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À La Carte

Complete 20 Side Missions.

À La Carte0
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John Dong SonJohn Dong Son452,073
21 Oct 2019
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This achievement has glitched for me. I am stuck at 95%. I have read this has happened for other players however no solution as yet. Any ideas? I have completed nearly all side missions, will keep going until I have them all and report back.
Im Just MaccorI’m also stuck on 95% even though I have just completed the in game challenge for completing 40 side missions.
Posted by Im Just Maccor on 21 Oct 19 at 13:46
BAGABUDZsame here. can't bring myself to another playthrough in hopes of popping it. on to the next one...
Posted by BAGABUDZ on 19 Nov 19 at 16:02