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Monkeying Around

Successfully complete Abu’s Bonus Round in Agrabah.

Monkeying Around+0.6
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Select The Final Cut Version

-Press Watch Mode
-Fast Forward until 6:02
-Press Play. Make sure you move at least once.
-Press Select 》 Quit 》 Save and Quit
-Now you are at the end of the Bonus Level
-Simply finish the level
-Cheevo Unlocked🏆

Here is my Video Guide for The Aladdin Achievements:
NutriWhip Just a slight nit-pick here. You have listed 6:04 and mention that time as well in the video. In the video, you actually stop at 6:02 which actually allows you to get the achievement.
Posted by NutriWhip on 30 Oct 19 at 16:45
Cheevo Guides @Nutriwhip. Thanks bro. I updated it
Posted by Cheevo Guides on 30 Oct 19 at 20:22