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Flame Stadium Champion

Win a full contest in Track & Field (Champion difficulty)

Flame Stadium Champion+7.9
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05 Nov 2019 30 Oct 2019 06 Nov 2019
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This is the final (at least hardest) challenge in Kinect spots. Here are complete solutions to each event, then put them all together to get this achievement. For me, the hardest event is the hurdles. I could never figure out when to jump in order to not barely knock it over, therefore I'd get close to last each time. As long as you do good on the first 4 events (3 wins and 1 event in the top 3) then you should still pop the achievement even coming in near last. Also, The sprint and hurdles are best to only do in the winning round or when you are trying the full content so you do not consume all of your energy. all of the others you should practice via the minigames menu.

1. Sprint
put your hands on your knees and bend down once the race is about to start. A second or two after it says ready, start running. Before the go icon appears on screen. This will give you a tremendous advantage. Putting you far ahead of everyone. If you did get the start boost. If you DO NOT get the start boost, restart the round. run through the race with high knees and low hands. once you get somewhat near the end bend down like in the start boost but keep running (If that makes sense) You should easily be able to win the race and get #1. The further you beat the second guy, the more points you will bank, so do not quit trying once they are far behind you. (you should get around 7 and a half seconds.

2. Javelin
This is the hardest to score big on of the first 4 rounds, but you can still fairly easily get in the top 3. Grab your javelin and start running like you did in the sprint, except not moving your hand or arm that you have the javelin in. Once you get near the end of the green area lunge forward with your arm going back and over your head as fast as you can. You should get above 107 each time.

3. Long Jump
Not terribly hard to get 1st on, as long as you do not get a foul jump by jumping past the end of the track. Start running like you did in the sprint and jump right at the end of the green area. once you are in the air take your hands (That are low when you are running) backwards and swing them around in a windmill twice. This should yield around 11-14 meters when executed properly.

4. Discus
Really easy once you get the technique down. Have not heard anyone talk about this one yet. grab your discus and lunge forward like in the javelin with your hands a little above a 45 degree angle. You should get between 84 and 95 each time.

5. Hurdles.
My worst enemy. You have to run like you did in the sprint, using the start and end boost, except the race is longer and has big things in the middle that you should not slam into. Your best bet is to jump as close to the hurdle as possible, while not running into it. Right when you land start running again, there is no time to waste or you will slow down. You should aim for around 15 seconds.

Now, put all these together to have a successful round.

EDIT: I finally popped the achievement. I got 1st in the sprint, 5th in the javelin, 1st in the long jump, (not by much), first in discus by quite a bit, and 7th in the hurdles. I ended up with 590, and the second guy with 588, so it was very close.

Also as a side note, I got circuit breaker for a second time on my winning round haha.