Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth Review by kingrich06

22 Feb 2009
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This will be one of the hardest games to review for the fact that most people play this game for the easy 1000 achievement points. I have to point out that anyone can get the five achievements done in a matter of two to five minutes and never have to bother looking at the game. I think those who like the anime show will enjoy this game and younger gamers who like adventure games was also the target market for the developers.

Game play: 5/10

This is a button mashing game. The fighting system has you pressing button constantly to fend out the hordes of bad guys that come your way. Sure there are combos and other moves but basically pressing one button all the time gets you pass most stages. There are a few other characters other than Avatar you play but he is the star of the show and this game as well. Like all adventure games there are a few puzzles to solve and lost of bad guys to fight. The bosses do provide a challenge.

Graphics: 5/10

The game almost makes you feel like you are in the television show. The characters and the background are very well done but not CGI quality. The cut scenes look like they were taken from a couple episodes of the show. All of which are decent but could have been done better.

Sound and Music: 6/10

Like with the graphics, the game does recreate an episode. Those familiar with the game will recognize the voices and even some of the music. The action sounds are defined nicely.

Difficulty: 1/10 (Degree of skill to play and enjoy the game)

This is not a hard game at all. A very linear storyline makes the game fairly easy. If you lose all your health you just start off at the last checkpoint. The game is meant for a younger audience and the AI is adjusted as such.

Final Thoughts:

This game has a very bad reputation as being the easiest 1000 gamer score game ever released. As such a lot of players will just play until they get the five achievements that unlock the full 1000. I have to say that was one of the reasons I bought this game. After getting past the achievements and really trying to play the game, I didn’t enjoyed the experience. It was lacking a lot of the fun factor in the previous Airbender Game.
ERIKDOTCOMNice review. I appreciate the fact that you actually reviewed the game, not just explained how horrible it is over and over and over... and over again.
Posted by ERIKDOTCOM On 19 Dec 09 at 03:49
Stealth DavidI think the only reason someone would play this is for achievements.. Good review :)
Posted by Stealth David On 27 Jul 10 at 17:07
UlteriorDesertThanks for actually reviewing this game, i'm not going to play it, but still positive vote.
Posted by UlteriorDesert On 06 Aug 10 at 09:11
SpacyTeaThe most embarrassing game to have on your profile
Posted by SpacyTea On 05 Feb 11 at 09:51