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Instincts Predator

Finish the Instincts Story at Predator difficulty level

Instincts Predator0
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03 Nov 2019 03 Nov 2019
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There's some great info here but I just felt the need to write a solution regarding the last boss.

You will enter an arena where a ton of his minions drop down to attack you. Dispose of them how you see fit. Once they stop spawning, shoot crowe until he drops. When he does, just charge him and spam B.

The first time I attempted this, he glitched into the wall. Do not shoot your weapon at him. This solution isn't guaranteed to work first time, but it works.
Kuningatar VI can confirm that I beat the boss every 3 times using this method. It takes sometimes few tries but I highly suggest to cheese the boss than gun him down normal way.
Posted by Kuningatar V on 04 Nov 19 at 12:31