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We Own the Night

Kill all enemies at the Church, Clocktower, and Pool without anyone calling for backup.

We Own the Night-0.2
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This achievement takes place on the mission Going Dark.

If you get spotted, if you're fast enough you can revert to last checkpoint. When going for this achievement, I highly recommend that your turn the subtitles on so that you can see when the enemies are speaking. This is particularly useful when trying to find if there’s another person patrolling in the area. Another thing I noticed is that when you go to a different area, some of the enemies will be trying to contact the people from the pool area for example to see what they’re doing. If they get no response then you've killed enough people in that area.

This achievement takes place after you repel down the mountain from Captain Price. First off, I recommend heading to the Pool area first as it’s the closest. Head right from the area you drop down and you’ll see the pool. Jump onto the sandbags to navigate over the wall and you will see two enemies by a lit fire, take them both out. Next you will want to deactivate the power for the pool which is found nearby the fire. Once you’ve done that jump on the dumpster to get onto the roof. When up here you will have a great view of the enemies from inside. Take out the enemies from the roof and jump on down. Once down patrol the building for any remaining enemies. Then interact with the hostage.

Next make your way to the Courtyard area by heading out the entrance near the fireplace and turn right after you go past the small building. Now by this point a few enemies may be walking to the pool section. I recommend taking them out just in case as they could potentially find one of the bodies from earlier. Continue up the road and you’ll come across the Courtyard.

Next you will want to deactivate the power to the Courtyard which is directly in front of you. Also shoot out the streetlights if possible as it’ll make navigating around easier. Head on inside through the window on the left side of the building and make sure to not get spotted and take care of the enemies inside. Also, by this point an enemy vehicle will be patrolling the map so make sure you are out of sight when it approaches. Before leaving the courtyard, double check the building and the outskirts for any other enemies.

Head from the Courtyard to the Church by following the path via the left side. The Church gave me the biggest trouble as there isn’t many places to hide whilst outside in the graveyard. When in the graveyard I recommend that you take your time to make sure that an enemy isn’t close to another enemy, reason being is that if you kill them when they’re near someone else then they can get suspicious of your presence. The power switch for the Church can be found in the graveyard on the left side.

Take your time navigating the graveyard, then head on inside and you will see 2-3 enemies in there. Take them down whilst inside. By this point I thought I had killed all of them so I waited around a bit checking the graveyard and some enemies from the road walked into the perimeter. I dealt with them and the achievement unlocked.

If you are still struggling, feel free to use this as a reference.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare We Own The Night Achievement Guide
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SniffinRails Excellent guide thank you
Posted by SniffinRails on 30 Oct 19 at 02:50
Shadow 00 Fox I would like to add--I restarted checkpoint anytime I even thought I had alerted enemies.
Also, don't worry about enemies seeing dead bodies, it didn't void the achievement at all for me, and I let a LOT of them see dead bodies!
They can talk about "I'm sure there's someone out there, if I find you I'm going to kill you.."
You just can't let them say "I see you" and the followup music cue I think, I always reset checkpoint when that happened.
I missed a couple 2nd floor courtyard after killing everyone everywhere and even a few at the next objective...
It popped after I cleared the courtyard 2nd floor, I went back through looking for any I missed.
Like someone else said, DON'T Interrogate any prisoners! Much easier that way, I did it the hard way.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 06 Nov 19 at 08:19
Dervicious If you don't interrogate the prisoners, the technical will never come, which is a good thing.
Posted by Dervicious on 07 Nov 19 at 01:44
Shadow 00 Fox I really really seriously thought about trying to take out the technical too! I was pondering head on shots on both in the cab and a headshot on the gunner.... act like a real Delta Force.. :-D
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 08 Nov 19 at 03:44
Osirian08 Above comments re: not talking to hostages are correct - makes the achievement so much easier as you can clear out the enemies without the technical & additional patrols.
Posted by Osirian08 on 16 Dec 19 at 01:06
beets101 I’ve just done this on veteran and I interrogated the prisoners, I reloaded my checkpoint a few times but it popped on my way to the house clearing up a few outside. Patience is key.
Posted by beets101 on 06 Jan at 18:10