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Barrels and Rooftops

Defeat Razoul in Agrabah Rooftops.

Barrels and Rooftops0
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26 Oct 2019 29 Oct 2019
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To get the Barrels and Rooftops achievement in Aladdin, you must defeat Razoul at the end of the Agrabah Rooftops level... or, skip right past it!

Luckily, old level skip cheats still work and you can use them here without voiding achievements. Skip past the Agrabah Rooftops level and you will be dumped straight into this boss battle.

Press Pause at any time in the Agrabah Rooftops level and then press cn_X, cn_A, cn_A, cn_X, cn_X, cn_A, cn_A, cn_X.

If you decide to work through the level manually, you'll actually find that Razoul isn't any more difficult that the rest of the level - run straight up to him, jumping over one attack if he manages to fire one off, and spam attack until he goes down. Over in seconds.