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Dodged a Bullet

Never get hit by the sniper while escaping captivity.

Dodged a Bullet+3.2
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Mission 11:

After you break out of your cell and steal the weapons, you'll have to clear two corridors of Russian soldiers. After this, a helicopter will fly over and you'll reach a courtyard. The sniper will have a laser sight which makes it easy to know where hes targeting. There's not much cover on the left so stick right-mid while clearing out enemies. It is very difficult to rush the warehouse, so I used an RPG I found near the top of the stairs leaning against a table on the right side. Shoot it at the sniper, kill him, and the achievement should pop after a few seconds. You can get it by killing him when reaching the warehouse, but I found the RPG easier. The normal soldiers can hit you, it's only the sniper you have to avoid.
iquilla79 Just mention the Mission and the solution ist perfekt ;-)
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