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HIVE won!

Defeat Capital B at the end of the game

HIVE won!-1.2
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08 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019
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This achievement is not easy. Not the hardest I've ever gone after by far, but definitely the biggest challenge in this game. I'm going to try and give a detailed way to get through this, but keep in mind that this was with all 48 bees and some practice. It was my 15th run when I beat it, but it could be less or more depending on your own ability and time you devote to it. Here's what I did:

Every 4-6 bees I decided to take another crack at the Lair. This allowed me to improve earlier sections while having more bees to tackle things. I slowly saw improvement this way. It also allowed me to break up the Lair and not continually try it at max bees. I feel this would have been more frustrating to just do endless attempts of the lair.

The sections will be numbered lists with sub-bullets when appropriate for additional information. If my hit count for each Capital B is wrong, please feel free to let me know and I will correct. I tried to count in the VOD how many hits occurred, but I could have messed up some.

I don't know if they help much. I thought H2Go and the Snow Shoes would help, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I did have Catchee (make Laylee stay on screen longer and closer to you) and that seemed to be a big help in comparison to without it.

This is going to be a long guide so just warning you all now. I'm going to try and hit the whole thing. I'll try to break it up into segments, but it's a long one. I'll try to let you know how many bees I had left during my successful run. Will it matter? Not exactly, but I want to give you an idea just in case.

NOTE: I lost my remaining bees in this encounter. If you lose Laylee anytime, it is important to try and re-catch Laylee. It's an extra hit you can take and also gives an expanded move set. Prioritize Laylee in these situations.

Capital Bee 1
Hits Required - 4
Rather straightforward fight. His attacks evolve as you go, but here are the main ones:
- Dash at you
- Energy ball - Single after 1st hit, 3 singles after 2nd hit, 3 bursts of 3 after 3rd hit followed by a dash

The balls will either be jump over or duck under. You'll be able to see what you need to do. You'll likely see this section a few times, so you can definitely work this down a single bee lost or better. I'd recommend being able to set yourself up for the dash after energy attacks. If you're not prepared, it can be easy to take a hit by accident here.

Segment 1
1) There is a laser ball in the room starting with you, wait for it to fire or fire before it and then roll through the door and the 4 enemies in the next room.
2) For this jump up the shaft, you'll want the lowest platform on the right and the other two on the left. As the right starts to move, make your move up. You'll pretty much land and jump each time. At the top roll or jump onto the 3 enemies.
3) In this next section, you'll be jumping platform to platform. After the laser blast, jump to a platform, then jump to the next one as the lasers fire. You will want to do a twirl jump during this to space out the interval. You can land on the jetpack enemies as well. It's pretty much one gap of lasers per firing cycle. At the end, jump on the big bouncy enemy and you can wait a second where he was standing.
4) You'll want to time your jump onto the saw platform and into the flower cannon to be between laser blasts. If you go too early, you can easily take a hit from the laser balls. Wait and pick your spot (I lost a bee here on my full run because I rushed).
5) For this climbing section, the nets of vines with purple spiders only move when you are within range. So as long as you are moving from vine to vine, you can dodge them without much trouble. For the laser fire, make your move right after they finish firing. It's a little tight on time, but you should have enough to make a few jumps to the next panel.
6) At the top, you don't want to hesitate too much. A spawner will drop the red enemies that you can't roll through. Get up and position yourself between the yellow spider enemies. You can either then jump on the enemies or jump over them and move forward. At the end, jump on the platform with the bouncy enemies.
7) For this section, you'll be moving between an upper and lower platform. As you see the platforms come out below the saws, jump onto the jetpack enemies. Bounce on both then land on the high platform. As it nears the saw, drop down to the lower one. You'll continue to swap high and low through this area. At the end, drop down to the vines and grab on. You can safely wait here as well.
8) For the little copter enemies, just move over one at a time when they switch between high and low. The homing missile will only be a problem past the last enemy, but the blast of hitting the area near here can hit you. A neat trick here is that if you time your horizontal movement with the platforms above, you can the lower platform to reach the upper section rather than needing to climb all the way to the right. This can also cause the missile to collide with the platform and thus destroy it for you. At the top on the net platform, you are safe again.
9)Wait for the saws and then jump on the jetpack enemy. Go right as the saws are about to shift. At the end, you'll need to carefully time your jump onto the platform to avoid the bounce enemy. It is very easy to get thrown backwards onto the saws right after they appear again (lost a bee here on my full run by accident).
10) As the helicopter enemy goes down and the rotating platform spins to a safe position, jump onto it and then over to the rope.
11) Climb the rope to nearly the top and jump over. Use a twirl for added safety.
12) Inch down the rope. We need to guide the missile to kill a few copter enemies. Once you've opened up a gap, we're going to need to be a bit quicker. The first vine wall has a purple spider and it will try to get you. We will try to guide the missile that gets fired into the copter right below the out portion of the L here. From here, the missile launcher won't bug us. On the next vine wall, you'll want to jump over the red spider when it's about to cross. Then wait to jump through the saws. You should do it while it is all the way up. On the next vine is another purple spider. the hard part here is that the next obstacle is a laser grid. I believe it is possible to guide the purple spider far enough to the left so it doesn't bother you, but it takes multiple steps guiding it. After this, you'll want to go right after the laser fires and speed your way across into a flower cannon.
13) Wait for the copters to be opposite and fire through to the next one.
14) Fire up and then twirl as you move right into the auto fire cannon.
15) Wait for the blades to be moving down to land in the next section. Move with the shifts until you reach the platform with the bounce enemy. Kill it for another safe spot.
16) Go when the platforms are about to spin to their safe position. The issue here is that if you wait too long, the rotation of the platform can begin to throw you. When you jump into the flower cannon, you can wait.
17) Fire from the down cannon when the spinning spikes are all the way to the left.
18) Fire up when the orange cannon is close to it's peak on the upward movement. You'll need to hit it near the peak to go through the spikes safely.
19) Fire right when the rotation is aimed right. The copter enemies don't move here.
20) Fire right as the next cannon is moving up and the spinning spikes are moving down.
21) When this vertical sliding cannon is moving down, fire to the right so you enter the next one.
22) In this section, you can fire whenever. What you need to do is land on a jetpack enemy on the right side and then slip through the hole you created on the left side into the orange cannon. It can take some time, but the enemies seem to be endless so you have time to line up your shot even while bouncing on the enemies.
23) This next orange will constantly fire you up. Wait for the blade next to you to move down (it moves up soon after you arrive so if you're rushing, you might run into it by accident).
24) In this blue diagonal cannon, I hold right as I fired with the blades down. This arced by movement and seemed to help me bend through.
25) Wait for the half circle of blades to uncover the next cannon and fire into it. There is a decent amount of time to hit this one safely.
26) Fire up through a platform. You'll then want to jump from platform to platform (you don't need to jump on the enemies). A twirl jump should get you from platform to platform. At the end, wait for the spinning blade to be below the cannon and drop down into the cannon.
27) Fire to the right when the blade is not in the way and jump on the enemy for another safe spot.
28) For this one, the next platform enters right about when the previous one exits the screen. You'll skip the gap in front of the first blades, but then you'll be jumping and ducking past the next obstacles. This will lead right into the next obstacle.
29) NOTE: If you fall during this last climb, it will place you on a platform off to the side for safety. You won't need to redo section 28. My advice here is that there is a nice rhythm to this. When you jump onto a platform, you'll use a jetpack enemy to get to the next one as it begins to spin. You then go to the next platform on the 2nd jetpack enemy after the one you just killed. That's the tempo for this movement. At the top, you'll need to get past a bounce enemy. Now we're just about at the end.
30) Pick the right door. This seems to be the one that brings you right to the next boss rather than an additional pointless room.


Capital Bee 2
Hits Required - 13
A bit more variety in the attacks here overall. His sequence is dictated by the hits as you go though.
- Starts with a dash
- After hit 1, introduces a ground pound. You can't hit him on the first pound as he instantly bounces back, but after this he'll be on the ground momentarily for a hit.
- 3 sets of 3 energy balls (high/low mix). He'll follow this up with a ground pound usually.
- After hit 3, he'll set up for a dash from the right or left side. After he begins the dash, he'll slow and fire off an energy ball. It can be either high or low. You can hit him while he finishes the dash.
- He will mix in straight dashes without a shot in here as well to screw up your timing. Be careful.
- After around the 6th hit, he'll fire off a wave shot of 3 balls. I found it possible to either jump over or roll under the wave. The difficulty here is timing the roll. As the lead ball is just about to go down, roll towards it and you can pass safely under it all. Don't wait too long as Capital Bee will follow it up with a dash.
After a couple hits with the wave, he'll go to the top of the screen and scroll across and fire up a bunch of mines. There will be gaps in the line. Find the gap to pass between the mines. I usually jumped through as they neared the ground.
- The only other deviation here is that on some dashes, he might instantly begin a dash back after going to one side. This can be a bit of a surprise, but it's pretty obvious he's doing it if you pay attention.


Segment 2
Segment 2 was always my roughest. It has a lot of the gimmicks that were present in the game with water, ice, and automatic ropes among other things.

1) At the start, move right and roll. When you hit the slope, hold down and you'll slide across the ice and land on an enemy. Drop down (and kill another enemy).
2) Set up on the low platform here. Crouch down and hit X to roll under the jetpack enemy as he goes up. Keep holding down and you should make it under all the spikes.
3) Repeat the previous idea to get under the bounce enemy. You'll need to jump after you get under the spikes to avoid the ones on the floor.
4) Repeat one more roll under the next spikes. Right when you out from under the spikes, jump and regain control. There will be enemies coming down the steps in front of you and they will hit you if you try to slide all the way to the wall in front of you. After the enemy gets by, you can approach the wall and duck next to this wall. Wait for the breaks in the enemies/turret fire to climb up. At the top. We'll need to wait for a break in the enemy spawn to roll under the spikes in a fashion similar to what we did earlier. On the platform, we can kill the enemy and we have a safe spot again.
5) This next move I seemed to always take a hit. You need to wait for the turret to fire and then roll under the spikes and jump over the next barrage immediately. It's fast, but don't be surprised when you take a hit. On the next platform just roll under the spikes. You can wait below these next turrets.
6) This next jump sequence is easier than it first appears. After the horizontal shot passes over you, jump to the platform on the right. Jump back to the left ice platform. Then roll and jump up to the top platform. It's quick and you'll need to do this all within one break between shots, but it's the best way I found to do it. There is a turret at the top firing single shots aimed at you, but it's not too rough. Go up and then under the next two spike sets to reach a safe platform after you kill the bounce enemy.
7) This next section is sliding ropes. I'll handle these with sub-bullets.
- For the first one, stay on the right side and then jump when you can go between the saw blades.
- On the second one, don't worry about climbing up. Let the flow carry you up. You'll just need to switch which side of the rope you're hanging off of to slip by the blades. Once your past those, climb past the turret and jump through the blades to the 3rd rope.
- The 3rd rope has copter enemies. These come in 4 sets. 1 - Single horizontal, 2 - single circle, 3 - 2 in a circle, 4 - 3 in a circle. The goal is to just plan your movements up the rope and understand where the groups are. As soon as you see it, it's a lot easier to go between them all.
8) At the top, jump off and kill the jetpack enemy for a quick breath.
9) Our next set is moving platforms. You can see the arrow to indicate where the platform is going. Another set of sub-bullets.
- The first one goes up immediately. You want to roll right past it on the next one.
- Our next few go down. You can jump on these to keep them from going down all the way. You just to be artful on your dodging of the turrets overhead. They will aim for you. Time your jumps over the saws/enemies for when they are lower and thus give more space above you.
10) The next rising platform is a common trap in the lair and will get really annoying to learn. You need to jump over the back and forth blades. This will cause the platform to sink some, but you will make slow progress up as long you limit your airtime. This might mean some blades take 5 or more passes, but you'll get there. Just take it slow and steady. At the top, roll to your right.
11) To climb here, you need to bounce off the enemies. These are the ones that jump when you jump or roll. Just be careful about your timing and you should be fine to get the whole way up.
12) We now have a water section. In the first set, there are 3 lanes with the octopus enemies swimming towards you. Stagger your advances in the lanes until after an enemy passes through. It's slower than trying to go through one after another, but it was a lot safer.
13) The next portion has a couple turrets, a whirlpool octopus, and the big puffer enemies. The best approach I had here was to cut close to the octopus and take the corner close. This left space for the puffer enemy to not get near me and the turrets not enough time to shoot multiple times. It has a roughly backwards s pattern to it.
14) In the square room, the center octopus won't have much effect. There is some space to the outsides to avoid their pull while also dodging the diagonals in the quadrants. I found that for the right half of the room wait to advance up to the upper right quadrant until after the moving octopus comes back down.
15) For the rotating crosses, I waited for the first cross to be the portion after the moving octopus and then moved with that flow. This should put the second cross with the open half and the octopus in the back portion of it. This seemed to be the safest for me at least.
16) Immediately as you get out of the water, our next room has 2 homing missile turrets. I pretty much always lost a bee here. You'll need to be pretty careful to avoid any hits. You can cause it to go into the walls or ground if you dodge at the last second in front of one, but the timing is tight. Either way, you need to climb up. Another option is to use the jetpack enemies as hits for the missiles, but I couldn't seem to ensure that either.
17) The previous section goes right into another moving platform bit like section 9. Roll right through the first one onto the second platform.
18) For the second platform, there are two turrets firing at you. It's a lot simpler than it first appears though. Wait on the left/right half and when they fire, just move to the opposite side. Roll under the spinning spikes and jump to the next platform. Repeat this for the next two platforms as well. For the first, it's made of ice and you'll need to go between a couple moving saws. For the final one, time it to jump onto a moving wheel of platforms.
19) You might need to jump over the shots on these spinning platforms, but a twirl jump should let you safely jump over them. You'll need to use a jetpack enemy to jump up to the second wheel. At the top is another rope to climb up. If you can get it while it moving to the right just past the saw blade, this will make the next section a lot easier. If not, consider waiting on the wheel for a bit longer. My next step assumes you wait.
20) As the rope moves right, climb. Climb as quick as you can to the top. You'll pass turrets and another blade, but at the top, you should be able to twirl jump to the right and take out the enemy for a safe spot.
21) This next elevator can be a bit annoying. It moves quickly and the copter enemies can set you up poorly. Just remember to jump as needed over them. Don't worry if progress is slow. Safer is better. At the top, jumping over a copter enemy can be really tight as the spikes in the ceiling can also hit you.
22) For this next ice section, there is a turret above you that aims at you. The other 2 fire bursts or single shots. You can wait for the first one or jump up to the platform and over the shot. From there you need to get to the platform with spikes against the wall. Just control your velocity so you don't collide with it. You can wait a second there and then jump up to the left and then right to time it with the burst. Wait for the 3 shots to reach the wall before rolling under the spikes. At the end, jump up onto the next platform.
23) We now have a pinwheel. What you need to do is get the momentum to carry you to the right side platform. Then you'll want to give a little momentum clockwise and then jump up the platforms to reach the next elevator.
24) For this elevator, the saws will continually go back and forth. Just make sure to jump over them each time. A twirl can help you safely make the jump. You might be able to duck at times, but I lost an extra bee here because of that. The top has more copter enemies. These can be a lot more troublesome when combined. I took a ton of hits here on my successful run (got really stressed here).
25) At the top, you'll need to roll to get onto the next platforms. This section has some small gaps to get through, but the timing isn't too tight to get through.
26) Our next obstacle is retracting ropes. The gaps between the blades are small so there isn't much margin for error. Getting the timing can be difficult, but here's what to look for. You want to have your butt just above the saw below you. Jumping from there will keep you close to the low end rather than the high side.
27) The last rope is another vertical section, but this rope moves up as well as left and right. You will need to switch which side it hangs off of to avoid those spikes. The first one has some copter enemies while the second has scrolling saws. Both can cause trouble. I lost multiple bees here.
28) This section closes with ice. Just roll under the spikes and then jump up to the platform before you collide with the spikes at the end of the passage.


NOTE: As you can see, this section was my worst by far. I found this one much more difficult than the 3 other platforming sections.

Capital Bee 3
Hits Required - 13

The attack mix really changes here from the previous round. A lot of damage here will come down to bombs as well.

- Slams the ground on one side and then hops across to the other. At the end, you can jump on him for a hit. Roll under his jumps to avoid this attack.
- The sinusoidal energy ball attack returns from the previous fight.
- The slam attack also makes a return here briefly.
- A burst of green energy dots. His aim here seemed a little random. It fires off at an angle and then continues to adjust a little from there (almost like recoil from a machine gun). Not terrible to dodge when you know it's coming.
- Bomb throw. Throws out 3 Q-bombs. One will be definitely be "inactive". The other two will likely be rolling. You want to dodge the active ones but grab the inactive to throw at B. A lot of the hits in this fight come from sending the bombs back at him. It is also possible for the active bomb to run into him and cause damage.
- Dash with an energy ball. This is a very dangerous attack (was the worst in this fight for me). He'll begin to dash and then stop to fire a single shot. He then will quickly dash the rest of the way. The speed here can easily catch you off guard.
- Overhead mines. For this version, I did see a case where I had to stand on the left or right edge as there weren't gaps in the middle. Not sure if it was just random or a new pattern though in general.
- A couple of slow moving shots. He will likely soon throw bombs after this. Get through the shots early so you have more time to move around the bombs and not worry about the shots.
- Circle of shots. He'll be on the left or right quarter just off the ground and rotate in a circle releasing 4 or 8 shots. Get through those and prepare for him to go into one of the other attacks. This isn't a real dangerous attack, but I think it's better to be proactive about dodging rather than waiting as B will usually go into another attack before all of the balls are gone. I found it was usually the pound to jump across the screen set.


Segment 3
Segment 3 is a much more pure platformer set. I won't say it's "easy", just that the gimmicks present might have suited me better than the ice physics and elevators that annoyed me the most in Segment 2.

1) To start, there is a moving platform with a saw on it. Wait for it to go down and jump over it. Then roll through the door and kill the enemy.
2) Most of the obstacles here will deal with saws on a set rail as you navigate across the stage. First up, we have one going back and forth followed by two on ring paths. Under the second ring is a trap door. I'd recommend buddy slamming through the door rather than waiting on it to open.
3) Below the trapdoor is another saw on a rail. What I did here was follow behind it and then jump as it was about to begin it's return to the left. On the other side is an enemy spawner with the basic blues. Jump across and then roll through. You will need to bounce on an enemy to reach the next level. Stand close to the saw on your left and bounce when it falls down. You have a bouncy enemy to take care of as well.
4) For these next two rings, jump to the first platform when it's ring is at its peak. As it comes, jump over to the next one. When the 2nd ring comes around, jump to the next platform. Kill the 3 enemies here before moving on.
5) This conveyor here has a homing missile right behind you as you go. I went really quick through here just jumping the blades. To get onto the conveyor, you need to do a roll off the platform and then jump in midair up to the conveyor. At the end of this section is a bounce enemy and then some trapdoor platforms.
6) For these trapdoors, wait for the moving blade to be going right. In the gap section with the ceiling, jump over it. Continue to the end and kill the enemy to reach a safe spot before the next set of conveyors.
7) For these conveyors, duck under on the first one. Jump to the 2nd. There is a homing missile here. You'll want to jump over the blade. The homing missile should collide with the blade. When the quarter circle of jetpack enemies is more in the bottom right quadrant of the circle they create, jump onto the one in the back. I did a riskier idea here, but that seemed safer. You should be able to reach the platform up and to the left rather than using the intermediate platform. Next we need to pass under the moving blades. You'll want to pass under the moving sets as they are moving up. Then just jump on the jetpack enemy and onto the bounce enemy for a reprieve.
8) The rings shouldn't be too rough. Their overlap might trick you visually so just try to be aware of where each one is so it doesn't surprise you from behind. At the end is jetpack enemy to jump onto our next conveyor.
9) This conveyor set is a bit annoying. It will switch between left and right movement. You'll want to hold up for going under the blades for when the direction is the desired one. The jump through the moving blades is similar to what we did previously. Wait for it to be going up before trying to go between.
10) This section is a climb up trapdoor platforms. I'd recommend going as the blade on the right hits the trapdoor. From there it's just about jumping back and forth up the platforms before they get hit by the next one. The timing isn't too tight. If you need to reset it, go back to the conveyor belt to wait for another chance.
11) Another, more complex ring of blades here. Rather than jumping, I went back and forth to get by the blades as they come. Wait for the one in front to pass by then move.
12) The next 4 trapdoor platforms will see you waiting for a platform on the left to lower enough for your to board. Jump around these until you can get onto the platform. It's important to know that if you wait long enough, it can be a 3 platform cycle for the first one you stepped on to reset. There are 4 with falling blades to give you some leeway.
13) As you ride conveyor platform up, I jumped over the enemies rather than attacking them. Jump onto the bounce enemy before proceeding.
14) More railed blades. Try to time you move to go under the ring with the horizontal on the left.
15) Jump over the double blade rail. You don't have to kill the jetpack enemy (and can't really jump high enough to do so).
16) For this square rail, I jumped up and killed the enemy on one loop then did the full climb a second time up. Even still the timing can be tight to get around. I lost a bee here.
17) Go over the moving blade when it is going left and then under the stationary blades. Get onto the moving trapdoor platforms.
18) For the trapdoors, remember the following: If you maximize the time on each platform, by the time you need to jump off the third platform, the first one you were on should be returning to normal. There are four platforms here. Keep calm and you should be able to maintain at least one safe platform available even as there are blades around you. There is a bounce enemy along the way you can kill and wait on it's perch for a second.
19) The final portion of the trapdoors is a couple rings. I lost a bee here. I tried to keep my wits and still messed up. The strategy I put for Step 18 here should continue to work.

On to the final encounter with B.


Capital Bee 4

NOTE: I lost my remaining bees in this encounter. If you lose Laylee anytime, it is important to try and re-catch Laylee. It's an extra hit you can take and also gives an expanded move set. Prioritize Laylee in these situations.

Hits Required - 14 + Shenanigans

The moves will be very similar to the 3rd encounter with B with some variations.

1) Multiple shot circles. It's usually a 4 followed by an 8. Easy to dodge, but there will be an attack soon after this. Usually a vanilla dash with no shot fired.
2) Single sinusoidal shot followed by bomb tosses. Two active, one inactive. Roll under the shot and then collect the bomb to hit B. If you don't hit B soon after the bombs are released, B will likely do a machinegun volley of green shots similar to Encounter 3.
3) Conveyor Floors - When this is added, B slamming the floor will cause the conveyor to shift directions to whichever side he is on.
4) Single shot volley. Usually 3 shots. This will be during the conveyor floors. It'll be a random mix of high and low.

During this section with the floors, you can hit B after he slams the floor. He will have a short moment to get hit here. After a couple hits, B will disable the conveyor floors for a short moment.

5) Overhead mines. You've seen these, nothing new to report this time.
6) Overhead mines with conveyor floors. This time you'll need to time your movements a bit through the mines will dealing with the floor shifting. I tried to use the jump to get through.
7) Circle shots followed by a dash. Similar to attack 1 listed above, but with the conveyor floors active. I found being on the side closer to where he launched the first circle made the setup for the dash (and hitting him) much more reliable.
8) Homing missile. This is a pain. B fires a missile, then will do a slam-jump across move. Here's what I found works. Stay close to the ground. As B jumps across, roll under him. The missile can hit him and deal damage. I found it was also possible to get the missile to hit the ground and be harmless, but that was less reliable.
9) B will activate the defenses. 4 spikes on rails. They only move when you are below them. You'll need to grab a bomb (the 2 active, 1 inactive style we dealt with before) and fling it into him. Doing so will technically end the fight here besides some scripted stuff.

Grab the bee controller helmet. You can then guide B into the spikes. Either have him hit the same spike a bunch or move him around to each one. After a few hits, it ends. You will then move on to the final section - A TIMED ESCAPE!!!



You have 2 minutes to get out. It's a quick run. I finished with about 15 seconds left to spare and that was likely leaving a lot of time saves. There isn't much I can say to this. This is more about moving and continuing to move. Some notes:

- Rolling is the safest mostly. There are a lot of blue enemies to roll through. Keep an eye out for red enemies though to jump over.
- The big thing is that if you keep moving, the turrets and missiles won't be a hindrance. You'll leave them in the dust consistently.
- There is a trapdoor. If you lost Laylee, you'll have to wait, but if you still have Laylee, you'll be able to buddy slam through.
- When you reach the moving platforms with some boards above you, I went low. It is possible to use the jetpack enemies to go high, and that will likely be quicker, but I didn't test it.
- For the windmills, I just stood on the the upper left platform and let it rotate around. It will probably save time to just jump across, but I found rotating was safer.
- The next moving platform section, you can do some rolls jumps rather than waiting for the platform to reach the next stable one. It saved a few seconds.
- With the large boxes on the conveyor, it's likely easier to jump box to box. I stayed on the conveyor though like a dope. You'll need to use a box to go up onto the next platform.
- I'd recommend watching the VOD for a display of what I mean with this section.

I have included the Youtube VOD from my run. It starts at roughly the 46 minute mark and ends at the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

DwaggieniteSeems no tonics work at all for this. Fucking stupid. What was the point in collecting them in the first place?
Posted by Dwaggienite on 10 Mar 20 at 16:53
RadicalSniper99Besides the achievement for collecting them, none really it appears
Posted by RadicalSniper99 on 10 Mar 20 at 17:05
DwaggieniteAs I said, tonics do not apply for the impossible lair.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 10 Mar 20 at 18:22
dshaw88Are you able to get this achievement by completing it on the "Not So Impossible Lair" setting that was recently added to the game?
Posted by dshaw88 on 20 Apr 20 at 00:35
ThePoopGhostSo I’ve beaten the lair twice and the achievement didn’t unlock, so possibly bugged. Had to beat it 3 times before it unlocked. Playing on not so impossible lair doesn’t prevent you from getting the achievement
Posted by ThePoopGhost on 30 Apr 20 at 02:57
xC H E E Z U SxI completed it on the Not so Impossoble Lair and both the achievement for beating that and getting all the achievements in the game unlocked at the same time on my first completion.

*Tonics definitely do not apply to the lair so I would advise to not get used to the tonics that enhance mobility as you wont have that when playing the lair.
Posted by xC H E E Z U Sx on 12 Jan at 20:39
EMBICKcan someone help did they updat the game i havent played this since like dec 2019 i gave up booted it up today it lets me pick parts in the lair will my achievement unlock if i beat them seperate
Posted by EMBICK on 22 Jan at 22:18
SquidCzyYou should probably edit the guide to remove the tonics section. Tonics do NOT apply to the Impossible Lair.
Posted by SquidCzy on 27 Feb at 04:44
sonnyliston1@Embrick Yes this will still unlock by selecting the last stage of the lair.
Posted by sonnyliston1 on 20 Mar at 18:33
WarMachine9494Yes you can play the Not so impossible lair and you can also use the checkpoints if you die. You will still unlock the achievement. I got it this way. I just kept practicing the segments and watching speed runs and use some of there methods too.
Posted by WarMachine9494 on 25 Mar at 00:02
WarMachine9494Just aim for the bee counts or better per segment on the guide above. It helped me a lot.
Posted by WarMachine9494 on 25 Mar at 00:03