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Practice Makes Perfect

Beat the original version of Aladdin on Practice difficulty.

Practice Makes Perfect+0.2
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To get the Practice Makes Perfect achievement in Aladdin, you'll have to get to the end credits on Practice difficulty. Difficulty settings achievements do not stack in this edition – if you've already beaten the game on a higher setting this achievement will not unlock, until you have specifically played through on Practice.

You need to specify the difficulty in the Options screen on start-up, before you start the game.

Luckily, old level skip cheats still work and you can use them here without voiding achievements, not only unlocking this achievement but any other Level Complete achievements along the way (not including the Bonus level achievements - if you skip a level, you don't pick up the Abu sticker, hence you don't get access to the bonus level).

Press Pause on each level that you start, and then press cn_X, cn_A, cn_A, cn_X, cn_X, cn_A, cn_A, cn_X.

Repeat all the way up to and including Jafar's Palace. Shortly after, in the end credits scene, the achievement will unlock.