost the same size as his second small spike. Smallest:2190.73 biggest: 2978.41
9. Tigrex: same body structure as barioth and nargacuga but this one is really diffrebt. Again i got his crown without noticing but i would go for head size. I noticed when he was big his head was not hitting the ground while being knocked down. Smallest : 1710.02 biggest :2429.00
10. Brachydios. A new monster . His small crown would be the same size as your hunter and his biggest one need to be 2 heads higher than your hunters head. Smallest : 1451.19 biggest : 2033.19
11.Acidic glavenus. Bear in mind that he is a tiny bit smaller. Same measurement as glavenus though . He is hard to measure because of his locale. Theres almost no flat area .. smallest :2111.47 biggest 2846.93
12.sheieking legiana : same as legiana but he is a tiny bit bigger in size because of his extra ice coating. Smallest : 1611.89 biggest : 2252.98
13. Fulgar anjanath: same size as anjanath. Watcg a video ok youtube. Smallest:1481.81 biggest : 1992.22
14. Ebony odogaron: same as the normal odogaron . Watcg a guide. Smallest : 1222.10 biggest: 1722.05
15: velkhana. A new eldee dragon for his small crown my hunter would be exact same size as his back leg a tiny bit shorter and for his big one my hunter was 2-heads shorter. Smallest: 2310.48 biggest : 3245.06
16. Seething bazelgeuse : same as the normal bazel. Watch a video. Smallest : 1596.97 biggest : 2391.19
16. Blackveil vaal hazak : same size as the normal vaal watch a video. Smallest : 184395 biggest: 2619.25
17. Namielle. Another new elder dragon. For his amall size i was almost the same size as his leg and for the big one it was a head and a half higher. I would say measuring leg is not a good option and dont get fooled by his cloak because it big either way. His face is a better indication for me. Smallest : 1822.94 biggest : 2539.83
18. Savage deviljho: same measurey as the normal debiljho bit his size is bigger for aome reason for small crown. Smallest 2043.18 biggest : 2497.22
19. Ruiner nergigante : same as the normal nergi. Watch a video. Smallest : 1663.31 biggest: 2291.67
20.zinogre : i got his crown without noticing but his big size is half a head higher than your hunters head. Smallest : 1534.27 biggest: 2161.93
21. Yian garuga : a very abnormal and strange monster in body build. I would go for his tail. If its too short its a small. If its meaty and big its a big one :D smallest: 1222.33 biggest: 1708.48
22. Scarred yian garuga: same as normal yian. Smallest: 1236.22 biggest : 1708.48
23.brute tigrex : same as normal tigrex. Smallest 1748.88 biggest: 2409.57
24. Gold rathian. She was a pain for me for her big crown. So she is the same size as rathian and pink rathian but the problem is that she doesnt have a black stipe on his leg to make measurement easier. What u need to do is that to check if his joined in almost 2.heads higher than your charactee without traps. Smallest: 1543.85 biggest: 2157.88
25. Silver rathalos : his rathian boyfriend :D almost the same size as rathian and the same as azure and normal rathalos . Watcg a video . Smallest 1516.76 biggest: 2130.28
Ok so some extra info i would like to share. There are 10 main size scale in the game. ( scales between 0 to 0.5 gives small crown and 9.5 to 10 gives big crown. So when looking for crown have that in mind that there is a small chance that u may get crown although you are a bit smaller than the video guiide or my measurement.
All base game monsters crown are needed for this achievemnt
. The 4 last monsters will be unlocked via guiding land. You need to hit 6 in each region for them to spwan
Scarred yian garuga is for ancient forest
Gold rathian is wildapire waste
Silver rath is coral and brute tigrex is rotten vale.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask
HamsterLVPeople usually give downvotes if the info you provided does not instantly give them the desired achievement. Do not take it personally, at least try not to. There are people who appreciate the effort, at least I do! Thanks for the info! wave
Posted by HamsterLV on 21 Nov 19 at 12:33
Gutsy GoddessThank you hamster. We really need more people like you on TA community
Posted by Gutsy Goddess on 23 Nov 19 at 12:47
Superflee2By the way, does Scarred Yian Garuga gold crown only show up in Guiding Lands? I've been doing the Event Quest, "Scars Tell The Whole Story" but no dice so far. Must've gone through over 100 spawns already.. the mini crown showed up fairly quickly so I'm assuming the large crown should also spawn on that quest?
Posted by Superflee2 on 14 May at 16:43
Gutsy GoddessIt is possible for find it in guiding lands but i have got nothing from there. I only did in en investigation . There was no event at the time i was playing but events are the best
Posted by Gutsy Goddess on 14 May at 17:58
Gutsy GoddessEvent quests can give both big and small crown. Its just RNG
Posted by Gutsy Goddess on 14 May at 17:59
Superflee2Thanks, I finally got it on the event quest. Now all that remains is Namielle. Do you know if it's possible to get it on the optional quest or do I need to do investigations?
Posted by Superflee2 on 18 May at 20:46
Gutsy GoddessI got two crowns while doing optionals. So it is possible but rarer i guess. Best are investigations and events.
Posted by Gutsy Goddess on 18 May at 22:23