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Out of the Fire

Complete every single player mission on Veteran or Realism difficulty.

Out of the Fire+0.2
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Victor Rose23xVictor Rose23x909,075
26 Oct 2019 28 Oct 2019
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If you just here to see if someone uploaded a video on how to kill the JUGGERNAUT easy,
Here it is :)

If you dont get your achievement to pop then do what pogomax says:
EDIT.. shut game down went to achievements page CoD MW and they popped

and here is all 14 missions on Realism Difficulty (You can play on Veteran if you want)
Springbok NL in the comment asked about the difficulty in general, im not good in explaining things so i do videos.
i can try XD. I started on REALISM directly on this game and its pretty darn EASY. just a heads up, i have completed every cod on veteran (except some, infinite warfare, advance warfare and some others. i took a break from cod)
if you played the older ones and did it on veteran then you gonna have no problem on this game.
Checkpoints are given like each 10sec, im not kidding XD i get so many checkpooints on realism its a JOKE.
Realism: takes away you HUD completly and i must say it was enjoyable as hell playing like this.
also it is veteran diff but without the HUD and you do get allot of checkpoints.
if you after this achi then i suggest do it on realism if you really wanna feel like you there 0_0 it was awesome and great story. the game is really short thou, did it in 7h-8h on realism.
i started around 1800-02-30 XD i wanted to finish this as quickly as possible so i can focus
on co-op and MP.

Fog of War



Proxy War

Clean House

Hunting Party

The Embassy

Highway of Death


The Wolf's Den


Old Comrades

Going Dark

Into the Furnace

BackInTheSystemAll missions done on vet and no achievement pop.... Am i missing something
Posted by BackInTheSystem on 28 Oct 19 at 05:28
Victor Rose23xNo achievemnts pop :( thats weird, have you checked the achie list for the game, maybe you have it ?
for me circus tour did not pop up for me but i got it.
also where you offline anything on the game ?
maybe that can cause the achi to void ?
i was online247 when i did the story.
Posted by Victor Rose23x on 28 Oct 19 at 06:49
Springbok NLAnything about the difficulty in general for veteran and/or realism?
Posted by Springbok NL on 28 Oct 19 at 08:24
pogomaxI just completed the game on realism and no achievement popped

EDIT.. shut game down went to achievements page CoD MW and they popped
Posted by pogomax on 28 Oct 19 at 11:33
Zeta SighDoes the play on recruit until last checkpoint then load on veteran 'glitch' work on this game?
Posted by Zeta Sigh on 29 Oct 19 at 21:37
Victor Rose23xNo, probaply not. i have not seen anything like that work for any cod in the series so it would probaply not work here eitther.
Posted by Victor Rose23x on 30 Oct 19 at 07:43
Victor Rose23xNo, probaply not. i have not seen anything like that work for any cod in the series so it would probaply not work here eitther.
Posted by Victor Rose23x on 30 Oct 19 at 07:44
Zeta SighIt's worked on every cod game from number 2 through to infinite warfare...
Posted by Zeta Sigh on 30 Oct 19 at 07:49
Springbok NLAlso on Modern Warfare Remastered and WWII.
Posted by Springbok NL on 01 Nov 19 at 12:29
Victor Rose23xDamn XD. and i have played the cod games normally all these years lol.
try it out and see if it works here :) good luck.
Posted by Victor Rose23x on 01 Nov 19 at 16:35
ShootEmUpSonicThis is by far the easiest Cod campaign on Veteran
Also this campaign is amazing!
Posted by ShootEmUpSonic on 02 Nov 19 at 01:04
paddycfc22Easiest cod veteran by far. Cake walk
Posted by paddycfc22 on 04 Nov 19 at 22:10
GalenrandirAnyone able to confirm if the glitch works this time around?
Posted by Galenrandir on 13 Nov 19 at 01:43
GalenrandirFor anyone wondering the glitch doesn't seem to work this time around. I was able to get the game to load back at the last checkpoint in realism but when the level is completed, the game doest register as being completed in realism.

Thankfully the campaign isn't that hard this time around!
Posted by Galenrandir on 14 Nov 19 at 11:21
PSYCHADELICACEXDXDXD so funny, just give the videos you dont need to be so cringy bout it
Posted by PSYCHADELICACE on 26 Dec 19 at 11:44
cuddy360I agree easiest campaign on veteran (so far for me) compared to other COD games. However I would not call it a "cake walk". I still get "one shitted" all the time, and my AI companions are pretty lame most of the time.
Posted by cuddy360 on 31 Dec 19 at 03:59
ZBrosSpecI remember when I started BO3 on realism and I would always get one shotted no matter what gun the enemy was usinglaugh
Posted by ZBrosSpec on 09 Mar at 16:35
MrKoolxDoodthis was so incredibly easy. I even went as far as to attempt a pistol only realism run just for the hell of it but its not possible because of the sniping section in the middle of the game
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 14 Apr at 16:25
CauseGood guide, however grammar is a must.
Posted by Cause on 24 Apr at 02:09
SkridgerI have been away from COD/FPS games for quite some time. Decided to give it a whirl again. I've definitely lost my touch for FPS games. I enjoyed the campaign, but I'll never be able to get the veteran achievement. I can't even get through the first level. I wasn't bad at the game way back when, but I don't have the reflexes for it anymore. Getting old I suppose!

I played MP for a bit and some folks are just crazy with reflexes. I think some of you guys have been playing so much COD for so long that you don't even have to think anymore, it's just muscle memory and reflexes.

I'll practice some more before I give up on it, but I can't see it happening for me. I do have fun playing multiplayer and battle royale, despite the fact that I'm not very good. :)
Posted by Skridger on 04 Jun at 16:29
HQAZECOD: WaW.. is the hardest one i've played on veteran, for sure !
Second one i need to say is; COD: Ghost.. (On Veteran..)
Posted by HQAZE on 27 Jun at 09:55
HQAZEAnd as third i have to say, bo1? Hmmmroll
Is/was also pretty though on Veteran i remember..wink
Posted by HQAZE on 27 Jun at 10:24
ameracin desiI think the secret trick to get through realism and pull this off quite easily is to get comfortable mounting. Running up to an edge of a wall or support beam, and mount (press RS) and slowly turn (LS) and pick off each enemy quickly. Mounting over an object while crouched almost never works btw. Listen for an ally to yell out about incoming grenade so you can run back, and you're golden.
Posted by ameracin desi on 17 Sep at 17:47
BoB RooRsmokerToo much easy for veteran!
Cod 4 ,mw2 , ghost was much hardest!
Posted by BoB RooRsmoker on 08 Nov at 04:10
HRDNightRodThank you for the Juggernaut guide. Worked 2nd try as I could not get up on pallets quickly enough. facepalm I recommend a flash bang to slow him down when he's walking down the center area. Once your up on the pallets your good. He can't get to you. Just un-load your assault rifle into his head and after 3 reloads, he goes down.

Over all took me about 2 Saturdays and 2 hours on last mission to get Campaign done on Veteran. Just died lots before learning what I had to do a few of the missions. redface The last mission seems to be the hardest of all of them. roll I recommend getting the mini gun up by the two round storage tanks to take out the helo that comes out instead of trying to use the rocket launcher. Goes down quickly with the mini gun. wink

At least on this game, you can progess and get to CPs unlike CoD4. angry

All done now. Thank you.
Posted by HRDNightRod on 15 Nov at 23:07