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Impossible Mission

Succeed at 3 dialog conversation checks with a single disguise.

Impossible Mission+0.6
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You can get this as early as your first dock on Groundbreaker, you’ll need at least 40 points in either Lie, Intimidate or Persuade.

Make sure you grab the holographic shroud from the captain’s quarters before you leave your ship.

On the main promenade, on the left hand side, is a medical suite. (Where you first meet companion Ellie)

Past the reception desk is a ward with a few beds. At the back on a table is a Mardet ID cartridge. Pick it up then walk through the restricted door. Walk around in this room (there should be a person or two) until your shroud meter depletes. When it happens one of the people will walk up and ask you what you’re up to. Use lie, Intimidate or Persuade on them, and they’ll walk off, and your meter will be reset.

Repeat another two times for the cheevo! The shroud meter has three little boxes at the end to show you how many dialogues you’ve passed.

You MUST do this with one disguise - don’t leave the room and come back, just drain the meter and it will refill each tome you ass the dialogue. The final one requires a skill of 40 to pass.
JETLI333 This can also be done as soon as you pass customs and to your left is the security room. To the right of that door is a Maredt ID you can pick up to enter in deguised in the security room. Thanks
Posted by JETLI333 on 25 Oct 19 at 18:10
Epic Louie Thumbs up!
Posted by Epic Louie on 26 Oct 19 at 05:37
DarqStalker @JETLI333 can you explain? I got the ID, went in the security room. In there is Flores and the Comdt, and 2 roaming guards. Nothing happens when I walk around.
Posted by DarqStalker on 26 Oct 19 at 20:02
wolfzero01 @DarqStalker, here's how I got it to work in the security room, once you enter walk, around until the shroud meter runs out and you should see a symbol over the guards heads. Once one sees you they will ask you what you are doing there , after passing the check, stay in the room and repeat the process and make sure like the solution says you have at least 40 in either of the 3 dialog options so you pass the final check.
Posted by wolfzero01 on 28 Oct 19 at 15:40
elquietone It should be noted though if you try doing it in the security room after talking to the young guard at the desk and using Pursuade 40 on him to allow you access, it will void this as a restricted area. It still says restricted but you're able to just walk right in despite the other 3 people in the room. It will not trigger the cloak.

Likewise, if you do the same thing in med bay when talking to the Dr behind the desk and persuade (25) him to allow you to see the girl in the locked room (Jessie) followed by then telling him to let you into the room to repair an arm chair (Engineering 25).. It will too allow you passed the restricted zone without the need for the cloak.. So only do these parts after you've already done the above for the achievement.
Posted by elquietone on 02 Nov 19 at 16:13
TGB70 You can do this at any time you visit the Groundbreaker(and you visit it for a lot of side missions). This will work as long as you did not gain access to these areas by the way listed above by elquietone.
Posted by TGB70 on 03 Nov 19 at 10:56
Flabyo There are at least four more places you can do this later on, so don’t worry if you work your way through the ones on the groundbreaker some other way.

The ones further into the game need higher dialogue skills to pass, but you’ll be higher by then anyway.
Posted by Flabyo on 04 Nov 19 at 09:52
TheLightMaster I think this is even easier in the security room on groundbreaker.
Posted by TheLightMaster on 12 Nov 19 at 02:05
Cellar Attic Brilliant solution. I don't know what bozo down-voted this. It couldn't be simpler.
Posted by Cellar Attic on 13 Jan at 00:26