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Love from Above

Destroy 4 trucks with 4 drone strikes before they reach the end of their path in 'The Embassy'.

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26 Oct 2019
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Mission 7: The Embassy

This is quite a long level, but you'll eventually be forced to pick up a laser designator for drone strikes from Captain Price. Afterwards, you'll go on the roof at shoot enemies on the scaffolding, do not use your laser on them, but instead shoot them.

Eventually a civilian car will roll up to you, and then leave. After that, 3 pickup trucks will enter the area one by one. Use your laser to paint the area you want to drone strike, and destroy the trucks. Keep in mind the missile takes 1-2 seconds before hitting. After the first 3, some enemies will attack along the left side and you want to focus on them before the 4th and final truck arrives. Use the laser on this last truck and make sure to destroy all 4 in 4 drone strikes to unlock this.

Possible on any difficulty, but recruit is probably recommended to make it as easy as possible.
Lt Mtn dewI don't know if I got lucky but I was able to use the drone on the scaffolding and still got the achievement, I would just say to make sure you're 1 for 1 on hitting the trucks.
Posted by Lt Mtn dew on 29 Oct 19 at 08:28
MrkDhn10I may also be lucky, but missed two strikes somehow and achievement still popped.
Posted by MrkDhn10 on 02 Nov 19 at 17:41
CakesI saved my strikes but missed a number of times. However, I still got the achievement. I think the main criteria is blowing the vehicles up before they end their paths, even if it takes multiple efforts.
Posted by Cakes#1517 on 05 Nov 19 at 01:59
kdsp003 out of 4 trucks reached their destination and I destroyed them while enemies were leaving the trucks and still got the achievement.
Posted by kdsp00 on 25 Nov 19 at 22:25
Draco719I, on the other hand, only used 4 strikes to destroy the 4 trucks before coming to a stop and did NOT get the achievement :/
Posted by Draco719 on 27 Dec 19 at 06:06
J Rod1515I used 2 on the building and 4 on the trucks and still got the achievement...
Posted by J Rod1515 on 05 Jan at 16:44
YanbbroxI was just about to post it doesn't work, then it popped 5 mins later
Posted by Yanbbrox on 30 Jan at 20:39
PhilJohn2020Hello, I have done this mission 4 times to the exact as the video and I still haven't got the achievement.

I can turned everything off etc and done it again and I haven't got it.

Any ideas
Posted by PhilJohn2020 on 02 Apr at 22:57
RzyxøI have also tried to earn this achievement multiple times. Not rewarding for some reason.
Posted by Rzyxø on 28 Apr at 00:23
RuneSlayer4421I got this using the Drone quite liberally on my Veteran playthrough and I missed a bunch of shots, but this still popped.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 05 May at 02:29
UNDEADSPYR0Same as RuneSlayer4421 for me, achievement popped for me on my veteran run through when I used the laser dozens of times, one truck even had just parked up before I destroyed it.
Posted by UNDEADSPYR0 on 08 May at 15:23
SmokeNashtyAnyone else feel this level was a scene out of the movie “Benghazi”
Posted by SmokeNashty on 05 Oct at 20:58