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Dodged a Bullet

Never get hit by the sniper while escaping captivity.

Dodged a Bullet0
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25 Oct 2019 29 Dec 2019
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Mission 11 Captive:

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ItsStonezAs an alternative, you can grab an RPG from the guy shooting you with it and kill the sniper from there. I unlocked it like that.
Posted by ItsStonez on 02 Dec 19 at 04:39
SluggorYeah killing the sniper with the RPG in my opinion is a quicker method
Posted by Sluggor on 28 Dec 19 at 12:48
InugamiTheHoundI got this achievement today and I can confirm killing the sniper with a RPG works and doing it on easy difficulty makes this achievement easier because you run and gun and find RPG to kill the sniper.
Posted by InugamiTheHound on 12 Jan 20 at 06:32
MrCh1valryAnyone care to elaborate just where this RPG is in the level?
Posted by MrCh1valry on 05 Feb 20 at 05:44
WayzoftheHawkAbout half way through the open area they will start firing rpgs. There is a square building about 50m from hadir and on the upper area I found the RPG solider. Killed him then shot the tower and as soon as they said I killed the Sniper the achievement popped. Not to tough on Veteran. If you get shot just die or reload. Found it easier to head down the road and keep the walls and field on your left side.
Posted by WayzoftheHawk on 22 Feb 20 at 06:57
V3ntilatorIt's very easy to avoid the sniper. Just run from cover to cover in middle of the level.
Got cheevo on first try. Enemies with RPG's easy to spot. Shoot a RPG enemy in front of a cover where it's easy to be picked up without being sniped.
Posted by V3ntilator on 12 Jul 20 at 13:13