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Everybody Likes Me

Have maximum positive reputation with 3 factions.

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26 Oct 2019
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Okay, so I have been making sure to pick up and complete side-quests as often as possible (9 hours in ish) and this Achievement popped for me with the following Reputation:


Groundbreaker - Revering - 87% Positive, 1% Negative
Iconoclasts - Neutral - 0% Positive, 0% Negative
Monarch Stellar Industries - Neutral - 0% Positive, 0% Negative
SubLight Salvage & Shipping - Neutral - 0% Positive, 0% Negative
The Board - Neutral - 9% Positive, 0% Negative


Deserters - Revering - 100% Positive, 0% Negative
Spacer's Choice - Nervous - 96% Positive, 100% Negative

I'm not sure if this is a bug or what. I tried to remain on the good side of everybody (but diverted Geothermal Plant power to the Botanical Lab, depriving Edgewater of power).

I know it's not a perfect guide but it seems to be simple enough, just keep questing I guess, lol.
Calex dEUSYou can get both spacers choice and deserters to 100% by doing all side quests and diverting power to Edge Water and then convincing the deserters to return by asking Reed to leave (peacefully) leaving you with only one needed. That will leave with just one more to get.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 27 Oct 19 at 19:25
Evilragd0llI figured, but Reed is a dick, lol.
Posted by Evilragd0ll on 27 Oct 19 at 19:33
br34thedyn4m1teJust popped this with Groundbreaker, Saver’s Choice and Deserters all at 100% positive. I diverted power to the Deserters but have done loads of side quests for Saver’s Choice so they are still friendly
Posted by br34thedyn4m1te on 27 Oct 19 at 23:04
Devorin827I believe the threshold is around 75%. I had two factions at 100% (Revering), 3 factions below 75% (Friendly). The achievement popped when I got MSI to 75% (Still Friendly).
Posted by Devorin827 on 03 Nov 19 at 17:13
CheeezieQuaverHey, thanks for your guide :) just wondering how do you check the percentages and stuff?
Posted by CheeezieQuaver on 08 Nov 19 at 21:02
Evilragd0llFilthy casual, lmao. Just kidding ofc. It's in the menu on the character tab, amongst many other tabs. Lots of tabs in this game. Almost a game in itself.
Posted by Evilragd0ll on 08 Nov 19 at 22:40
CheeezieQuaverOh yeah of corse, durh! Why i did i not think of that lmao.. thank you 🙏
Posted by CheeezieQuaver on 08 Nov 19 at 23:04