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Complete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat.

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During Mission 5: Clean House, you will need to kill all 11 enemies, using only 11 bullets, and without being hit. It is ok to use "Load Checkpoint" when you get hit in most cases as long as you don't get an unlucky checkpoint.

This sounds a lot harder than it is. First off, use the assault rifle and not the pistol; it's a single fire gun so you shouldn't have a problem. Work your way through the house, learn the patterns, aim for the upper body, and prioritize armed enemies. A full run of this level only takes about 5 minutes.

Ground floor - 3 enemies (all in main room)
1st floor - 3 enemies (hostage taker, hostage, back room rusher)
2nd floor - 3 enemies (hugging door, tucked in right corner, in left bedroom behind extra door)
3rd floor - 1 enemy (after crying baby, they'll be in next room and get tucked under the bed before shooting)
Top floor - 1 enemy (shoot on contact)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hostages can only be taken out after they reach for a gun and present a threat.

Bri3rIf anyone is feels like they’re completing this and it’s not unlocking, I tried this 5 times, first 4 it wasn’t unlocking and I’ve no idea why. 5th time I waited until the hostage on the 2nd floor actually picked up the gun to take her down rather than right away and when I got to the end it unlocked, not sure if this is the reason why but it’s the only thing I did different.
Posted by Bri3r on 25 Oct 19 at 13:12
Drummeri tried this so often and didnt get it ill try what the comment above said and report if it worked
Posted by Drummer on 25 Oct 19 at 16:23
OverripeMedal64Bri3r is 100% correct! I had the same issue. Make sure the hostage picks up the gun first
Posted by OverripeMedal64 on 25 Oct 19 at 16:40
PeachCloud87115are u sure u can reload the checkpoint
Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 25 Oct 19 at 18:09
Maka91@peachcloud87115, I got the achievement having reloaded the checkpoint multiple times. There may be certain conditions that don't allow a reload depending on enemy movement or behavior though, I can;t test every condition. Hopefully more people share their attempts, and I'll update the solution to be even more accurate.
Posted by Maka91 on 25 Oct 19 at 18:21
BornTunerConfirmed Tkz Bri3r is right its that woman taken hostage 2nd floor let her pick gun up easy as i did one last checkpoint cause missed the shotgunner and at the end Pop :)
Posted by BornTuner on 25 Oct 19 at 20:20
ScoobyTheBeastNoticed the same thing, did it about 5 times with no luck, then on the run that worked I waited until the gun on the bed moved in the hostage's hands before taking her out.
Posted by ScoobyTheBeast on 27 Oct 19 at 07:31
PROrambomatoI can confirm that. Tried it couple of times and didn't got the achievement. Last run when I got the achievement I let the enemies took guns before killing them. On ground floor the very first room where you need to kill 3 enemies. I took out first 2 quickly and waited until last enemy took a gun before killing her. On 1st floor the hostage situation, I firstly killed man and then waited again women pick up the gun before killing her. I loaded checkpoint couple of times so that doesn't effect. But let the enemies take the gun first before killing them!
Posted by PROrambomato on 27 Oct 19 at 12:22
ssippieeI can add nothing but confirming wait till they pick up the gun, turning them into a thread. Reloading checkpoint works, did it on realistic for funzies. Needed one because I did many runs. Convinced I was doing it right. Turns out I was shooting the last person to fast. Wait till she is down on the ground reaching for the detonator. After Price shoots her, I was shooting just before or at the same time. That was when the subtitle would pop up. And when I was to late I would reload, thinking I didn't get the kill shot. But let Price shoot her first and then finish her off when she is reaching
Posted by ssippiee on 28 Oct 19 at 15:35
SergeantAs ssippiee said, I was having an issue unlocking this until I waited for Price to shoot that final lady and then finishing her off when she was on the floor reaching towards the table.
Posted by Sergeant#9436 on 29 Oct 19 at 03:31
martian18Yep can confirm, wait until they grabs the guns and also shoot the last lady after prices does and then it popped for me
Posted by martian18 on 31 Oct 19 at 01:00
Obizuryeah ive used no flashbangs. done it perfectly. and it just does not unlock for me
Posted by Obizur on 31 Oct 19 at 07:55
YoungMeezyI've had no luck no matter which way I kill the final terrorist.

update: I signed out my Xbox account and it it popped immediately when I sigd back in
Posted by YoungMeezy on 01 Nov 19 at 05:58
SockGORE828I've tried this a dozen times, most recently perfectly with no reloading checkpoints, waiting for the woman to take the gun and point at me on the second floor, and waiting till price shoots the woman first on the top floor before finishing her off and this still hasn't popped, even after signing out and back in to my account. so frustrating as this is the only achievement i have left besides veteran.
Posted by SockGORE828 on 02 Nov 19 at 11:16
oO Twanger OoReloading may be a problem???
Posted by oO Twanger Oo on 03 Nov 19 at 14:56
GTAmissions1Can confirm I unlocked it today. If you down the enemy and let them bleed out, it will still counts one bullet per kill and I have reloaded checkpoints.

More of the timing since the second batch of enemies (first hostage) is the most difficult since you are trying to take out the hostage taker. Then letting the hostage grab the weapon which will make them a threat.

That is where my struggle is.
Posted by GTAmissions1 on 03 Nov 19 at 20:28
JPG30i couldn't get this but each time i ended up trying to open a door and reloaded my gun instead and it never unlocked, once i did it without reloading my gun it unlocked, i also killed the last woman when price said to drop her.

i think it must have been the reloading part that stopped me getting it because i did nothing different.
Posted by JPG30 on 04 Nov 19 at 20:42
Myckel JayI tried this 4 times, waiting for the hostage to grab the gun each time and it wouldn't unlock. I was also using a flashbang to kill the guy in the closet with the shotgun. On my fifth attempt, the only thing I changed was that I didn't use a flashbang. It unlocked. So if you're still having trouble unlocking this, DO NOT use flashbangs.

I also waited for the enemies to bleed out, just for safe measures.
Posted by Myckel Jay on 04 Nov 19 at 22:06
prokopI just completed this and this is what I did/did not do my 2nd try (after shooting the girl up top before Price did)

I did:
- let people bleed out (the girl who grabs the gun just before you get to the shotgun bathroom took a little while but she bled out)
- Shoot the last person in the attic after Price shot her
- Reload multiple times
- Bash open doors
- Shoot through doors and walls
- Redo multiple checkpoints

I did not:
- Use a grenade
- Use a flashbang
- wait for the girl on the bottom floor to grab her gun. I dropped her right after I killed the guy in the middle
Posted by prokop on 06 Nov 19 at 00:17
paddycfc22@prokop. Legend worked a treat :)
Posted by paddycfc22 on 06 Nov 19 at 18:00
Patto VII know this probably sounds dumb but with so many people struggling with this surely I can’t be the only one, but I completely missed reading over the part were it says “don’t get hit” and was getting super frustrated that I had done it like 10 time and didn’t get it but I WAS getting shot, first try not getting shot and got it.
Posted by Patto VI on 07 Nov 19 at 09:50
Mike United 007Right... Just got this.... I had 3 attempts at this. And I read all the comments and watched the video beforehand. All great help.

I did use 1 checkpoint on my best run, when I got shot. I did shoot the last person before and after price shoot first. I didn't use any flashbangs. I didn't do any reloads, so I had 19 bullets left. I didn't swap guns. I waited till guns where picked up. I waited for everyone to bleed out.... And still nothing. THEN... I quit game. Signed out. And signed in.... Then bing - achievement. Wierd one.
Posted by Mike United 007 on 09 Nov 19 at 23:16
Brutal RiotGirlYessss, the posting by Bri3r is what helped me get the achievement. I was trying to follow the video guide over 20 times and never got the achievement. Then I read Bri3r comment about waiting for the female hostage to go for the gun before taking her out then after completing the rest I got the achievement. That's the only thing I changed and it worked so thank you Bri3r
Posted by Brutal RiotGirl on 17 Nov 19 at 20:02
DamnlagI finally got it.

Things to remember:

1) You can't get shot by the enemies at all
2) Let the hostages pick the guns up before you shoot
3) At the end, wait until he says drop her and shoot before the AI does.

Took me 4 tries before I figured out that I let them hit me.
Posted by Damnlag on 17 Nov 19 at 21:54
TimbersleeveThanks all! I watched this video on YouTube and did it about 4 times and got nothing. So I came here and that makes sense waiting on the hostage. I’ll give it a try next chance I get.
Posted by Timbersleeve on 07 Dec 19 at 02:00
Osirian08Great guide - got the achievement on my second run through on recruit. Thanks !
Posted by Osirian08 on 16 Dec 19 at 01:08
sn1XenCan confirm that this can be done with 10 bullets, i accidentally hit 2 guys with one bullet on bottom floor. :D
Posted by sn1Xen on 27 Dec 19 at 00:25
caddieguy02Great guide. Not too hard just had to load a couple checkpoints thanks Maka
Posted by caddieguy02 on 27 Dec 19 at 15:39
Iceonfire89Sick of this. I have done several perfect runs. Each person was hit by one bullet only which killed them., I waited until the hostage got the gun. I have killed the last woman in every variation. Signed out, reset console. Quit game. I did not get hit, i only used the main gun. At no point since level start did i reload the gun, bash a door, throw a flashbang or do anything wrong. I also hit the hostage taker with a headshot before killing the woman so i didn't shoot through her. I have read all the comments. Still won’t unlock.
Posted by Iceonfire89 on 31 Dec 19 at 20:46
Iceonfire89Just got it after another perfect run. At the end i just let price kill her.
Posted by Iceonfire89 on 31 Dec 19 at 21:12
JODAWgreat video 2 checkpoint loads and i used a flashbang.
Posted by JODAW on 03 Jan at 17:35
BenGooseI can confirm that the hostage needs to pick up the gun first - loading checkpoints have no influence on the achievements
Posted by BenGoose on 05 Jan at 08:42
ParadoxReal8After a few attempts, I can recommend to not shoot that woman in the last floor. Not worth it, and if it’s not done and the right moment it will void your achievement. Last attempt where it popped for me was when Price shot twice and killed her
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 05 Jan at 20:56
Guile132This is such a bullshit achievement
Posted by Guile132 on 27 Jan at 16:52
Guile132Don't shoot that lady at the end, at all. You can reload checkpoints and wait for the hostages to pick up weapons but leave the lady at the end, alone. ParadoxReal8 is very much correct.
Posted by Guile132 on 27 Jan at 17:49
MaurickShepherdCan you use flashbangs?
Posted by MaurickShepherd on 08 Feb at 01:02
xXxCarter0Not sure why but after you’ve done what you think is adequate for the achievement (I did several runs) to pop and still isn’t working. Right after you shoot or price shoots the last enemy and it doesn’t pop up. Hit the middle button, scroll down to the Modern Warfare game icon that you have open, to the right of it should be a button to open up a tab click on go to official club. From there scroll over to progress and then achievements. Popped up right away for a this one and Piccadilly Circus when that achievement wouldn’t load.
Posted by xXxCarter0 on 08 Feb at 22:26
YaIrishMick96Don't kill the woman at the end, let Price do it. Only need to kill 10 enemies and be precise with your shots. Don't reload just be certain you haven't used more than 10 shots. Once you kill 10 enemies you're done. The last one is under the bed in Makas video.
Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 19 Feb at 23:01
Ol Dusty Trails
Don't kill the woman at the end, let Price do it. Only need to kill 10 enemies and be precise with your shots. Don't reload just be certain you haven't used more than 10 shots. Once you kill 10 enemies you're done. The last one is under the bed in Makas video.
100% does not pop if you let Price shoot her at the end...
Posted by Ol Dusty Trails on 28 Feb at 22:02
Somber Acheron^Can confirm after 7+ tries, only popped when the hostage took the gun which I never did prior, Let Price kill the final person, only spent 10 bullets. Definitely works 👌🏻
Posted by Somber Acheron on 09 Mar at 00:58
jayspadeandtan2I just did a golden path run, Hostage had to grab the gun, Let price kill the final person, I did one thing different, it's most likely possible to get wall hax achievement and golden path at the same time. (I got them separately but managed to save the guy in my golden path run)
If you manage to shoot through the door around the lower mid area, you'll hit the guy behind the door in the upper body and kill him. Your guy will then cross successfully past the door and not get shot and you can proceed just like in the guide,

Used 10 bullets.
Posted by jayspadeandtan2 on 22 Mar at 00:56
A Zesty Potatosome notes from my run, certain things that will work to get the cheevo
- I killed two enemies on the first floor with a single bullet
- I used a single stun grenade on the 2nd floor after the enemies shoot thru the door (so can’t confirm if it will work with multiple stuns)
- Price will say "drop her" on the final floor when the 'hostage' backs up a third time, after that you can... drop her

the shots need to be on enemies, like said above. they have to be designated as an al-qatala male/female (can be identified easier using subtitles). otherwise they have to be going for a weapon or a detonator warning
Posted by A Zesty Potato on 23 Mar at 04:19
BL4DEAlso can confirm I did this multiple times and it did not unlock until I let the hostage pick up the gun. I let Price kill the final enemy and reloaded multiple checkpoints without any issue
Posted by BL4DE on 29 Mar at 13:15
SuccifyI've completed this challenge 3 times and have not had an achievement trigger. It must be broken. I am using one of the Xbox Dev builds because I am a alpha tester
Posted by Succify on 30 Mar at 23:12
EMBICKDidn't pop for me can I use to stun nades I suck I need a stun nade to kill that shot gu. Guy on the sec floor
Posted by EMBICK on 11 Apr at 19:16
Kurik CaleSo after just getting the achievement after many tries and then looking it up, I do have a few things to add. You can get the achievement using only ten rounds, you can get a colat that I'll explain later, but I don't know if that gives you any wiggle room. I don't feel like testing that right now after trying to get in the first place.

But the colat I mentioned is easy. On the main floor you open the kitchen door, not slam it, and very carefully walk in. This puts you behind the female tango in the main conference room. Now as I said if you walk in slowly you can open the door fully and line up a shoot through the female's right shoulder into the man's head who is sitting at the end of the table. There you go one shot two kills, just easily take out the other guy and you are good. But as said I don't know if this gives any wiggle room with having an extra shot because I'm not being sure exactly how the achievement tracks it's progress.

Then one more thing I'll add for anyone that might now know. You do not need the Night Vision Goggles until the second floor. You can do the first two floors, main and first, with out them. I point this out because you can use your red dot on the hostage taker situation, and I myself can say that after playing so many CoDs that I'm attuned to aiming with the red dot. So I think it might make the situation which I found to be the most annoying because he shoots you rather quickly easier for most players.
Posted by Kurik Cale on 13 Apr at 08:24
ProhassI had an issue with the woman hostage who picks up the ak. It takes a long time for her to register as a hostile so you basically have to wait till she starts firing before you drop her, and just hope her shots miss. Also in the attic you can just immediately shoot the woman as soon as you enter, you don’t have to wait for her to go for the detonator
Posted by Prohass on 14 Apr at 09:11
Sunreal LaptopI just got the achievement with the collateral Kurik Cale mentioned above... :)
Posted by Sunreal Laptop on 24 Apr at 06:11
cjj159Omg. Omfg. I spent a whole hour on this achievement. On recruit. And no. I'm not bad. Ok maybe a little. But at the same time, it was a mix if bs and crappy AI.
Posted by cjj159 on 25 Apr at 06:36
Reconghost020One thing I'm still confused on is if I can miss with a few shots or not. Am I able to, or does every shot have to be on point?
Posted by Reconghost020 on 02 May at 06:00
A Zesty Potato@reconghost020 its just easier to use less bullets to ensure you get every kill with one shot
Posted by A Zesty Potato on 03 May at 06:26
Jambo CamboI can not get this to pop. I have followed the guide/video to a Tee.
Posted by Jambo Cambo on 03 May at 15:24
x TDK x ScruffyDoesn't want to pop for me 😪 tried 5 times
Posted by x TDK x Scruffy on 04 May at 21:36
UNDEADSPYR0Make sure the hostage on the 2nd floor actually picks the gun up as the first comment says, worked for me after 5 unsuccessful attempts. Also, reloading checkpoint defo works as it popped for me on run when I did.
Posted by UNDEADSPYR0 on 05 May at 19:25
TheDefiant89Can't seem to get this one to pop either. Does using the flash bangs have an effect?
Posted by TheDefiant89 on 29 Jun at 13:37
S P 4 C E YCan confirm you don’t need to shoot the woman on the top floor. I reloaded a checkpoint once after being hit. Didn’t use flash bangs. Players on recruit.

Didn’t unlock the first time, and the only difference was shooting the woman on the top floor.
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 09 Aug at 19:50
Free Taco BeIleverything that this post says is correct but for me i had to let cpt.price kill the top floor lady for the achievement. tried it over ten times the way this post says to but the one time i let price kill her, i got the achievement. total use of 10 bullets.
Posted by Free Taco BeIl on 20 Aug at 04:54
XenoZoulNote that you can get both achievements golden path and wall hax at the same time, on my profile I have a clip that shows just enough even with me failing on recruit a few times😒
Posted by XenoZoul on 25 Aug at 06:31
GV LocFollow Brick227 solution(the last one) and it should unlock. Makas solution is bad.
Posted by GV Loc on 26 Aug at 15:16
GOREZODDYou definitely have to wait until the "hostages" go for their guns. Otherwise, you will fail.
Posted by GOREZODD on 03 Sep at 03:42
k1llerx101If I shoot the lights does that mess it up??
Posted by k1llerx101 on 20 Nov at 08:42