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Got Something on Your Face

Spit on Barkov.

Got Something on Your Face0
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24 Oct 2019
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Mission 11: Captive

When you are being interrogated by Barkov and the 4 dialogue options appear on screen press cn_RS on your controller.

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Meister KrausIf you play on tactical button layout, you will need to change it back to default to spit.
Posted by Meister Kraus on 25 Oct 19 at 14:49
DizcountSamichif you're on pc its your melee default mouse4
Posted by DizcountSamich on 26 Oct 19 at 06:04
Whats a ChundyIf you're on tactical, it's LB.
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 26 Oct 19 at 06:15
CR4SHEDThanks Chundy, LB worked on tactical control scheme. Definitely worth noting it's not necessarily the melee button that must be pressed. Super confusing.
Posted by CR4SHED on 28 Oct 19 at 02:03
PrestonPrestonI'm on Bumper Jumper Tactical and its RT laugh very odd that it's different for the different setups
Posted by PrestonPreston on 28 Oct 19 at 12:44
Lvl 1 TonberryDamn heroes in the comments, was trying to figure out why RS wasn't working at all for me.
Posted by Lvl 1 Tonberry on 31 Oct 19 at 01:26
DamnlagIt was RT for me
Posted by Damnlag on 24 Nov 19 at 00:51
RunWithoutPantsRT worked for me.
Posted by RunWithoutPants on 28 Jan at 23:43
Z1PPYZ3NOYea it is RT
Posted by Z1PPYZ3NO on 17 Mar at 03:54
KillaRaginI can also confirm that this works when you meet Barkov in the mission Into the Furnace.
Simply push RT when given the prompts to choose X Y B or A.
Posted by KillaRagin on 27 Apr at 10:55
XmeatshieldXTTVIt's the melee button, it wont work if you play on tactical or any button config that maps melee to A, B, X or Y. I had to swap quick for this.
Posted by XmeatshieldXTTV on 03 May at 00:20