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A Star is Born

Star in an Odeon Pictures movie.

A Star is Born-0.1
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Should you wish to pass checks for exp/other cheevo progress, you'll need at least 5-6 intelligence.
Other requirements: 40 lie, 40 engineering, 100 intimidate.
Respec at The Unreliable (the left ladder in the bay Ellie frequents) if you need to.

Steps to theatre

Upon landing on Byzantium, you are required to take an elevator up to the higher levels. Its unmissable.

Hang a left at the top (the only option really) hang another left, and shortly on your right, a snazzy dressed fellow named Maverian Johnston is standing beside a drone.
Talk to him, accept his proposal to get the "at central" side quest.

Follow the quest marker to the studio, take the elevator on the left down upon entering, talk to the intercom (quest markered) and agree to what it says. Enter the room, approach the actor.
(Through many comments and testing) you at this point, may;

*remain silent

*kill the actors

*pass the following speech checks as I did:
40 lie
65 intimidate
40 engineering
100 intimidate (see edit)

*FAIL your checks

*Pick random choices

After the scene, talk to the director (door directly behind the actor)
Cheevo pops after you talk to him.

Happy hunting (>*_*)>

EDIT 3: Comments are welcome tho wishing for no more PMs on the matter, the solution has been reformatted. I will update a final time should a title update make this change
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ToMcLaNcY84 I failed the intelligence, engineering and 100 intimidate, but got it anyway laugh
Posted by ToMcLaNcY84 on 29 Oct 19 at 05:27
Inspector Adam Ended up killing all the actors and still got it! Without even using any of dialogue checks.
Posted by Inspector Adam on 30 Oct 19 at 20:28
DrJekl I was mostly silent, no checks, cheev acquired.
Posted by DrJekl on 31 Oct 19 at 01:09
Gerbasgamer Is this even possible to fail?
He clearly said that I won't get the role and yet the achievement popped.
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 01 Nov 19 at 20:48
Hazar Khall I failed it but, I did also state I was running a corrupt save state, so Im unsure if the quest is glitched or if you just need to show up lmao hence the edit, I just dont know and havent had time to test it.
Posted by Hazar Khall on 02 Nov 19 at 20:29
IRL Games X If you kill the director you can not get the achievement. I reloaded the save and had to play through again.
Posted by IRL Games X on 04 Nov 19 at 20:04
Throni360 I couldn't find the guy but a workaround worked on two different playthroughs:
Go to the Odeon Pictures studio (it's right behind the quest marker for the Cartographer) once you can freeroam in Byzantium after talking to Sophia and take the elevator up. Talk to the intercom three times and go back down. He'll be standing in front of the door and ask you to star in his movie - which starts the quest.
Posted by Throni360 on 05 Nov 19 at 19:07
Lockie There's so much incorrect information in this guide (really, telling people to respec?).
Posted by Lockie on 11 Nov 19 at 04:06
Arador There is only guards and Percival Platt in this room, where is this guy?
Posted by Arador on 12 Nov 19 at 08:57
P00R GRENDEL Failed the intimidation checks, passed the others, didn't get the part, avhievement popped anyway.
Posted by P00R GRENDEL on 13 Nov 19 at 15:08
OhMyGoth1 This guide is rather confusing, you can get the quest from Johnston by talking to him and agreeing to the job. In the recording studio, as far as I can tell you don't even need to bother with the skill checks at all, you can just complete the dialogue chain and the achievement pops.
Posted by OhMyGoth1 on 19 Nov 19 at 17:55
Hazar Khall "should you wish to", goth1.
This is a bugged quest so unlike the cheevo description you dont need to pass. The reqs are for those who WISH to.
Posted by Hazar Khall on 19 Nov 19 at 18:45
Hazar Khall Im sorry to see four people took the steps but still said the guide wasnt helpful laugh
Posted by Hazar Khall on 19 Nov 19 at 18:46