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Zavala's Lieutenant

Acquire each Titan subclass.

Zavala's Lieutenant0
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03 Oct 2019
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With the release of Shadowkeep and the game going Free to Play, all you need to do to unlock this now is create a new character of this class! Once the first mission begins, the achievement will unlock. If it doesn't, sign out from settings and sign back in again (switch profile, not change character).
FourthLionNot working for me. Not sure if its because I imported a character from destiny 1.
Posted by FourthLion on 16 Oct 19 at 20:55
FourthLionLogging in a third time, loading down onto a planet and then switching between all 3 classes finally popped it for me.
Posted by FourthLion on 16 Oct 19 at 20:58
Jet KlaatuWorked for me fine. Just went into both characters and logged out of my profile and back in again and it unlocked them all at the same time.
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 21 Feb 20 at 16:59
Law ViolationWorked like a charm! Two Achievements done. Thank you.
Posted by Law Violation on 14 Jun 20 at 14:39
Sicilian SinnerI created new characters multiple times and the subclasses remain locked with no achievement. May be patched
Posted by Sicilian Sinner on 29 Dec 20 at 20:58
F4cileDefinitely patched, you have to actually unlock them now
Posted by F4cile on 10 Jan 21 at 18:21