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Won a Gold Star

Defeated a player in the middle a 20 or more win streak in DOA Online Mode.

Won a Gold Star0
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Button MasherButton Masher212,297
22 Feb 2009
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beat a player who is in the middle of a 20 or more win streak.

any easy way to do this is to set up a vs match (offline) with one round win. sign in a second player and kill the profile you want the achievements on 20 times. after this, go to your main profile and kill the second player.

If you have done the right you will get a message saying you have got a gold star.

after that go online and play a match to get the gold star
TH1S IS SPARTAif you don't have the silver star and you beat someone in a 20 win streak, do you get both gold and silver stars?
Posted by TH1S IS SPARTA on 25 Apr 09 at 23:39
Button Masherno you have to all the stars separate
Posted by Button Masher on 26 Apr 09 at 18:39
Bossdogg930I'm not sure if that's entirely true. I mean I heard the same thing but this is what happened to me...So I was working on silver star but I wasn't paying too much attention. I ended up with 23 wins. So with my primary acct I won a match then went and played a ranked match but nothing. So I thought that maybe you had to do it in order. So I went back and did 16 games before letting my primary acct win and did another ranked match. After the match I unlocked BOTH silver and gold star achievements. Don't know if this just happened to me or what but I thought I would share. Who knows, maybe this will help ppl out and save some of us some time.
Posted by Bossdogg930 on 14 May 09 at 00:02
RhyoliticWell...if it's anything like the Time Mode achievements, you need to do it separately. I had a Bronze win from a LONG time ago, then tonight got a Gold win. Gold unlocked, but the Silver did not. I had to play another round to get Silver, which popped with a 4:28 finish time.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 04 Dec 09 at 04:43
Ninja ScrollWorks as stated. I would like to say you will need to do them all seperately. I lost 21 in a row, then when I won I got the Gold win. Went online, and only got the 1 achievement. Been over 4 years since I last played this game. Nice way to boost. ;)
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 02 Feb 10 at 05:06
Leo AscendentDoes this still work? Tried it but nothing popped....
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 07 Aug 10 at 01:58
Leo AscendentNvm, the update messed it up, had to redo the wins....
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 07 Aug 10 at 02:12